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Swingers Love Fruits that Work as Natural Aphrodisiac

Eat Something Sexy: Fruits that Work as Aphrodisiac

Eat Something Sexy

We’ve all heard about oysters being a natural aphrodisiac, but they aren’t the only foods that can help us get in the mood! There are a few fruits that are sweet to eat that promises the same results. The best part about fruits as natural aphrodisiacs is that they are very common so it’s likely that you already have at least one at home right now!

If you want to explore the world of aphrodisiacs, fruits can help you get started. You never know what might work for you, so get started with the ones you like the best.


Figs might not be the most popular of fruits, but it’s one of the most potent aphrodisiacs. While the nutrients inside the fig are beneficial it is also the look that makes it so sexual. It has a velvet skin on the outside and a velvety pink texture inside. It tastes good, smells good and does seem to mimic the appearance of the female sex organ.

Goji Berry

Most people have heard about goji berries because they are packed full with healthy antioxidants and can help with weight loss. They taste pretty good and can act as an natural aphrodisiac for both men and women. The nutrients inside of goji berries have been used to increase male fertility in some cultures. The polysaccharides inside the berries have been scientifically proven to protect sperm cells and make them stronger. In addition to this, the berries can help increase sex hormones in men who want to better their sexual performance.

Ginger Root

The gingerols inside of ginger as well as the zingiberene are what makes it work as a natural aphrodisiac. Consumed in dishes it can be a great spice to add flavor to your dishes and your love life! You might also find that ginger scented candles or oils work just the same.

Fruits that Work as natural aphrodisiacAvocado

This may not taste as sweet as most fruits, but it is one. Avocados are popular and known for their health benefits, which includes adding flavor to your your love life. The rich flavor of these mixes well with a number of dishes so you can eat it in a variety of different ways. The high number of nutrients inside an avocado are what makes it act as an aphrodisiac to many people. The more vitamins and nutrients in your diet the better your  body responds to sexual urges functioning at a higher rate.


Vanilla is used in a variety of recipes for its mellow flavor and the ability to mix with a variety of ingredients. It should be noted that vanilla extract can also assist with male problems in the bedroom. Drinking diluted vanilla extract can increase a man’s sexual desires. Many women also find that vanilla fragrances used as perfume work wonders when attracting men. This triggers their romantic feelings and can make them feel erotic pleasures.


The look of this fruit can easily be seen as the male sex organ, but it also has a lot of other aphrodisiac properties. The B complex inside of bananas can easily increase sexual desire in the person eating it. If a woman were to be eating this, it could also turn a man on just because of the physical appearance. Since this fruit is so high in vitamin b, it’s great to have on a daily basis. It’s especially useful for the long-term health of sexual organs.


Lychee is being more commonly seen, especially in exotic drinks, like martinis. The look of the fruit is round and can easily resemble male sexual organs. It’s soft, sweet and is packed full of vitamin C. This along with copper and potassium can easily increase sexual desires.

Any of these fruits can be used as natural aphrodisiacs for those who are looking for a little boost. Since they are all natural and packed full of vitamins, you won’t have to feel guilty about indulging! They are generally readily available at your grocery stores, so finding a few to put in your pantry will be easy.

Why not try for a healthy option when you can benefit in so many ways?

Swingers love natural aphrodisiacs