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Female Orgasm Enhancement Or Support Female Libido

Swinger News - Female Orgasm Enhancement Or Support Female Libido
Support Female Libido

Just when you think you have read it all something like Female Orgasm Enhancement pops up. A product called Libidra which helps Support Female Libido has been called the Viagra for women. I have done reviews on other male enhancement products but this is the first NATURAL product for women.

At first I was skeptical, I mean an all-natural product that get women in the mood, increase their interest in sex and helps with PMS? Well for me just the mood part would be worth it lol. But seriously I researched the ingredients and nothing like this product is out there, especially in price. From what I gather the natural ingredients formulated in Libidra have Chinese herbs such as Dong Quai and some rare ingredients like passion flower. I looked around on the net and nothing out there compares to the ingredients in Libidra.

The woman who gave me her personal review said she noticed within seven days, a heightened interest and increase pleasure in sex. Now this woman is a swinger wife, so I became curious in this product.  I questioned her on it, and she states that in seven days she noticed results, so I asked her if it increased by taking more? I am always a trial and error guy so I like to push things. I asked her to take 3 pills in the morning and 3 more 4 hours later. I was impressed, she told me that upon taking an extra pill, that she was in the mood even more than before, but she also got a good nights sleep.

Swinger News - Female Orgasm Enhancement Or Support Female Libido
How Many Men Will She Take?

The good news is this is the type of product you want to give your wife and keep your wife on if you are looking for some serious sex in my opinion. A guy asked me if it works good for getting the wife in the mood for a gang bang or double penetration. I did not know the answer other than the swinger wife told me it makes her feel like she wants more sex and can reach more orgasms better. In my opinion, give this to your wife a week or two before a swinger party or gang bang. But on the flip side and I love this, the ingredients I researched in Libidra, will help ease her mood that time of the month and may make her period lighter. So to the swinger husbands out there, buy your wife this and tell her “its for cramping and elevated mood honey” lol. Then when she takes it and gets horny just make sure to have your wife call good ole Mike Hatchers name out when you………or your buddy is doing your wife!


Hopefully you enjoyed this article and hopefully you give Libidra a try, do it for your wife.

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