The History of Swinging Part 2

Sumerian Rise

Swingers Guide - The History of Swinging Part 2The Sumerian empire began from 8500 B.C. and lasted until 4500 B.C.  Men and women of the Sumerian empire lived together and would visit friends to engage in mutual yet causal sex escapades.  The Sumerian had sexual freedom and this is shown in Ancient Sumerians statutes.  These statutes depict sexual acts that Sumerian man and women would engage in as well as orgies.   Their orgies were a free for all as man and women would engage in sexual acts with people they did not know.  Sumerians would take slaves, just so they could be pleased sexually.  With the change in climate along came the invaders and the Sumerian civilization quickly met its demise.

Ancient Egypt

Swingers Guide - The History of Swinging Part 2The Ancient Egyptian Empire began 3150 B.C and lasted to 27 B.C.  They were fond of orgies and used aphrodisiacs to heighten their sexual pleasures.  They would soak blue lotus of the Nile flower in wine before the orgies would begin and this would arouse their sexual desires.  The lotus contained alkaloids, that when soaked with alcohol made a person horny.  They too like the Sumerians had slaves they used to perform sex acts.

Roman Empire

Swingers Guide - The History of Swinging Part 2The Roman Empire which began from 27 B.C – 1453 A. D. had many orgies.  Orgies from Ancient Egypt may have been on the hush hush because not much is known of their orgies, but the Romans were known for them.  Most believe that the Romans started orgies, but history shows that earlier civilizations were engaging in orgies before the Romans.  The Roman Empire lasted for a long period time despite their militaristic civilization.   Sex with multiple partners became taboo and is still so in some cultures today.

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