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Top Tips on Dominating a Dominant Woman

Top Tips on Dominating a Dominant Woman
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Top Tips on Dominating a Dominant WomanI first started to write this blog with a direction on dominant women, but then I started to think how great it would be to write about a dominant woman with a twist, so this blog is about “How To Dominate a Dominant Woman“. Dominant women are usually associated with chains, whips and a contemptible man groveling at their feet, which is not Mike Hatcher, who cannot be broken. A woman may take up a domineering position in a relationship merely because the man has not learned the art of dominance in bed. A woman may be independent, strong -willed and feisty but that does not mean she doesn’t need/want to be ravished just like any female. Here are great tips for men to dominate a dominant woman in the bedroom.

Keep Eye Contact

Direct eye contact is vital in asserting dominance. A really dominant person can overpower a less dominant individual with glances. With a dominant woman, by simply lowering your eyelids gently as you stare back at her while returning her wicked grin will assert that you are the one doing the dominating. Such stares will give her an impression that she has to do much more. As such thoughts are running over her mind, she will certainly break the eye contact- this indicates she is ready to be dominated.

Top Tips on Dominating a Dominant WomanTake the Lead

A dominant woman is most likely physically aggressive in bed. These are the kind of ladies who like riding their partners like champions. Although this appeals to most men, if it happens regularly then you are put into a subservient role. You have to take the lead position by flipping her on her back immediately after she pounces on you. Keep her pinned on the bed but don’t make it painful. If she struggles to get back on top, calmly tell her you will be in the lead that evening. Before you complete that sentence her panties will already be soaked.

Ensure She Begs for More

Begging is an indication of total submission and can make sexual experiences incredible for both partners. The simplest way of accomplishing your goal of dominating a dominant woman is through oral sex. Spend quality time turning her on via her clitoris, but never giving her the release she craves. When she is almost thrashing and moaning, slow down just a little bit. Explore another area of her body like her inner thighs for a couple of seconds. The mixture of sexual stimulation and frustration will make her beg for release. Don’t give your attention to the clitoris before she starts begging. And make sure you are not a one pump chump in bed, if you are I would recommend supplements.

Top Tips on Dominating a Dominant WomanTell Her All You Intend To Do

Be vocal, talk dirty to this woman. Keeping a dominant woman informed about your moves for the evening would be a great challenge. This is a chance for you to prove to her you are up for the task (dominant sex). You can use this trick in your car or over dinner. Your confidence will intrigue her more than you can ever imagine. Once in the bedroom, whisper exactly what you plan to do to her in her ear, promise her a steamy session that will leave her sweating and screaming your name. Tell her how you are prepared to go down on her body till she cries, she will definitely love every bit of it. Remember to keep all your promises to make that dominant sex extremely pleasurable.