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Sex And Technology

Swing Offbeat - Sex And Technology


I gave a lot of thought into this post, and searched around for information on “Sex And Technology” in general. In the last 10 or more years, technology such as the internet has increased awareness on such lifestyle’s such as swingers, BDSM, cuckold lifestyle as well as gay and lesbian and of course a multitude of other fetishists that are probably too long to list. For every person out there that enjoys a certain type of food, that particular person more than likely enjoys sex a certain way or has a different fantasy toward sex. Why is this? Because everyone is different and has different views and personalities and upbringings.

Before the advent of the internet, swingers would place ads in swinger magazines to hook up and swap with one another. After the magazines some clubs started to sprout across America. What was once taboo for a man to be with a man or a woman to be with a woman, slowly became more acceptable with the awareness of peoples differences through technology such as , the newspaper, magazines, the phone as well as the television and of course the internet.

Swing Offbeat - Sex And Technology

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Television during the 80’s and 90’s day time shows as well as cable, really started to accept different lifestyle’s in the mainstream. Although there were other instances I have found in the 60’s I am discussing the main catapult toward lifestyle and recent influences.

We all remember the dial up days of the internet, something that the Generation X crowd remembers and helped start the internet revolution. Since then, internet speed has increased offering people a quicker way to surf more sites faster. Because of the internet swingers have become more readily acceptable and more and more people are joining SwingLifeStyle as a result, yes it is a swingers dating website for those who are not a member.

Swing Offbeat - Sex And Technology

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Recent statistics show that a high percentage of young adults have posted nudes online. The whole idea of this is convenience, If you offer it, someone will use it. I can’t remember the exact percentage I think it was like 24% of high school teens posted and or sent nudes through technology devices such as smart phones and or the internet.

The more technology advances the more information is available to people. Take porn for example there are so many ways to view it such as smart phones and a computer. Some people go so far as to brag about it as you see in this video below. I hope my readers have enjoyed this post. Take care guys and gals.