Subliminal Sex Messages

Looking back at my childhood growing up in the 80’s I couldn’t help but reflect back on the commercials that shaped my warped mind. Now to get a little bit intellectual, our senses are constantly being bombarded by enormous amounts of information and only a small part of it reaches our consciousness. The fact is our subconscious mind absorbs it all.

Subliminal Sex Messages I remember growing up and wondering why all the chicks in college that ate skittles wanted to have sex all the time, I didn’t know nor did I care, I would simply drop by the candy store and buy a rainblow of flavor lol. Maybe this ad depicts why they acted the way they did.

I remember when I would float the rive during summer time break in college, I remember it vividly because all the women drinking beer and getting tipsy were just annoying, but I Subliminal Sex Messagesfound out that women that were drinking Coke, would miraculously want to perform oral sex. I never understood why until I cam across an old advertisement, ever hear the expression a picture is worth a thousand words? In this pic it looks like a woman performing oral sex. As I write this blog I can’t help but write down that I need to buy some Coke after work.

Last but not least, my favorite subliminal commercial was in the 80’s, a product called Juicy Fruit. It has nothing to do with skiing nor does the advertisement match the gum.

You have to watch and listen and share this commercial. Listen……Take a sniff……pull it out…….the taste is gonna move you when you pop it in your mouth…Ok Ever since I saw that I have always brought a pack of Juicy Fruit when I ski or Snowboard, hoping one day that when I pull it out, the taste will move someone.


I hope you enjoyed my blog on subliminal sex messages in advertisements and commercials, and remind everyone to go get some Skittles, Coke, and Juicy Fruit.

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Mike Hatcher, has been in the lifestyle for many years as an active swinger. Mike writes swinger articles for Swinglifestyle and personal site opinions on the lifestyle. Mike Hatcher is a humanist and enjoys helping others.
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