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How To Satisfy Your Woman Sexually In Bed

voyeurism Some men ask themselves several questions about how to keep their relationships going. Perhaps the most obvious answer is ‘sexual satisfaction’. Sexual satisfaction is usually an headache to most people in relationships, some would argue that voyeurism is the best way to gain sexual urge before having sex to psyche up. voyeurism is usually from porn movies and journals. Swingers love it too! Here are some of the tips to satisfy your partner 1. Give her enough time to relax and get relieved of the day’s stress. This isRead More

Joys Of Being A Swinging Couple – Should You Try?

Joys Of Being A Swinging Couple - Should You Try?

In modern times, people have started to adopt a new perceptive on relationships and marriage. The overall definition of relationships has changed tremendously and in addition to monogamy, there has been a rise in polyamory and in some cases polygamy relationships as well.  After a period of about 6 – 7 years, the excitement and enthusiasm in married life starts to decline. In some couples, this leads to mental stress which affects their personal and professional lives. To enhance their sexual relationship and strengthen their bond, some couples get intoRead More

Womens Top 10 Sex Fantasies

threesome mmf

Several of my faithful blog followers have written in and asked what are the common sex fantasies that women think about. I conducted a few surveys and did some investigations on the subject and I was a little surprised by what I found out. Below are the top ten sex fantasies for women. No.10 Domination (her dominating you) Women may love a big strong man that can sweep em off their feet, but there are several women that want to dominate and be in control. Why? the control factor, sheRead More