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Want to know more about San Bernardino Swingers?

Actually, there are many swingers in San Bernardino, CA and you can find them in popular clubs like as XTC club. They are a Los Angeles & OC area sex club that have parties in Orange County, Los Angeles, Inland Empire and the Las Vegas area. XTC is popular among the swinging community in the San Bernardino area that offers people of the lifestyle to engage is various swinging activity. They cater to single ladies, single men and couples of the lifestyle. If you live or visiting the area and are interested and really want to enjoy yourself, then you can get familiar with the club and update yourself the happenings at the club.
The organizers spend valuable time planning for different events with the aim of ensuring that everyone has a great lifestyle experience. Keep up to date on events by visiting Club XTC website. Frequent visit to their website is advisable to keep up to date on current information. Your visit to the website will enable you to know about additional club information, hours of operation rules, admission and membership and more.

They also provide information about their services, their facilities, and if there are some items you need to take along to the club with you eg. Condoms. This information is not available anywhere apart from their website.

It will also provide you with the different themes for upcoming parties being held at the club. Friday parties are Gangbangs and Saturdays are mostly small intimate parties for sexy couples. On party days, Parties are RSVP! YOU MUST BE APPROVED TO BE ON THE ATTENDEE LIST. !

XTC Swingers ClubThey have specific rules and they are as follows:

  • There are strict rules about politeness and respect!
  • No ALWAYS means NO.
  • Bring your own condoms
  • Do not become over intoxicated… this makes the gentlemen perform poorly anyway and nobody likes to be around drunks… just know your limits.
  • You must be 18 or over to enter. NO Exceptions.
  • No Arguing…take it home

Their motto: We will continue to strive to make it the best swingers and singles sex club in the greater Los Angeles and OC area of southern California. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

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