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Maine Swingers Halted By Officials

Swinger News - Maine Swingers Halted By Officials
sanford swingers photo by Shawn P. Sullivan

In Sanford, Maine, local police officers observed people naked and engaging in a variety of sex acts. Guess what the police and city official did to these consenting adults………

Let me point out, that this news is ridiculous, the couples were having sex period. According to Fosters Daily Democrat, Police Chief Thomas Connolly had undercover police at this party on Oct. 15th. Let me point out that these police are about as sharp as a marble. I can not believe this was reported and wasting tax payer’s dollars, to boost ones reputation, yes that’s my opinion.

I think we all notice when election time is coming up, either a police chief or an authorities figure makes headlines or makes arrests. Here is my point……
Town Manager Mark Green said that the town has decided not to use Mousam View Place (the location where the swingers club was located) as a polling location during the upcoming November election. In light of the activities there, the town has decided to combine Ward 7 with the Ward 3 polling location at St. Ignatius Gym at 25 Riverside Avenue, according to Town Clerk Sue Cote. The police would never have seen these acts, if they did not PAY THE COVER charge to gain entrance. Funny, the people that don’t like swinging and like swinging paid for the cover charge, the tax payers. So lets recap, a swinger club gets busted, police use tax payers money to gain entrance, then the tax payers, pay for the court costs, am I missing something?

The town’s code enforcement officer wrote a certified letter to Jim and Susan Colley after undercover police attended a party Oct. 15 at a former Knights of Columbus hall.

Jim and Susan Colley own Great Beginnings Catering, the company used to rent out the hall for the swinger events. Town Manager Mark Green said ” We just didn’t feel we should be patronizing the business,” Green said the town hasn’t done any business with Great Beginnings Catering for a month or so, since officials learned about the function hall hosting the swingers’ parties.

Wow thanks Mark Green, that will help the economy, blackballing a business, but hey the town made headlines for the upcoming November 7th election right? It appeared that was the point. Why else make it known that you are moving the election location from a swinger hall??

Point made but these are my opinions!

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