What To Expect At A Swingers Resort

How many times have you thought……hmm I wonder what its like at a swingers resort? For some that have participated already know the answer, for others let me give you a break down.

Swingers Guide - What To Expect At A Swinger Resort

Swinger Resort

For starters you do not have to have sex with anyone, that you do not want to. I have received so many emails on couples scared to go to a resort as first timers thinking its wall to wall sex and you are required to have sex with who ever wants to have sex with you. This is so not true, in the lifestyle you need to remember that no means no.

Florida boasts a number of swinger and nudist friendly resorts. Yes there is a difference between them. Nudists like to be in the nude and not necessarily swing, while swingers like to swing……Get it? Got it? Good !

Swingers Guide - What To Expect At A Swinger Resort

Swinger Resort

Most swinger resorts offer exciting alternative vacations for the open minded. The good news is all resorts are well quipped with restaurant, bar, club house, pools, spa game rooms and many other amenities. Basically you will find amenities just like you would at any other resort.

The resorts usually run around $100 to $250 per night. I know SwingLifeStyle is having a huge swinger party at Caliente in a few weeks, you can check it out here: SLS 10th ANNIVERSARY

I know Topless Travel caters to a lot of nude cruises and vacations, which can be found here: HEDONISM II RESORT

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