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Tampa Swingers Club No Sex Rule

A reputable swingers club in Port Richey, near Tampa has recently come under fire with local authorities.
Back in 2009, the Pasco county officials felt they needed to step in and regulate the club based on zoning.

Courtesy of Club Elite

The swingers club called Club Elite, must operate by a new set of rules at the start of July 22nd 2011.
The county will agree to drop the lawsuit against the club if the club itself would stop allowing sex on premise. The owners must remove all mattresses, sheets and pillows as part of the agreement. Under cover detectives have actually been visiting the club for over 6 months as voyeurs observing the club activities.

Courtesy of Club Elite

In a report first released by WTSP News-10 in Tampa Bay, the police talked with a member of the club about a big orgy that allegedly occurred in December with over 280 people. The detectives also observed rooms where they were able to watch people having sex.

Swingers Busted In St Louis Missouri

Here we go again, consenting adult swingers once again get busted because of a loophole in the law and politicians wanting to execute their views on others. Apparently 2 adults are looking at charges of indecency after supposedly being exposed in a bar? St. Louis come on now, I mean really?

St Louis Swingers busted (courtesy kmov news)

Listen to this, police received an anonymous letter that alleged Red 7 Club was hosting a party for swingers. I would like to interject right here and say everyone at this bar was at least 21. Anyway, police busted them on a technicality apparently. Swinging is not illegal but it is usually illegal in all states to perform sex acts on liquor based premises. By doing this the liquor control board gets to intervene as well.

Apparently the police issued a summons and complaint to the club’s manager and a patron.
Bottom line no matter what you think about swinging, you need to make sure you have your ducks in a row when throwing a swinger party. I want everyone to get all your liquor license, or have a byob, or make sure to throw it at a home. Local powers that be, especially around election time, try and become self righteous and tell you what you can and can not do. Do Mike a favor fellow swingers, do not give them an excuses, take away all their excuses.

When throwing a swinger party make the following checklist.

#1 If you are having liquor at a liquor based premise, you need to check your local laws or maybe rent a Hotel/takeover rooms etc. – also check the Hotel do and don’t. I rented a couple of penthouses and was planning on bringing alcohol and hiring a bartender to pour and sell my booze. Well this hotel was not OK with it and did not us selling, and they threatened to call the cops because we were on the penthouse and a neighboring building seen us nude.

alcohol pic courtesy all about addiction

#2 Always have a way out for your patrons, good ole Mike use to throw some parties here last year, and if the lights came on, that meant the popo, the 5.0 police etc. were there. Luckily we never needed the lights on.

#3 If you have a BYOB or want to charge to compensate for a party, check in to all local laws, and trust me, you may get caught. I am sure the people that threw the party that was busted in St. Louis were not expecting to get caught.

In closing, have fun swinging, be safe and make sure if you throw a party, think and re-think every scenario, because it might be your parry being busted next.

SwingLifeStyle Still Concerned Over Japan Nuclear Crisis

OK I wanted to get a little personal and talk about Japan here for a bit. As you know Swinglifestyle has donated $10,000 to Japan relief efforts but I want to tell each and every one of you that their turmoil is not yet over. It seems that we as a country are too quick to jump on to the next news or media hype, much like you are reading my post and latching on to every word I write. Fact is, the people in Japan are still suffering and I am asking every swinger and non swinger to please donate. In times of need we need to forget our differences and lean on each other.

Japan Earthquake Aftermath
Japan Earthquake Aftermath

It seems like when the earthquake hit Indonesia we watched in awe, then a few weeks later it was on to the gas prices. Makes you wonder if these incidents are man made? Work with me, gas prices go up, then all of a sudden, look this way Osama is dead. Or gas prices go up, look this way ANOTHER earthquake. OK forget the conspiracy theory but I will say this, Swinglifestyle has donated to so many relief causes ranging from hurricane Katrina, to Haiti, and even recently to Japan. I am asking swingers to make a small donation to the cause and also give thanks for Swinglifestyle for caring. Swinglifestyle actually cares about people and from what I gather the owners are humanists, and extremely altruistic.

Swingers Concerned Over Japan Nuclear CrisisSince I have started writing for Swinglifestyle I have found out so many good things about the site and what they do that just amazes me. There is no other swinger site that I know of that even donates a penny to causes like this. Swinglifestyle is a free site, and I remember they had a button to donate to Red Cross at one time.  I know several of you wanted to hear a funny joke or a line, but I had to refrain and take a step back because the Japan nuclear situation is not over. Have you recently googled the Japan nuclear incident? Scary that it is still going on and people are worried.

I hope you pass this post to your friends or whomever, and remember we are all humans and everybody could use a friend.

3D Swingers Movie Beats James Cameron’s Avatar Blockbuster

swinging in 3D
courtesy filmsmash

Yes It’s true, In Hong Kong the 3D porn movie “Extreme Ecstasy” raked in 2.78 million Hong Kong dollars, while James Cameron’s Avatar made 2.63 million Hong Kong dollars on its opening day.  The plot of this movie is truly romantic, set in the Ming Dynasty around a man that wants his ex wife back. Well this man does what any man would do, apparently the film goes over some steamy orgies, swinger scenes and monkeys on trampolines?

swingers movie in 3D
Courtesy  of Tech Fever

OK the porn I get, the swingers and orgies oh heck yeah lets watch, but monkeys? The Hong Kong film company plans to distribute 3D porn in America and try and capitalize on the growing 3D trend. I just hope I don’t happen to be in a theater with motion control and water spraying on my face like Shrek at Disneyland. Sure its great when you get water sprayed in the face, but if I see a girl squirt onscreen and get sprayed on, or with a guy and water sprayed……well I don’t know if I am down with that. This might be more fun than Gallagher in one of his routines.

