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4 Ways Monogamous Couples Discredit Swingers

4 Ways Monogamous Couples Discredit Swingers

There are numerous false assumptions that surround swinging a private lifestyle that leans towards not following the standard or “accepted” rules of marriage and monogamy. If you would like to be enlightened about the lifestyle or perhaps want to join the bandwagon, you should start by getting to know what swinging is not.

Mainstream society usually frowns upon swinging, and, as a result, there are multiple misconceptions that very many people accept as true.

Most of these paint an awful picture of what swinging is all about and they can be categorized as what swinging is not all about.

Below are 4 ways monogamous couples discredit swingers.


1. Swingers have intercourse with anyone they meet at any time
Swinging does not mean that you sleep around with every person you meet any second you feel like. Most people who want to join the lifestyle think about it because their sexual relationship is not so great, or their relationship is almost reaching a dead end. However, swinging does not imply that you automatically become a single woman or man. The lady in a couple frequently asks to be left alone with many men. This is one sure way to be avoided by numerous potential partners for the couple. To get a couple’s invitation is a privilege. Individuals and the relationship need to be valued.

2. Everyone who swings is a sex addict
Although swingers love sex, and they are more adventurous in their sexual exploits, they should not be labeled as sex addicts. They are not looking to have sex all day and all night, neither are they always on the prowl for the next couple to get down with. There are a few who are addicted, but as a rule of thumb, these are individuals who want to take their bedroom experience and fun to the next level so that their partners can enjoy to the fullest.

3. Swingers are not selective
Just because a couple swing, does not necessarily mean that they cannot be choosy. In fact, it is not hard to understand why swingers are allowed to be picky about the people they engage with. Most of them are not “easy”. Some people believe that just because a lady or a gentleman is a swinger, then they will want to have intercourse with them. You will have to respect all the swingers simply because they deserve to be treated with kindness. This also increases your chances of getting an invitation with a couple.

4. Swingers are old and not attractive
There are some people who assume that swingers join the lifestyle because they are too ugly to enjoy a “normal” relationship, or they have gotten bored as the years go by. The swinger community consists of all types of body types and ages. Truthfully, there is no way to stereotype what all swingers look like. Most of them fit into the 25-40-year-old category. It is also important to note that there is an excellent mix of the typical population from parents, to business executives, and anything in between.