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Strange Sex World Records

OK fellow readers, I have been thinking how many crazy sex acts are out there and how many could I write about. Although i know most of these answers by heart, I felt I would share some of the love of these Strange Sex World Records.

Do you Swallow?

Ever ask your girlfriend or wife to swallow your semen? Well I bet once you read this you will be craving Mike Hatchers Guide on “How To Make Semen Sweet“. Michelle Monahan from Los Angeles, swallowed 1.7 pints of semen. That is about 5 cups of yogurt and it would have tasted like sugar if she took a pull of Mike. Apparently Michelle had to get her stomach pumped. Michelle was the first person to have this act recorded.

Speaking of Semen Delight, did you know that Afghani tribesman drink nut nectar or semen from a bull. The drink is called Khoona, which is consumed on the tribesman wedding night, it is suppose to give the man an aphrodisiac feeling. – I’ll pass

Houston Porn StarI’m Here For The Gang bang

OK some swinger husbands have tried to get their wife to do a gang bang. Some women have thought about it too, maybe 3-6 at a time. Well, did you know that Houston was the first woman to Have sex with 620 men in one sitting? Its true, she made a movie called the Houston 500 which covered the event.

If you think that is a huge number, check this out Lisa Sparxx holds the record for the worlds biggest gangbang with a total of 919 men in one day.

How Far Can You Shoot?

He Got Game

Draw your guns or um wiener. Horst Schultz launched a load 18 ft 9 in with a ‘substantial’ amount of seminal fluid. He also hold the records for the greatest height (12 ft 4in) and the greatest speed of ejaculation, or muzzle velocity, with 42.7mph.

The People VS Larry Flynt

For those that don’t know the genius Larry Flynt, Every month Hustler is mailed, uninvited and for free, to the office of each member of the United States Congress. This practice began at some point between 1974 and 1983, and it continues as of 2010. In an interview, Flynt explained, “I felt that they should be informed with what’s going on in the rest of the world … Some of them didn’t appreciate it much. I haven’t had any plans to quit.

Good ole Mike thinks this is hilarious and couldn’t agree more. If you are unaware of this man there is a movie starring Woody Harrelson called “The People VS Larry Flynt“.

Think Outside The Box

This next one is called “Think Outside The Box” as in the woman’s box. In this article I will go over GREAT pick up lines you can use at your favorite swinger club. These can also be used in a public bar as well. Tips for single men and women, make up an exotic name when picking people up. I use Mason or Dietrich(DEE-TRICK) , ladies use something like Ariel or Alley. Now on to the good stuff.

Go Mike Snatcher

First is, you have to be original, a friend of mine asked a woman one time “How do you like your eggs: poached, scrambled, or fertilized?”…I mean come on?

Me I am subtle, I’ll say something like “How about we play lion and lion tamer? You hold your mouth open, and I’ll give you the meat“. Now that is a romantic pick up line, awe.

Or better yet……”Excuse me, is that semen in your hair?” – Don’t use this one because if someone is playing, they may have semen in their hair.


This one works on a wife “A you a farmer? No, ‘cuz you sure know how to raise a c*ck. – this works trust me…….

Never fail with a knock knock joke. I will put my arm around the husband and look at both wives and say “knock knock” (who’s there?) Sherwood, (Sherwood who?) Sure would like you to suck our C*CKS. After I have been talking to a couple for a while I’ll say something like “Excuse me, miss, do you give head to strangers? No. Well, then, allow me to introduce myself.”
To the ladies, If a SINGLE male walks up and is bothering you do this, “Hey can you buy me a drink(or get one if BYOB) when he brings you the drink, pour the drink over your hand, and tell the guy I’m not interested but I intend to get my hand drunk and take advantage of it later, you understand”

Thats A Nice Cock you Have Mike

A good ice breaker for any couple, and you can say this to either the man or woman to break the ice is” Do you like Boxing? No matter what the answer is say good gimmie 20 blows to the head, and point to your crotch.

I like this one for breaking in a new couple, if they have a sense of humor. “You see my spouse over there? [Point to your spouse who sheepishly waves from afar] She/He wants to know if YOU guys think I’M cute

Now this one can be asked of and to a man or woman, Can you lick your nipples?[No] Can I? [Yes] Can you show me?”

I always say laughter is best and Mike Hatcher motto is this” There is a funny side to every situation, the challenge is to find it! In closing, women like to laugh and if they are in a swinger club a dirty joke will get you far, so remember think outside the box, ask for a blow job!

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Is Lady GAGA A Swinger? Or Born This Way?

I had to write about Lady GAGA, first up she is hot and I would like to do things to her that she only sings about. Is she a swinger? Well, have you heard her new song, Born This Way?

