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Interracial Swinging: What You Need to Know

Interracial Swinging

Swinging is not only for one race or ethnicity. Unfortunately though, many who would love to try out swinging don’t seriously consider it because they are not sure if interracial swingers will be accepted or welcome by the swinging community.  If you are in an interracial relationship or looking to swing with someone of a different race, here is what you should know about interracial swinging.


If you are of a different race or ethnicity than the people you are considering swinging with, it is important to understand that they may have preconceived notions or stereotypes about you. For example, one of the most common is that African-American men have large penises and some couples may be looking to play with a BBC. If you are concerned that this stereotype may affect your time together or that they may have incorrect notions built up in their head, be sure to address it before you all play together.


When it comes to interracial swinging, some people and couples have fetishes involving other races. For example, a wife may want to watch her husband with a tiny Asian woman. Some people do not mind fulfilling other couples fantasies and fetishes, while others do not want to swing with another couple based solely on their race and that is fine. Sometimes it’s simply about preference and nothing else.  As such, both parties should make any fetishes or fantasies clear before swinging together.


If you are a different race than your partner or the people you are considering swinging with, it is important to keep in mind that most swingers are very open-minded and accepting. Swingers themselves often face prejudices and stigmas. As such, most are more accepting of people as a whole and are less judgmental. While some people may look down on interracial dating and swinging, the lifestyle does not.

When it comes to swinging, race is not important to most people. While some may have fetishes and stereotypes, most are accepting and open-minded. You should never let your race or fear of being accepted stop you from swinging and being a part of the lifestyle.


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