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Buxom Bandit Caught On Surveillance

We all have heard dumb blonde jokes, but I cannot believe some of the news lately.  Just when I thought the good ole United States housed all the craziness, Australia takes the mammary on this one!

Swinger News - Buxom Bandit Caught On SurveillanceApparently a woman in Australia was trying to score…………………………..some cash that is. She went into a gas station and robbed the clerk and had some weapon.  I heard the saying about blondes or big breasted women being ditsy, well………..she didn’t even bother covering her face. I don’t know I watched the video 5 times and only saw her breasts? Maybe I will watch the footage again, the news reports her face is on tape but after watching again I can only see her breasts. Please view this and let me know if you can see her face, I think the media may be twisting the story.

Not only did she not bother to conceal her face–which was totally captured on camera–she wore a glove on the hand that held her weapon but grabbed money from the till with bare fingers, meaning she probably left prints everywhere.

The thief was dropped off at the store by an accomplice and proceeded to threaten the clerk with the knife. After the robbery, the pair……….I mean her and her accomplice left with a tank of gas and cash. If she’s caught, there’s no doubt she’ll be in big trouble, although if she wears that black top again she may get some leniency. I wonder if she stole any of these foods listed here? Sex Food Names: A Swingers Take

When I wrote this story I couldn’t help but remember the blog I wrote on the man that was arrested for molesting a vending machine viewed here: Man Arrested For Molesting Vending Machine