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How Do You Make Out with Your Partner

How Do You Make Out with Your Partner

How Do You Make Out with Your PartnerLife is all about experiences. You should live through certain experiences, savor the moment and make it last forever. This is especially true when these experiences stir up feelings of happiness, fulfillment and joy. In truth, nothing is as fulfilling as spending time with the person you love or fancy. As swingers being in a committed relationship, you share a connection and you should ensure that your time together is as memorable as possible.  You can do this through an awesome making out session. Here are some tips for making out with your partner.

Make Eye Contact

The eyes are windows to the soul. They speak a language words can never utter. The same goes for making out. Your eyes will speak volumes about how much you want to make out with him or her. This is how you should go about it. Look into your partner’s eyes, smile a little to show that you are ready to make out, gently lean forward towards your partner, put your hand subtly on his or her face and then give your partner a slight peck on the lips. This sets the stage for a grand session of making out.

Do Not Rush Things

Good things take time and a bit of patience. Making out is no exception. Move slowly and gently as you start making out. This helps you to avoid any head butting, clanking teeth or elbowing. More importantly, it helps you to understand what your partner’s desires are. For example, what kissing techniques are comfortable with your partner, what your partner’s favorite position is, and at what pace your partner is comfortable?

How Do You Make Out with Your PartnerAlways start with a kiss on the lips. You can then go for a French kiss or just kiss each other on the lips more passionately. Do whatever feels comfortable and natural. You should also try to take little bites of your partner’s bottom lip, neck and earlobes. These little bites can make your partner go crazy with pleasure and anticipation.

Do Not Stay Still

Making out is like a dance. You cannot stay still while the dance is becoming more and more intense. You have to keep up with the passion that you and your partner are generating. In other words, you should move your hands. For example, you can hold your partner’s waist and then gently stroke your partner’s shoulder and hair. You can even hold your partner’s hands. The most important thing is to let your partner know that you appreciate his or her body.

Whisper into Your Partner’s Ears

Remember, making out is all about passion. Whispering into your partner’s ears fires up this passion like nothing else can. It assures your partner that you like what is happening and that you do not want it to stop. More importantly, it helps you and your partner to know what is happening right in addition to knowing what more can happen to spice things up. Whispering into your partner’s ear is also sweet and sexy. You can also try breathing on your partner’s neck to send shivers down his or her spine.

Practice these techniques on you partners and share the outcome on the SLS Forums.