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Swinger News - Swingers Salute Barbie Creator
Ken And Barbie (courtesy

Ever been on a swingers dating site and read “Ken and Barbie”? I am a fan of Barbie, and never knew why. My mother and Aunt would always collect Barbie dolls, they have quite the collection. I always wanted to pretend that these dolls would have a fun swinger party, I was even contemplating shooting a parody video…….that is until I did some digging…….

According to the New York Post, Jack Ryan, the designer of the Barbie doll, would stage orgies at his Bel-Air Mansion. I knew he was married to Zsa Zsa Gabor, but I did not know that he surrounded himself with busty Barbie clones, even Gwen Florea.
I guess Gwen Florea was also the voice of Barbie in a line of talking dolls.

Swinger News - Swingers Salute Barbie Creator
Jack Ryan & Zsa Zsa Gabor hmmm themed party?

Jerry Oppenhiemer’s book “Toy Monster: The Big, Bad World of Mattel” made revelations about the late Jack Ryan. According to Ryan’s friend, Stephen Gnass confided in Jerry Oppenhiemer, that “When Jack talked about creating Barbie . . . it was like listening to somebody talk about a sexual episode, almost like listening to a sexual pervert . . .” Hmm, now I know where swinger websites get it when people post….”we are not Ken and Barbie”……makes you wonder?

Swinger News - Swingers Salute Barbie Creator
Gwen Florea

I am liking this Jack Ryan, and I think I am going to start a doll collection in tribute, this is so cool. The book goes on to claim that Jack Ryan was diagnosed with gonorrhea, which reminds me to tell everyone, remember to use protection…..always.

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