Strange Sex World Records

OK fellow readers, I have been thinking how many crazy sex acts are out there and how many could I write about. Although i know most of these answers by heart, I felt I would share some of the love of these Strange Sex World Records.

Do you Swallow?

milk semen

Ever ask your girlfriend or wife to swallow your semen? Well I bet once you read this you will be craving Mike Hatchers Guide on “How To Make Semen Sweet“.  Michelle Monahan from Los Angeles, swallowed 1.7 pints of semen. That is about 5 cups of yogurt and it would have tasted like sugar if she took a pull of Mike. Apparently Michelle had to get her stomach pumped. Michelle was the first person to have this act recorded.

Speaking of Semen Delight, did you know that Afghani tribesman drink nut nectar or semen from a bull. The drink is called Khoona, which is consumed on the tribesman wedding night, it is suppose to give the man an aphrodisiac feeling. – I’ll pass

Houston Porn Star


I’m Here For The Gang bang

OK some swinger husbands have tried to get their wife to do a gang bang. Some women have thought about it too, maybe 3-6 at a time. Well, did you know that Houston was the first woman to Have sex with 620 men in one sitting? Its true, she made a movie called the Houston 500 which covered the event.

If you think that is a huge number, check this out Lisa Sparxx holds the record for the worlds biggest gangbang with a total of 919 men in one day.

How Far Can You Shoot?

He Got Game

Draw your guns or um wiener. Horst Schultz launched a load 18 ft 9 in with a ‘substantial’ amount of seminal fluid. He also hold the records for the greatest height (12 ft 4in) and the greatest speed of ejaculation, or muzzle velocity, with 42.7mph.

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Single Men And Swinging Tips

So many single males wrote in asking me to write a blog. I need to clarify something upfront, I got some polite emails and I received several hate emails on why single guys can get any in the lifestyle. To the polite ones, you are one step ahead of the game. Single males you need to realize that just because you are on a swinger site or in a swinger club does not guarantee you sex. This is a long discussion so I decided to break it into two parts.

The swinglifestyle is a variety of ideas to a variety of people wanting different encounters. The things they share can be a adoration for the erotic experience and also the quest for sexual enjoyment. You will find three significant types of swingers: couples, single females and single males. Couples are definitely the reasons for the swinglifestyle. Single females are comparatively rare, these are called Unicorns which we went over in the last post. Once they do get involved, it is simply because they’re bisexual plus the lifestyle affords them comfortable access to both men and women.

Don't Be a Towel Shark courtesy sanslittleforg

And in addition, single guys are abundant. A consistent new availability of horny men assures that it’s going to stay like that. So what does it require for a single guy adopting the lifestyle to achieve its purpose? People from the lifestyle meet a number of ways. Typically the most popular locations are through swinger clubs, private parties and swinger websites. For any driven single guy, clubs and websites are definitely the main vehicles — because it is pretty hard for any newcomer to get invited to a private party.

Swing clubs are “Membership Only.” But lifestyle clubs manage a little differently. Within the lifestyle, privacy is definitely the first priority. So clubs usually forgo formal background checks. Nevertheless, as soon as you’re accepted, your personality is under constant overview. In the event you behave poorly or become disruptive, your membership rights are going to be revoked and will also be permanently prohibited from going to the club. Having said that, it’s to your advantage to learn and read below:

Below is Mike Hatchers Single Male guide for successful swinging.

Swinger Club courtesy Trapeze

1. In swinger clubs, the exact same members visit repeatedly, so try to get to be familiar with one another very well. In the event you insult or offend one couple, the news will begin to spread to others. Additionally, when you are pleasant and the couple really likes your company – sexual or in any manner – the couple will be open to introduce you to their friends. Naturally, swingers love to introduce individuals with unique sexual characteristics to their friends. Try not to walk around saying that you have a 12-inch penis, even if you do, everyone already knows it.

2. You’ll have more fun at parties should you leave your macho attitude at the door. Don’t be the guy standing in front wearing a towel, expecting anyone to perform for you. This attitude will get you called a towel shark and you will not have any luck.

3. Be genuine, be natural and socialize. Ask a lady to dance, or better yet, ask her husband because if he doesn’t like you you probably are not going anywhere. Communicate with the husband and become friendly to him too. Keep in mind that couples within the lifestyle are there because of their own enjoyment, not yours. Some have an interest only in couples, some only in females, some in nothing — they just like the environment. Some have an interest in having fun with single men. Many couples are trying to find an additional or perhaps a third man to participate them. To be the guy they choose, make sure to follow all the rules and advice listed here.

