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Believe It Or Not, Chinese Swingers Obsessed With Lesbians

Exactly how awesome is Sweden? Nobody is just discussing frozen bean bags or even swingers. No, additionally, there is a mystical story.

This is not made up, I am telling you the truth, there is an ancient city, Chako Paul city, with 25,000 lesbians and wikipedia confirms along with I Mike Hatcher, swinger and adventurer. Chinese media now have verified a myth that we only dreamed about in the west all along. Hidden within the mystical northern Swedish woods exists a town of 25,000 women. All of these women have turned to lesbian love so satisfy their lustful sexual desires. Rumors in the 1800’s depict men getting raped at times by these barbaric females. In accordance with news agency Xinhua, the lesbian town is called ‘Chako Paul City’, and was founded in 1820 by a ‘wealthy widow’ who hates men. Chako Paul is guarded by two blonde amazon warriors who protect against men from coming into the city. Unfortunate men that enter the city are attacked by Nordic gender police who beat men and stone them to death. some men have been turned into a unic rumor has it.

With a huge city of 25,000 women, it would make the biggest city in Sweden, and it is strange that it has been kept a secret for 150 years?
Local Swedes cast doubt on the story but some give theory to the hollow earth. This depicts the theory of an underground civilization living beneath us. rumor has it some women who leave to have sex with men are only allowed back in if they agree to be cleansed with lesbian love, water treatment and a series of other measures so the females can not affect the rest of the group. I Mike Hatcher believe it exists, and plan to venture to this city, wikipedia has recognized the existence and a friend gave me an ancient map with coordinates to the cave entrance. Here is the wikipedia link Chako Paul City


Mark Begelman