I must say this, the lyrics are intriguing and one thing I like about Lady GAGA is that she is friendly to bisexuals and transgenders and looks like she is down with sex and swinging in general.

I Like the following lyrics, sounds like she is down with swinging?

Believe capital H-I-M
I love my lie, I love this record and
Mi amore vole fe yah
I’m beautiful in my way,
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way
Don’t hide yourself in regret,
Just love yourself and you’re set
I’m on the right track baby
I was born this way

Those are some powerful lyrics, especially to the swinging community, did you know songs like this get Mike pumping on the dance floor?

I personally like the idea of the Lady Gag Gag Blow up doll.

Lady Gag Gag? She just may suck the chrome off a disco ball faster than you can say Just Dance! This dirty lil diva may just take a ride on your disco stick. I mean this doll is great all you have to do is add some air and she’ll let you poke her face.

Swingers Media Part 3: Is Rose McGowan A Swinger?


If you are not aware of the recent Law & Order, Rose McGowan plays an undercover swinger. The recent episode shows once again how mainstream audiences are interested in the SwingLifeStyle.

Honestly I think that police procedural dramas wanted to include this with recent busts of swingers, like the swinger club Peoria Illinois. Even though the episode was way out there, detectives Stabler and Benson pose as a sexy couple in order to investigate the murder of a swinger. Is this really the norm? Well, not really. Is this something real detectives really do? Again the answer is no.

But there is so much interest in swingers lifestyle that T.V. likes to portray and ride the buzz all the way through the press releases to the mainstream media. I like the episode personally because it shows Rose McGowan wearing a low cut dress. I prefer to google Rose McGowan nude, but hey that’s me. This concludes the last segment on Swingers in the media. I will leave you with this question, would you as a couple do Rose McGowan?

Swingers Media Part 2: Jack In The Box Swingers?

Swingers Sandwich? Are we talking about food? Over the past few years, Swingers have been more mainstream and more accepted in the general public.

Yeah Sandwich!

Jack In The Box is the first fast food chain to deliver a hilarious commercial geared toward a swinging couple. The commercial which depicts 2 couples with the notorious Jack, shows the couple in a hot tub scene while discussing a new sandwich. If you get the funny commercial the sandwich they are discussing is the new sirloin Steak Melt. I think maybe they are hinting at another sandwich which involves a different kind of meat. Interesting enough there is a town called sandwich in Massachusetts, we salute the sandwich swingers that live there. Funny commercial hope you enjoy.

Swingers Media Part 1: All In The Family Or Archie Bunker Swingers

Honestly if he is a caped, or should I say closet crusader, by all means come out, we’re behind you on this one.
I mean think about it, Batman lives with Robin, two men living together in a mansion, wearing masks and dressing up in spandex while living double lives? The comic which was released around 60 years ago, showed signs of the caped crusaders alter ego.

Then all of a sudden we have to introduce bat girl as a cover for Bruce Wayne, and lets not forget Vicki Vale right?

I say if you are bisexual that’s fine, Batman may want to mix it up or play out his fantasies with Boy Wonder… hmm that’s funny Boy Wonder.

They talk dirty too, for instance, ”C’mon Robin, slide down the Bat Pole.

What About this scene from the comic series?

Even in the new Batman movie with Christian Bale, I find it odd that he changes his voice and talks like he is clearing his throat, while confronting the joker.

I think maybe, just maybe if Batman is gay he is trying to put on a front because he is attracted to Heath Ledger. Maybe he is clearing his throat because he is nervous, like a nervous attraction? Gay, straight or bisexual, that is the beautiful thing about SwingLifeStyle, the site does not judge anyone and is friendly to all. Life is too short so live it up, and we are behind you 100% (not literally though) to help you…

Swingers Salute William Moulton Marston For Bondage And Wonder Woman

about to tell you. William Moulton Marston wrote the comic book under the name of Charles Moulton and created the Wonder Woman character.

Wonder Woman wore bullet repelling bracelets, a magic lasso to tie men up and make them tell the truth and came from a land called Paradise Island.

Just a comic figure right? Did you know that William Moulton Marston lived with his wife and live in mistress? If you read the Wonder Woman comics, you will see that submission to her is paramount and the cure for violence prone male heroes.

Courtesy of a Dirty Swinger

Wonder woman is a dominant Amazonian warrior princess who triumphs over evil while tying men up and forcing them to tell the truth. I might leave you with this, if you google William Moulton Marston, he also invented the lie detector. Wonder Woman and bondage seriously?

I would think so,much like the Marquis de Sade I Mike Hatcher salute William Moulton Marston for his alleged contribution towards bondage in our modern day society. Some swingers are in to BDSM and we thank people like this for making the world a better place to swing in.