In closing this movie sounds like it will be great and hope to see more 3D porn offerings in the future from geniuses in the Hong Kong film industry.

Believe It Or Not, Chinese Swingers Obsessed With Lesbians

Exactly how awesome is Sweden? Nobody is just discussing frozen bean bags or even swingers. No, additionally, there is a mystical story.

This is not made up, I am telling you the truth, there is an ancient city, Chako Paul city, with 25,000 lesbians and Wikipedia confirms along with I Mike Hatcher, swinger and adventurer. Chinese media now have verified a myth that we only dreamed about in the west all along. Hidden within the mystical northern Swedish woods exists a town of 25,000 women. All of these women have turned to lesbian love so satisfy their lustful sexual desires. Rumors in the 1800′s depict men getting raped at times by these barbaric females. In accordance with news agency Xinhua, the lesbian town is called ‘Chako Paul City’, and was founded in 1820 by a ‘wealthy widow’ who hates men. Chako Paul is guarded by two blonde amazon warriors who protect against men from coming into the city. Unfortunate men that enter the city are attacked by Nordic gender police who beat men and stone them to death.

chinese-swingersWith a huge city of 25,000 women, it would make the biggest city in Sweden, and it is strange that it has been kept a secret for 150 years?
Local Swedes cast doubt on the story but some give theory to the hollow earth. This depicts the theory of an underground civilization living beneath us. rumor has it some women who leave to have sex with men are only allowed back in if they agree to be cleansed with lesbian love, water treatment and a series of other measures so the females can not affect the rest of the group. I Mike Hatcher believe it exists, and plan to venture to this city, Wikipedia has recognized the existence and a friend gave me an ancient map with coordinates to the cave entrance. Here is the Wikipedia link Chako Paul City.

Late Breaking News On Swinger Club In Peoria, IL

If you have not read the last post on Mayor trying to shut down a swinger club, you have to read this.  It appears once again our freedom of expression and speech is going by way of the dodo or should I say the politicians?

Is This the mayor of Peoria?
Is This the mayor of Peoria?

After being a quiet swinger club located by a police station for the longest time is now being shut down by city leaders in Peoria Illinois.
They have actually decided to outlaw businesses that allow people to watch or participate in sex, even if you are married to that person.

The city passed a 9-1 vote, I am assuming 9 people wanting to take away our rights as consenting adults and 1 true vote from an understanding city leader. the measure was directly to attack a private swingers club where couples go for the like minded.

It would appear that some city officials either want to make a name for themselves in the news or may just be self righteous. The towns beloved (insert laugh) Mayor, Jim Ardis told the star newspaper in Peoria that HE and others don’t want businesses like Club 307, and also considers it a public health problem. Maybe election time is coming up or maybe, just maybe someone (or group) wants to stop these activities.

There was only 1 City leader who voted against this new law, and that was the councilman Gary Sandberg. Gary Sandberg was the only smart councilman to vote against because he said he believes the law goes to far in trying to regulate the activities on consenting adults.

Our Heart goes out to Club Owner Danny Laud who now has become like many other Americans without an income and his club hurt and destroyed once again by politicians who we elect. It is Mike Hatcher’s Opinion that on election time, Gary Sandberg should run for Mayor of Peoria, and maybe I will help market this man. Don’t forget to support your local swinger club people. Peoria has some other strange laws that we felt we should share with you, listen to this, Basketball hoops may not be installed on a driveway – excerpt for this strange law here -> Dumb Laws in Illinois
Information from: Journal Star,

I hope this video does not depict Gary Sandberg as the human in the Peoria city office, if so our heart goes out to Gary Sandberg and his efforts and hard work he goes through on a daily basis.

Actually this was a commercial, very funny and thought it may suit what is going on in Peoria.

Shirley MacLaine, A Psychic Swinger?

So, Is Shirley MacLaine a Swinger? Well according to the Washington Post, Shirley MacLaine discussed her open marriage on Oprah on 4-11-2011. The 76 year old spoke openly and candidly about her 30 year open marriage with her husband Steve Parker.

Shirley MacLaine

Shirley MacLaine(courtesy Brow/Getty NYdailynews

Shirley MacLaine who is known for her movie roles has notoriety for being an accurate psychic as well.  Shirley MacLaine has urged many people to get their lives together before 2012.  From my research it appears we may be in store for something, but I also think one group will survive 2012 if there is a catastrophe. I believe swingers will prevail, and the world will be a utopia for all.  To view the full story visit the here.

Mayor Wants To Shut Down Swinger Club In Peoria IL.

Swingers Club

It appears City Officials in Peoria Illinois are considering an ordinance to ban a private swinger club.
The Swinger Club in Question is also on Swinglifestyle’s Swinger CLub Page for Illinois, Club 307. This club, although located mere blocks from a police station, has come under attack from Mayor Jim Ardis, who relayed to the Peoria Journal Star, that the city does not have an ordinance preventing couples from paying to enter a club and swap partners. But he believes the city needs one.

City Councilman Eric Turner believes so many people are disgusted that Peoria has this type of club. This is excerpt is from an article in Peoria, and this is only an opinion of Eric Turner. Apparently reporters tried contacting the club, and nobody answered a phone call for the telephone number listed for the club on Friday. The council promises to think about the ordinance Tuesday.

Swinglifestyle Opinion by Mike Hatcher – Ever so often Swingers read about articles like this and it upsets them, and why shouldn’t it? , I mean we are consenting adults who engage in these activities behind closed doors. Sometimes city officials and even people in religion want to make a name for themselves or just think they are self righteous. In times like this it is important we throw support for a club such as this, because we never know if it could be our club next. Remember everyone, united we stand divided we fall. We often forget that one voice makes a difference and together we can make a better change.

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