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Discovery Green Lights “Swinger Wives

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Swingers are becoming more in the mainstream as TLC will soon premiere “Swinger wives”. Discovery Networks will be airing a pilot in an in depth look at American couples, that live double lives as swingers. The pilot will be set to air on TLC internationally in select markets as the SwingLifeStyle is becoming more recognized.

The pilot will take place in Atlanta, Georgia and set to explore the relationships and the mindset in the way of life for swingers. The pilot reveals issues that swinging couples endure and how the couples face life and how they keep it secret from family members as well as co workers etc.

The SwingLifeStyle has always been about communication in the lifestyle, and the importance of strong communication, which the TV will cover. The couples involved are very proud of how they consider living in a functioning normal lifestyle and society that looks down upon theirs.

This is a must watch people, make sure to see if it will air in your local area for the pilot. This looks like it has the potential to be a really cool series.


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