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Why Swinging Couples Rarely Divorce

swingers and divorce

Swinging amongst couple has been proven beneficial to a marriage or relationship. Swinging is the open act of sharing your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend with another person for the purpose of the two couples or partners enjoying sex. Swinging is considered swinging when both partners are aware of it, have sanctioned it, sometime willing to participate in getting another swinger couple or partner and in some cases even want to watch or participate in any sexual act.

You will be amazed by the number of closet swingers around you. Our society unfortunately frowns on what it considers out of the norm. However, what you consider abnormal does not necessarily mean that it is wrong, meaningless or useless. Swinging is one of these things. Swinging is not spur of the moment kind of thing. From the onset, a swinger couple is open and honest with one another. Medical check-ups and history are availed allowing the participants to make an informed decision. Swinging has a myriad of very good and healthy benefits. Lets us explore some of them here.

1. Trust.
I am sure the last thing you would expect associated with swinging is trust. But it has been proven that swinging couples enjoy a higher level of trust. Trust is not broken only by actions that violate that trust but is more frequently by thoughts and suspicions of what the other person may be doing behind your back. Swinging like earlier mentioned is considered swinging when both partners are fully aware of any swinging activity. The end result is that these two people trust each other explicitly in the sense of that no one shall do anything without the knowledge of the other partner.

2. Better sex.
Swinging is a spice to the sexual life of the swinging couple. It requires one to be bold and adventurous to be a swinger. This has a ripple effect in the sexual life of the couple even when they are not involved in a swinging activity. A factor that contributes to a lackluster sexual life is predictability, monotony and a lack of adventure. Spice up your sexual life with some swinging.

3. Lower divorce rate.
Swinging couples rarely divorce. A major contributing factor to divorce is sexual incompatibility. Swinging addresses this issue right on. The two reason people swing is for recreation or for purely sexual satisfaction. Swinging accords you the privileged of being satisfied in your marriage and also outside the marriage within relationships that the both of you are aware of and are enjoying.

Swinging is definitely a plus in any relationship. Try it and prove it for yourself.



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