TSA Agents Question Mans Penis

Honestly I am not making this up, Jonah Falcon, as if you don’t know who he is let me break it down for you. Jonah Falcon is the man with the largest penis in the world, it is 9.5 when flaccid and 13+ when hard. Jonah Falcon, like many other Americans decided to take a flight, across the land of the free and the home of the brave.  In San Francisco Jonah was questioned about an unusually large bulge in his pants as he was departing. He was stopped byRead More

Does Size Really Matter?

Swinger Guide - Does Size Matter?

Some women seem to think so, while others are more concerned with a man’s method of delivery as oppose to their actual size.  When a woman truly cares for a man, the actual size doesn’t really matter.  Women tend to focus more on the confidence and comfort of their partner instead of worrying about their size. The average size of an erect penis is between 5.5 and 6.2 inches long and between 4.7 and 5.1 inches in girth.  Keep in mind that a women’s cervix size and shape varies withRead More

Buxom Bandit Caught On Surveillance

We all have heard dumb blonde jokes, but I cannot believe some of the news lately.  Just when I thought the good ole United States housed all the craziness, Australia takes the mammary on this one! Apparently a woman in Australia was trying to score…………………………..some cash that is. She went into a gas station and robbed the clerk and had some weapon.  I heard the saying about blondes or big breasted women being ditsy, well………..she didn’t even bother covering her face. I don’t know I watched the video 5 times andRead More

The History of Swinging Part 2

Swingers Guide - The History of Swinging Part 2

Sumerian Rise The Sumerian empire began from 8500 B.C. and lasted until 4500 B.C.  Men and women of the Sumerian empire lived together and would visit friends to engage in mutual yet causal sex escapades.  The Sumerian had sexual freedom and this is shown in Ancient Sumerians statutes.  These statutes depict sexual acts that Sumerian man and women would engage in as well as orgies.   Their orgies were a free for all as man and women would engage in sexual acts with people they did not know.  Sumerians would takeRead More

The History Of Swinging Part 1


Several people believe that swinging is new to the last 50 years or so but as Mike Hatcher has researched, swinging has been going on millions of years. Being an astute theologist and with help from my archeologist friend I have researched swinging and sexual preferences dating back to the dawn of our planet. Although some are speculation, this article is based upon research from myth, legend and fact. So here it goes…… Every myth has some truth, so does every legend. Swinging has been going on since the dawnRead More

Menage A Quatre

mixed age swinger party

If you are French you know what this means, and if you are a swinger you know what this means. One word, “Foursome”. Yes foursomes may be fun but are not anything new. Even though this activity started in orgies back in the Era of the Romans, most people get into the lifestyle for the infamous foursome.  For most swingers getting into the lifestyle they want to explore more sexual positions. Well good thing Mike Hatcher has you covered. I will be briefly going over some of my favorite sexualRead More

Why Should You Become A Swinger?

john stossell

Seriously, why should you join the lifestyle, or better yet, why not join the lifestyle? Back in 2009 there was a survey conducted and found that supposedly 8 million couples are closet swingers. This means swingers close lipped about their lifestyle. What’s more interesting is that there is allegedly 4 million that are open about the lifestyle. If you do the math that is nearly 12 million couples that practice non monogamous sex. People automatically think that if swingers live the lifestyle something has to be wrong with their relationship.Read More

Swinging And Non Monogamous LifeStyles

wife watching husband

              You say tomato, I say tomahto. When a person hears the word swinging, one thinks both partners are swapped either for soft swap or full swap (see swingers dictionary for soft swap and full swap) and that is the gist of the LifeStyle. Believe it or not as time progresses there are much more fetishes involved in a non monogamous relationship. For example the term cuckold has recently become popular and some couples on swinger websites are very much into and enjoy thatRead More

New Issue Swinger Magazine

LifeStyle Magazine

It has been a while since I was able to write a blog, been super busy. Nonetheless I got my new issue of LifeStyle Magazine and have read through it. It is a great issue, probably my favorite so far. It has a great lifestyle interview with Rick and Vicki, a couple that have been in the lifestyle for about 6 years. Probably my most favorite article is Chinese herbs for better sex. I found this interesting because good ole Mike Hatcher is a healthy guy. I have quite theRead More

Swinger Club Rules

Swinger clubs

Several readers have been asking me so many questions on swinger clubs so I will target a couple of questions submitted by my readers. Below are the Q & A on Swinger Clubs.           Q: Mike, why are swinger clubs becoming so popular? A: The world is becoming smaller all the time thanks in part to technology. More people are becoming interested in the lifestyle, now that they see more people think and feel just like they do on the swinging subject. Clubs are popular becauseRead More