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Swinging Comes with Rules

With millions of couples involved in swinging, (including your dear friend Mike Hatcher, lifestyle extraordinaire), it is apparent that many couples find the experience satisfying. It is interesting to note that couples who swing often have stronger, happier, and healthier … Continue reading

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The Art of Swinging – Couples and Their Sexual Adventures

Swinging has a number of definitions, and one of which pertains to couples sharing and swapping partners in bed. While many consider this sexual frontier a bit taboo, it can in fact be quite a fulfilling experience for those who … Continue reading

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Cool Online Swinger Magazine

I had to write this post because I found out the other day that this cool swinger magazine can be viewed online. I get the hard copy (no pun intended) delivered. I still like having it delivered, but hey that’s … Continue reading

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Animals That Are Swingers

As time progresses we fellow swingers hear time and time again that what we believe in, practice and preach is all wrong from at least someone. These people that tell us this are the same ones that think it is … Continue reading

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Sex Throughout History

It was before the bible, a religion that spawned all religions on earth, the Sumerian’s. About 5500 years ago sex was highly looked upon by priests and priestesses (much like today’s clergy just open about it) and would offer it … Continue reading

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LifeStyle Magazine Is Back

For those that remember the popular swinger magazine, you will be overjoyed to learn that the magazine is going back in print. Whats more you ask? This magazine is absolutely free and will be mailed to you in a discreet … Continue reading

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Swinger Vacation Brilliance of the Seas – April 13 – 20, 2013

If you have ever been on a swinger cruise or a swinger vacation before you do not want to miss out on this fun filled spectacular get-a-way. This is going to be a blast, with 2100 people on one of … Continue reading

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