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Anal Sex Myths Debunked

anal sex myths

You may have ahead a lot of myths about anal sex which is almost scaring you away from trying it. Actually there are many myths that many people spread but you need to carry out some form of research which will enable you in making the best decision. The following are some common myths about anal sex which you should be aware of:


It will hurt

This is just a myth; the truth is that anal sex does not hurt. It depends on the one who is doing it. In case you do it the right way you and your partner will end up enjoying it a lot. There are many women who have realized great pleasure out of it.


Once anal sex hurts, it will always hurt

It may be possible that the sex hurt you once after you tried it incorrectly. That should not scare you away because things will not always be the same. You should start by inserting thin objects such as sex toys and increase the width slowly till you will be able to enter comfortably. You should also make use of lube because it will make it easier for you.


Only “sluts” have anal sex

This is a myth; many people associate anal sex with bad girls. The truth is that it can be performed by anyone who will like to have sexual pleasure. Out of curiosity anybody can also try it. In case you are curious you can always try, if it pleases you, you can always enjoy it with your partner.


Your man won’t respect you later

This is just a myth, the truth is that anal sex is just like any other type of sexual activities it will not influence the way your man will see you. It will depend on the character of the man for him to lose respect for you or any other feelings after sex. In case you have a loving and respectful man, he will be able to see the act just like any other sexual activity.


It will cause you physical damage

The truth is that any type of sex in case it is not performed well it will cause you damage. Because the vagina will create its own lubrication due to hormones, after you decide to practice anal sex you should make use of the right lubrication and you will enjoy great pleasure without any damage.


You don’t need to use condoms when you have anal sex

The truth is that you should make use of a condom. Remember even if you will not get pregnant after practicing anal sex, you will be at the risk of sexually transmitted diseases hence a condom is necessary.


Once you give your partner anal sex, it will be all he wants

No, the sex can be used as an additional pleasure but your man will always enjoy the vagina as well as the anus, although the anus will afford more tightness that many men prefer.


Your anus will get all stretched out

This is just a misconception, in case you perform anal sex while relaxed the anus will adapt and you will not experience any overstretching. With the right introduction the anus will always accommodate a wide range of penis sizes.


It’s dirty 

This is another big misconception. The truth is that the anus has less fecal material hence it will expose you to less dirt in case you do anal sex the right way.

In closing anal sex can be fun and you may want to read what others are doing here: Anal Sex Stories

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