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5 Most Jaw-Dropping Sexual Fetishes

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There are many ways in which people achieve their happiness, although Mike Hatcher marches to the beat of a different drum, nothing ever surprises me. While you might have already heard of sexual fetish like feet, there are others that you have probably never heard of. Below are some of the strangest fetishes ever known to man, some dating back as far as pre-civilization. But even as you are left to wonder in amazement, judge not lest you be judged.

Foot Fetishism

Foot fetish refers to sexual attraction to feet, and it does not matter whether the feet are bare or if they are wrapped up in stockings. Foot fetishism manifests itself in several forms, and this may range from simply licking the fit and kissing them to even using the feet to massage the penis. There are people who pay between $100 and $200 just at private spas just so they can lick and worship feet of women.

Objectum Sexualis

This is a kind of sexual fetishes that is most common among women. It is mainly a sexual fetish that women experience towards lifeless objects. According to the documentary titled: Strange Love: The Woman Married to the Eiffel Tower shows the story of real women who find themselves in love with national landmarks, amusement park rides, an archery set, stairway banisters among other inanimate things.


Strangely enough, balloons have also been known to turn some men on. My Strange Addiction, an American treasure, unveils Julius, a 62-year old hunk who, despite being married, has a sexual attachment to balloons but the stranger thing is that his wife is quite unfazed by it. He has accumulated more than 50,000 balloons, which are put in the same bedroom that he shares with his wife.

Teddy Bears

The attraction for teddy bears is considered a branch of furry culture, and is referred to as Ursusagalmatophilia in more technical terms. Some people who are attracted to teddy bears tend to even modify their sexual toys so they can receive better sexual gratification from the toys.

Girls who are unable to start their cars

This may seem very strange but it is true. When girls fail to get a car to start, some men literally have their gears grinding. A possible explanation, as one person commented, is that it could be due to the sputtering engine as the girl bites her lips, or even the fact that her boobs tend to bounce up and down as she begs.

In conclusion, sexual fetishism is something that even celebrities have. Some of them can be traced back to the ancient times like the Roman Empire.





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