Swing Dance courtesy party hardcore

4. Become familiar with the lifestyle, the expectations and also the facts. Browse the other articles in this blog, it’ll help. Remember that people at a swing club are there for the similar reason you happen to be. Most swingers aren’t out there cheating on their spouse. They’re open by what they actually do, resulting in whatever they love to do. Don’t search for a party to just fall in love, or think you’ll sweep a woman off her feet and away from her husband. Arrive and have fun making some new friends. To achieve success ultimately, you’ll need to be the favorable guy which has been seen with some other couples, not the strange guy that’s running from table to table attempting to score. Almost all couples possess a list of rules where they play with, plus they vary little from those rules. Do not attempt to alter them. You’ll fail.

5. Certainly be a gentleman in addition to a classy guy. Just because a woman likes sex does not imply she likes vulgar language or innuendos. Politeness and social skills tend to be more essential in this lifestyle than simply about any place else.

6. Dress nicely, like you’re heading for a date. Since you are going on a date, When you are aware you will be having an intimate encounter with your mate, you take special care in your personal hygiene, right? Well multiply that by ten. Prior to going out, spend more time brushing and flossing your teeth, showering and shaving, styling your hair and dabbing on your best cologne. Mike recommends you take time to trim the goatee if you have one. Mike calls it the womb groom.

7. Don’t think that because you talk or dance with somebody that they wish to have sex with you. Do not get too aggressive unless you have the clear message that it’s OK. When (in case) you receive that message, go along with it, just don’t go overboard. You may even ask again” Is this okay?”

8. Leave the pickup lines at home with the tank tops. Women in the lifestyle are adults and so are not into head-games. They have already heard every line in the book, unless they happen to run into Mike Hatcher.

9. Again, when it comes to couples, introduce yourself to both wife and husband. Don’t approach a woman when her husband just isn’t present. Bear in mind that “Towel Shark” fellow? Once the husband returns (and hubby will), he definitely won’t be very happy to see you.

Show respect courtesy party hardcore

10. Don’t insult a member’s intelligence using the statement, “My wife wanted me to come here first on my own to test it out, so I’ll return back with her the next time. What about you and I play now?” Every swinger has heard that line repeatedly. You might as well say hey my wife’s at church and I am cheating on her.

11. Don’t talk about your wife or your girlfriend, how great she is or how beautiful she is. Let’s face it. If she were, you wouldn’t be here alone wearing that towel.

I hope you enjoyed the first half of how to succeed in the Lifestyle. Join me next time for part 2 and the next tips for being a single male and gaining success.

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Unicorns And Swinger Tips

A couple of people (newbies) emailed me recently and asked what a unicorn is in the swinging community. I thought this would be a good time to introduce what a unicorn is and tips for the unicorn in the lifestyle. First off a unicorn is a single swinging female, yes you heard it correctly a single swinging woman. Although these women are rare, they are NOT hard to find. Yes they are not hard to find. First up, the benefits of being a single swinging woman in the lifestyle are AMAZING. Listen to this, there is no cover charge, you will more than likely get your drinks for free and you can have your pick of any couple, or man at the event most times.

Unicorns Exist

Unicorns, when you are at a swinging event, BE HONEST. What I mean by this is, if you are or are not bisexual, let the couple/guy know this up front as to not irritate or cause trouble.  Some women actually like to share their male partners with a straight woman, so take notes.

Unicorns, when you meet couples, be respectful of couples and their boundaries and since you are single and not bi, some ladies may be cautious of you. Just be sincere about your desires, and be sure to address any concerns that the couple may have with you. Again don’t pretend to be bisexual if you are not just to have sex with a guy.

I know what you are thinking, “Mike you said it’s not hard to find a unicorn”, yes I did. Okay for all the single guys out there, listen up. I recently went through a break up, yet I still find time to swing and play. I am 35 years old, I have been called a charmer, but if you read Mike Hatchers pick up lines you can go far. Anyway you can find women at the mall, next to nail and hair salons and tanning salons. One time I met 3 women at a tanning salon in Fort Lauderdale. I was a customer, and several women work there between 21-28. I have been talking to them(small chat) throw in a few funny jokes here and there. I ask what they like and are in too?

