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Man Arrested After Butt Plug Rear Ending

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Swinger News - Man Arrested After Butt Plug Rear Ending
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I wish I made up this headline, well I kind of put my spin on it. I live in Florida and it keeps getting stranger here. A 41 year old male Rear ended another driver on Friday February 24th.  According to Huffington post, the rear ender Kevin Brann apparently had a butt plug or sexual anus plug in his rectum. Let me get this straight, Kevin was apparently wearing a butt plug?

Apparently Kevin failed a sobriety test and was arrested for a DUI. Police say that Brann was visibly drunk and wet himself on the way to jail. Apparently at drop off Brann had a butt plug or anus plug fall out or was removed and left in the squad car.

Now this is what you call having a bad day, I hope the officers weren’t to hard on this guy. This guy Brann apparently had a breathalyzer test that read.409 and .412 which I believe the legal limit is .08.

Kevin Brann is being held in Martin County Jail on $5,000 bond. I just hope the inmates aren’t too hard on him……..whoops I had to go there.


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