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The Art of Swinging – Couples and Their Sexual Adventures

The Art of Swinging - Couples and Their Sexual Adventures
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The Art of Swinging - Couples and Their Sexual AdventuresSwinging has a number of definitions, and one of which pertains to couples sharing and swapping partners in bed. While many consider this sexual frontier a bit taboo, it can in fact be quite a fulfilling experience for those who are willing to keep their minds open to the possibilities.

Why Swing?

Spicing Things Up!

Spicing things up can be achieved in a number of ways, and swinging provides quite an exciting avenue to explore and fulfill sexual needs outside the context of traditional one-on-one sex.

Couples, especially those who have been married for a long time might find themselves in need of variety when it comes to sex. While some couples choose to have threesomes, others are more attracted to the notion of swapping partners with another consenting couple. Many who found their way to this lifestyle have experienced positive changes in their relationship as a swinger couple.

Exploring Individual Sexuality

Being a part of a couple does not mean a person has to abandon his/her sexual identity. Some couples who have spent many years being monogamous do sometimes fall into familiar patterns that can leave one or both partners wondering if there is something different they can experience. There are so many things that an individual can explore while still being in a relationship (perhaps even in a deeply committed one), and swinging provides a chance to explore one’s sexual identity. Swinging allows couples to experiment and meet some of their sexual needs through other people while still including each other in the experience.

The Art of Swinging - Couples and Their Sexual AdventuresExpansion of a Couple’s Sexual Repertoire

In most cases, some couples end up playing a role in their sexual relationship; one as the teacher and the other as the student. That means, one partner usually teaches the other most of the sexual tricks that are played during sexual intercourse. While this arrangement can work well for a very long time, some couples may want to venture outside the norm and learn new things, which are made possible by becoming swingers.
Swinging makes it possible for couples to learn new moves in the bedroom department that they would have never discovered on their own. Experimenting with other swinger couples can definitely be a pleasurable learning experience, which can only lead to an even better sexual performance later on.

Fulfilling Fantasies

It is quite liberating to know that even couples who are tirelessly devoted to each other still have legitimate ways of exploring their fantasies, one of which is through swinging. One of the best things about becoming swingers is that you get to indulge in some of your wildest sexual fantasies and revel in the pleasures they bring about.

Some women have fantasies of being with another woman while their husband watches.
(Sometimes the men would simply sit back and watch while the ladies have fun in bed. Participation is not always required in ALL scenarios but the concept of swapping partners still remains in place.)

Swinging is a healthy sexual practice that couples should at least consider before they dismiss it outright. Sexual potential can be achieved by keeping an open mind and being willing to experiment with other people.