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Knowing Your Limits: Drink Smart At A Swingers Party

Know your limits at a swingers party

There are many reasons why people go to swingers parties. The two main reasons are; getting drunk and having sex. Because many people don’t know their drinking limits, very few people enjoy Swingers parties fully i.e. drink and have sex. The trick to enjoying a swingers party is drinking smart because this is the only way to ensure that you have enjoyable sex. You can’t have fun sex when you are totally drunk and can’t focus or stand without help.

If you love swingers parties yet you don’t know your drinking limit, it is important you learn how to drink smart (drinking within your limits) to ensure that you have maximum fun. Below are some of main ways of knowing your limits and drinking smart at Swingers parties.

1. Remember how much food you have eaten:

This is a very important consideration if you want to know your limits and drink smart at swingers parties. It is important to note that you get drunk fastest on an empty stomach. You should therefore avoid at all costs drinking before you eat when you attend a Swingers party. Food slows down alcohol absorption. In case you notice that you are drunk after eating to satisfaction, stop drinking immediately otherwise you won’t enjoy the rest of the night.

2. Gauge your limits based on the time you take to finish one drink:

This is also an important pointer for knowing your alcohol limits in a swingers party. If you want to drink smart and enjoy the party to the end, you should consider gauging your alcohol limits based on the time you take to finish one drink. It is important to note that you get drunk faster when you take less time to finish one drink. Having 2 to 3 drinks per hour will get you drunk faster than having the same number of drinks over 2 to 6 hours. If you want to drink smart at a swingers party, consider drinking slowly because you will be in a better position to judge your limits.

3. Also judge your limits based on what you are drinking:

It is obvious that different alcoholic drinks have different alcohol content. The speed at which one gets drunk depends on what one is drinking. If you want to drink smart at a swingers party to maximize your chances of having fun, you should consider drinking the mildest alcoholic drinks. Avoid taking vodka, whiskey and brandy at all costs because they contain more alcohol content that beer. They are also absorbed faster. In case you are drinking vodka, whiskey and brandy, stop taking alcohol three to four hours into the party otherwise you will risk crossing your alcohol limit before you have maximum fun in a swingers party.

4. Consider your body size and weight:

This is another important drink smart tip at a swingers party for knowing your alcohol limits. It is important to note that heavier individuals with big body sizes take more time to get drunk compared to lighter smaller individuals. If you want to drink smart within your limits, you have to consider your body size and weight. Smaller lighter individuals reach high blood alcohol levels faster. You should therefore avoid things like; binge drinking especially if you are small because your body can’t handle high alcohol levels well.

5. Consider your age:

Age is also an important consideration when you want to know your alcohol limits in a swingers party. It is a fact that older people get drunk faster than younger people. To be able to drink smart, you have to consider your age and drink based on what your body can handle. Swingers parties are full of young energetic people who can drink a lot of alcohol and still manage to enjoy themselves. If you are not young i.e. you are over 35, consider drinking sparingly in swingers parties otherwise you won’t enjoy yourself because you will be too drunk to converse and have sex.


In summary, the above information is adequate enough to help you discover your limits and drink smart at any swingers party you to go. It is however important to note that there may be other drink smart tips that can help you gauge your drinking limits further. A Swingers party is meant for drinking and having sex. Know your alcohol limit and be assured of having fun. If you are interested in attending a party-this link has every one listed in the U.S.: Here