Hot wife lets cuckold hubby blonde watch

One says she is a party girl, I am quick to mention “ever been to a swinger party? She was curious and thought you had to be a couple. I explained no, we can show up together, and I explained that we did not have to have sex. Just as simple as that and we were at local swinger club in South Florida, I only got her number to pick her up that following Friday. She was nervous but excited, we met a few couples, and then met a Hot wife. This Hot wife was cuckolding her husband, this was new for my date so we went into a room. Me and the wife did our thing while the husband and my date watched. After the hour long session, I took my date and we got something to eat, she was holding my hand the whole time and blushing. She said she wanted to head home and that she was tired. I thought “wow I scarred this girl so I better take her home”. We started going down the road, and she said “I was shocked what I saw”. I quickly said sorry I did not mean to offend you”. She started holding my hand going down the road and said” I loved it”. She said “I wanted to join but you were with the other woman”. She unzipped my pants and you can guess what she started doing the whole way home.LOL I guess you can say “we headed home” lol……..

Heading Home

Since then I have taken her out, and two of her friends from work. Yes each of them, and I took each of them to the swinger club. You just have to be upfront and honest. Single guys,  I know you get horny, but often times you trade that in for your weakness of “lets go to dinner”. Look, only ask a woman out to dinner that you are serious about. Do not ever screw over a woman. EVER ! If you want to get laid, be upfront and honest, there are women out there that think like you do, trust me. Be open, honest and you will see what I mean. Women look for booty calls just like men. In closing, there is room for single men and women in the lifestyle, i promise to write a blog soon and SINGLE MEN and how to survive in the lifestyle.

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What To Wear? First Time Swingers

Let me break this down for first time swingers and questions you may have about first encounters or certain encounters.

Mike, We have been chatting with another husband and wife and we’ve made a decision to meet. What should we wear? What It is important to keep in mind is always to treat meeting with individuals the first time as being a “First Date.” Look your very best, as first impressions are long lasting. Because first dates are concerning the unknown, you could indulge your own private intimate fantasies by picking outfits that you feel you appear the best. Select fashions that display your better assets to their advantage without exposing too much. Wearing a “slut look” to your first date just isn’t the best choice. Clothing all hangs on your own personality, the other couples personality, and where you are meeting. Keep in mind the location.

Don't Pull a Mike Hatcher

For example, don’t pull a Mike, My neighbor asked me over to her place and said”make yourself at home”. So I did, I started taking off my pants and shirt. She grinned and said what are you doing? I said I am making myself at home, I always walk around nude. ” She took the hint and we started……anyways do not do this.

Do dress appropriately for your locale. Do you think you’re meeting in a coffee house,? Perhaps a restaurant or any other public location? Be sexy with your short skirt, but depart the micro mini inside the closet. Just a little cleavage may be a good thing. Being practically bare in a public meeting is a definite No. For him, again, look your best and remember what your location is for the meeting. Slacks plus a nice shirt are usually suitable. Guys, regardless how comfortable those jeans and sneakers are, stay away from the temptation leave them at home. Don’t forget about shoes. Ladies, high heels may be complementing towards the leg & increase desired height, but are you going to look odd in 6″ platforms in the neighborhood coffee house?

Don't be a hooker

What in case you all select to choose a lengthy romantic walk? For the both of you, until you are meeting on the beach, sandals & tennis shoes are Don’t choices. You have been asked by a couple you have met at a house party. Exactly what do you wear? Always at any time ask the host exactly what apparel they might prefer. Private home parties vary in appropriate dress. With respect to the host & kind of party, dresses, tops & skirts or pants & even costumes work. When there is no special theme with this home party, choose a dress, skirt or pants, based on whatever you feel comfortable wearing. Since these are people you have met, do dress a little around the conservative side. It really is alot more comfortable to unbutton or remove clothing rather than to believe that you might be “under” or “un” dressed.

Dressing sexy is fun in addition to a sensible choice, but be thoughtful of the host’s neighbors. Keep in mind, the host will still live there after the  swinger party. In case you pick something revealing, you could try a shawl or cape that could supplement your outfit, but will hide what you ought to show before you get inside. Shawls & capes add a tiny drama & mystery to your look. For him, conservative is additionally better. Guys have the benefit. They could be Mr. GQ externally & possess a hot pouch underneath.

