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Valentine’s Day Swinger Ideas

Thanks to the internet and modern technology that swinging has become more popular today than in past years. Those days of placing adverts in magazines and attending shady parties are gone. Swingers today typically meet in swingers clubs, online, at … Continue reading

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Texas Swingers Make the most of the LifeStyle

When it comes to sexual fantasies, Texas swingers have their own sense of passion. In recent years, it has been discovered that couples who, with mutual understanding swap their partners for sex, tend to share a long and healthy relationship. … Continue reading

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Halloween Swingers Party

To Some people, the December Holidays seems to be their favorite. In December, they think that North Pole is an object attached to a man or November is when you get stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. For Mike Hatcher, I … Continue reading

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Swinging Comes with Rules

With millions of couples involved in swinging, (including your dear friend Mike Hatcher, lifestyle extraordinaire), it is apparent that many couples find the experience satisfying. It is interesting to note that couples who swing often have stronger, happier, and healthier … Continue reading

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SLS Exchange – A Night You Will Never Forget

SwingLifestyle’s SLS Exchange has been the talk of town recently ever since the successful launch of Vegas Exchange. In fact, it has grown into the most popular swinger party the lifestyle has seen in a very long time. According to … Continue reading

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Swinger Parties and Their Benefits on Relationships

If you are in love and in a stable relationship, maybe its time to discover some new and exciting; maybe it is time to try swinging. Many couples are not comfortable being intimate in the presence of other couples, but … Continue reading

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December 21, 2012 Doomsday Swingers Party

So December 21, 2012 is coming up, want go out with a bang? For those that have been living under a rock, Mayan legend claims that the world may end on that date or may be just the end of … Continue reading

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Swinger Party Questions

Some newbies have asked Mike Hatcher several questions about swinger parties, I have narrowed down the top questions and have addressed them for you I hope you enjoy. 1. Who will get asked to a swinger party? Invites to swinger … Continue reading

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Swinger Party Ideas For The New Year

Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy new year with friends and family. It’s time to bring in the new year swinging and Mike Hatcher has some clever ideas to throw at your next swinger party. When I throw a … Continue reading

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