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Siri Hates Swingers: Swinger Friendly Smart Phone!

windows phone

According to tech.fortune.cnn, Tellme by Microsoft  blasts “Swingers swap sex partners in prudish Singapore”.  Tellme is a voice operating system for a windows phone 7 system, like the Siri voice operating system is for the iphone. If you watch the video Siri became a foul mouth to me. Read on…………..

Swinging Humor - Siri Hates Swingers

TechAu’s Jason Cartwright used a side by side voice off, by issuing voice commands to an iPhone 4S running Siri and a Windows Phone 7 system running Tellme. Apparently Siri passed with flying colors, but the Tellme, apparently did not.

I watched the video and maybe there were some settings he missed? He asks the phones to “Create a meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m.,” Tellme hears “create a meeting tomorrow at teen anal” and turns up an article entitled “Swingers swap sex partners in prudish Singapore”. From the video if you watch the swingers comparison, you will see Mike Hatcher interacting with Siri, in this parody and Siri is not nice, hopefully Siri is not telling the truth?

I don’t know about you guys, but I would rather go for the Microsoft Swinger friendly version right? MS Tellme gave me no problems, but Siri had some interesting comments to share with everyone. It appears one of the phones is swinger friendly, me personally I have always liked Microsoft. Coming from Seattle I have nothing but love for them, and I know some Apple user out there is reading this getting ready to write a nasty negative comment. Well, that is what free speech is for, I know of this developer, gets a new iphone every 3months, and praises them.

I do like Siri though because I texted him a message that said “Illogical, Vulcan’s have no penis”………..low and behold, Siri repeated the message back in this cheesy voice……..OOPS!  Make sure to read a message always…….You never know who may be pranking you. All he got was a line that Said “Message From Mike Hatcher” Not thinking anything he said Play message, and good ole Siri repeated in voice, “Vulcans have no penis”.….Priceless! I think this guys accent through the Windows phone off, but that’s my opinion. The tester was Aussie and Microsoft probably programmed it for an American accent, before an update, never know. I have an Aussie friend that agrees with me, on this.

Swinging Humor - Siri Hates Swingers
windows phone

In closing, in this age of technology, swinging is becoming easier and easier to meet people, and as long as we have love for one another and love for technology, we can continue swinging until we are the majority rule. Don’t forget to use Swinglifestyle Mobile for your swinging needs.

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