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Top Aphrodisiac Herbs For Women

Top Aphrodisiac Herbs For Women

Top Aphrodisiac Herbs For WomenAn aphrodisiac can be defined as a drink, food or drug that is capable of stimulating sexual desire. There are very many types of aphrodisiacs for both men and women. In this article, we discuss the most popular aphrodisiac herbs for women based on factors such as effectiveness and safety. Aphrodisiac herbs are more popular in society today because they are safer.

Aphrodisiac herbs are consumed in their natural form. They are therefore free of preservatives and chemical additives which are responsible for causing very many lifestyle diseases in our society today. Herbal aphrodisiacs have also been proven to be more effective. Below is a list of the top aphrodisiac herbs for women approved my none other than Mike Hatcher himself.

1. Catuaba

Erythroxylum catuaba popularly known as catuaba is one of the top aphrodisiac herbs for women. The aphrodisiac originated from Brazil. Catuaba works by fortifying and relieving fatigue as well as increasing strength and stimulating the nervous system. Catuaba is also known to fight bacteria and viruses resulting in a healthier reproductive system. Some of the chemical constituents present in catuaba include; tannins, alkaloids, fatty resins, aromatic oils, phytosterols, flavonoids, cyclolignans and sequiterpenes.

2. Clavo huasca

Tynanthus panurensis popularly known as Clavo huasca is another top aphrodisiac herb for women. The herb originates from South America (Amazon forest) and is used to treat sexual dysfunction as well as stimulate libido in both men and women. The herb is however commonly used for increasing libido and stimulating sex in pre-menopausal women. Clavo huasca is usually administered as a decoction (a tea is made by boiling the herb). It is however important to note that Clavo huasca can also be taken as a wine.

3. Damiana

Turnera diffusa or Damiana is also a top aphrodisiac herb for women. The aphrodisiac’s origin can be traced back to Central America, South America and West Indies. The Damiana leaves are used to prepare a drink which is taken before sex to enhance love making. Damiana is popular and effective among women because of the way the aphrodisiac works i.e. it treats the emotional aspect of sexual dysfunction i.e. anxiety or depression that prevents many women from enjoying sex.

4. Ginkgo

Ginkgo Biloba popularly known as Ginkgo is a popular herb in our society today. As a herb, Ginkgo is used to boost the brain and offer tonic benefits to seniors. As a herbal aphrodisiac for women, Ginkgo is used to increase and boost blood circulation. This in turn increases chances of vaginal arousal.


The above aphrodisiac herbs for women are among the most popular in our society today. It is however important to note that there are many other aphrodisiac herbs for women. For more information on aphrodisiacs for women to help with sexual problems, menstrual and other health problems, visit

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