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Beginners Guide to Anal Sex

beginners guide anal sex

To most people , first time anal sex is usually accidental or ill prepared thus giving poor first time impression. As a result, most individuals usually write it off because of the bad experience they had during their first time. The taboo that many people have actually imposed on themselves about anal sex is actually making them to miss out the joy of anal sex and the pleasure that comes through anal penetration. The anal and the rectum are very sensitive areas .In addition, there is a wealth of muscles and nerve ending around the anus and the right kind of touch can actually feel fantastic. So whether you think it feels good, or if you are curious or your partner is asking you to try it, below are some beginners guide to help you have an amazing experience.

  1. Relax your mind and body.

It is very important to first sit down and relax your mind and body especially if you are tying anal sex for the first time. Also try to relax your anal muscles. For instance, you can tighten you anal muscles by squeezing your butt muscles and then hold in that position for a few minutes then release just see how it feels.

  1. Use a condom.

Using a condom is a very good idea even if you are faithful to your partner. There are many benefits of using a condom: first it prevents bacteria from the bowel from spreading and secondly it prevents you from getting an infection and also the spread of STIs and STDs.

  1. Use lots of lubrication.

Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce its own lubrication. This means that you actually have to use an artificial lubricant to make the penetration enjoyable and comfortable to you and your partner. However, you should be very careful on which lubricant to use because not all lubricant safe. Some can actually do more harm than good. Water based lubricants are the most recommended because they do not contain dangerous chemicals that can harm you.

  1. Communicate.

This does not only apply to anal sex, it actually apply to all types of sexual activity. Make sure you communicate with you partner about your desires and fear for anal sex. Even when you are trying anal sex for the very first time communicate constantly with your partner and let him know how you feel, if it feels good or if it hurts or if you want him to move slowly or quicker. This will not only make you feel comfortable but will make the experience more enjoyable.

  1. Clean up.

If you are worried about coming in contact with poop, go to the bathroom and clean up your bowel first. It is very important to clean up the anal area before engaging in anal sex especially if you don’t want to turn off your partner. By cleaning up, you will also minimize the risk of infections before and after engaging in anal sex. However, it is not recommended to go from the anal sex to vaginal sex because it can actually lead to infections or even more serious complications. To get started you and your partner should both read some great stories here: Anal sex stories