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A Closer Look At Ancient Egyptian Orgies

A Closer Look At Ancient Egyptian Orgies

A Closer Look At Ancient Egyptian OrgiesWho would have thought that the “Girls Gone Wild” scenario nowadays – indulging in gratuitous sex with someone whom you met, drinking all night, group sex, and having fun – is no longer a new scene? As a matter of fact, back in 1470 B.C, Egypt men and women would gather together and celebrate an event called, the “festival of drunkenness.” This festival was to honor the warrior goddess Sekhmet. It was dubbed as one of the most raucous rituals in Egypt during that time. This particular event was full of frenzied dancing, drinking, singing, and of course, sexual activities. I think Mike Hatcher is looking for a flux capacitor to put into my Delorean.

A Party Backed By History – To Save Humanity

A Closer Look At Ancient Egyptian OrgiesIt must be noted that the annual festival was not just about having a good time. They celebrated after battle to end the destruction, and stop the wrath of Sekhmet, a war goddess with a lion head. The yearly rite was done as a re-enactment of the myth. It was held every first month of the year. Based on the myth, the lion-headed war goddess almost destroyed all humans. However, Ra, the sun god, tricked her into drinking an ochre-colored beer in huge quantities. Sekhmet thought it was blood. She passed out and was turned into a gentle goddess named Hathor – it signaled that humanity was saved.

Great Scott! What Do Archaeologists Have To Say?

According to archaeologists, they were able to find certain evidence amid the Luxor Temple ruins. Such evidence has led to the theory that the annual festival featured the use of drugs and lavish sexual acts. They were able to point out that the rite was the ancient equivalent of today’s rock ‘n’ roll.

A Closer Look At Ancient Egyptian OrgiesBetsy Bryan of Johns Hopkins University has been leading a team since 2001 at the Temple of Mut in their excavation effort to find out more about Egyptian orgies. She later presented that the said festival was filled with people who would come together and get drunk. She described them as not just socially having fun and getting drunk, but totally passed-out drunk. They were able to discover some inscriptions which could be linked to the drunkenness festival. In addition, the inscriptions were depicting men and women having group sex and in certain positions which could be equated to tut-tutting nowadays. The morning after, musicians would walk around while beating their drums in order to awaken the revelers.

On the other hand, Bryan pointed out that getting drunk was absolutely considered part of the whole festival. However, she remains uncertain if the act of sex should be part of the people’s religious obligation.

This sounds likes swinging or should I say group sex at its best. Don’t forget to share my blog if you like it.


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