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Swinging Comes with Rules

Swinging Comes with Rules

With millions of couples involved in swinging, (including your dear friend Mike Hatcher, lifestyle extraordinaire), it is apparent that many couples find the experience satisfying. It is interesting to note that couples who swing often have stronger, happier, and healthier relationships, despite what critics tend to say. Honesty, satisfaction, and a shared interest are in part to thank for this stronger bond swinger couples share in their relationship.

Why Couples Swing

There are two main reasons why couples seek out swinging.

1. The relationship has hit a sexual rut. When one partner loses their libido, it causes the other partner to feel unsatisfied and that starts to eat away at the bond they share. Sexual intimacy is essential in any relationship, in order to build a stronger bond. Swinging can help to ignite that sexual passion by introducing something new and exciting into the relationship.

2. Both people in the relationship have a drive to experience sexual variety and be in a long-term relationship at the same time. In this case, swinging satisfies those drives and strengthens the relationship because all needs are being met.

Swinging Comes With Rules

Many people who do not swing unfairly label it as an uncontrollable act that involves many people doing whatever they want. This is not the case. Couples who swing have rules in place to ensure that they are happy and satisfied with the process.  Events that provide a venue for couples who swing also have rules in place to ensure that everyone is safe and happy.Swinging Comes with Rules

Swinging Comes with Rules Couples need to develop their own rules to ensure that they do not become unhappy. For instance, since swinging is about the act of sex and not about being intimate and loving with someone else, many couples will not allow acts that they deem intimate, such as kissing. Because swinging is about enhancing a couple’s sex life, both people need to be happy in order to keep the lifestyle fun.

Venues that host swingers party ensure that everyone’s needs are met. For instance, if one person is approached by someone they do not want to have sex with, then they can politely refuse without any consequences. No Always Means No. In addition, venues supply things like condoms and gloves to ensure that safety precautions are covered.

Why Couples Keep Swinging

Swinging is an addition to a sexual lifestyle. Some couples enjoy acts such as videotaping themselves or acting out certain fantasies, while some couples simply prefer swinging. It is not something that has to be done every night. It is something that is a part of a healthy and happy sexual relationship between two people in an intimate relationship.

As long as both people in the relationship are happy, then swinging can be a big part of sexual satisfaction. In addition, it can help build trust in the relationship, which results in a stronger and healthier relationship outside of the bedroom.




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