Go All Out (courtesy sexy-lingerie)

They’ve seldom attended a  swinger club. what should they wear? A good amount of clubs possess a dress code & they might have a theme party planned for the night you are attending. Check with the club for these specifics. Do dress as in case you are likely to meet your fantasy couple. In the event you always attempt to look your best, you will seldom have that “Oh my gosh, they are so Hot, why did I dress like this” feeling. If there is no theme, Saturday night at a club is your night to shine brightly. A tiny black dress is always #1, but you can be glitzy with rhinestones or casual sexy in a denim mini skirt & sexy blouse. This is the night to bring out the 6″ platforms, the rhinestone earrings, stomach rings & stomach chains. Rhinestones & rhinestone stomach chains are, incidentally, hot for the fall & Holiday season.

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Swingers In Atlanta Celebrate 2 Day Party

Swinglifestyle Is Sponsoring An All Out Atlanta Swingers Party For Ladies Night And A Glow Party.

Atlanta Swingers

Swinglifestyle is sponsoring 2 exclusive Atlanta Swingers party at Trapeze. The first party kicks off Thursday June 16th with Ladies Night. The first 30 hotties are in absolutely free!
No catches, no fine print. Then single ladies are $10. (with current membership)
Not a member? No worries. Membership and door together are $35.

Missed the cut off? No worries, the cover fee is only $10 for all ladies who register on the SLS guest list by 5:00 p.m. and have a current club membership.Those without a club membership will be charged an additional $25 for the 3-month club membership. One lucky attendee will receive a Life-time membership to SLS ($149 value) Guys are $45 for the nightly user fee plus membership, if not a member.

Atlanta Swingers

Then Swinglifestyle kicks off Saturday with an SLS Glow Party – $10 off for those couples and single ladies who register on the SLS guest list prior to 5:00 p.m. on June 18th. Come in theme and get an additional $10 off!!! We will have a glow body painter in the house for those seeking to get their GLOW on!

Sign up for a Complimentary 3-day/ 2-night Get-Away to Caliente Resort in Tampa, FL

Sign up now Here: Atlanta Swingers

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Swingers: Generation X

Who are the Generation X Swingers? for the most part these are the swingers that grew up with the tunes of Rocking Seattle grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Generation X

Although Gen Xers started out with a reputation for being an unknown group, amorphous
and defying definition, their diversity became a defining characteristic. More ethnically
diverse than generations before them, the “PC” or “politically correct” movement of the
early 1990s may be seen as reflective of their tolerance for differences, quest for justice, and acceptance of those from diverse backgrounds.
Gen Xers’ altered sense of loyalty to employers and workplace commitment startled older generations. Gen Xers were the first generation unwilling to become workaholics and
sacrifice their family lives, ushering in work-life balance, authenticity, and self-sufficiency.

Generation X (courtesy romantic cards)

Having grown up in the midst of social changes, they are comfortable embracing change. They are more open to the swinging lifestyle and have a sense of loyalty to their partner in relationships. Bridging many divides, members of this generation have played a part in the development of many of the equalizing technological advancements that dominate today’s world, such as Google™, YouTube™, and Amazon®.

Generation X Swingers are fun to be around, put family first and don’t mind having a good time socializing or swinging. Life expectancy is higher among Generation X swingers and the STD count is lower as well.

Generation X Swingers may have a couple of crazy friends with some interesting stories Example:

Cat In the Ass?

Crazy thing happened to my cousin, True story, the family was embarrassed because he made the local news for having a cat stuck in his ass. It was embarrassing for my relatives and all, but next week, he did it again. Different cat, same results, complete with another trip to the emergency room. So, I run into him a week later and he’s buying another cat. And I say what the hell are you doing,  you know you’re gonna get that cat stuck in your ass again why don’t you stop it? And he said to me, “Mike how else am I going to get the gerbil out?” My cousin was a weird guy. – Thanks Brodie, you Mallrat.

Gen Xers grew up in an era marked by uncertainty and many were the product of two-income households. Weighing the pros and cons of everything became a way of life.   To counter this sense of uncertainty, having children and a stable family rank high on their
list of priorities, and may include close friends in their definition of family. They are the generation most likely to say that they place greater importance on things like personal life and family rather than finances. Because of this fact, Generation X swingers, make a perfect addition to your swinging needs. If you are in the lifestyle these type of swingers will become lifelong friends and really great swinging partners.

If you are looking for Generation X swingers you may want to consider the largest swinging site, my personal favorite Swinglifestyle.

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New Ghostbusters Trailer

Seems Mike Hatcher has been on top of some ladies lately I mean on top of things. I have obtained the New Ghostbusters Trailer and it looks great. Now without further waiting check out this great video I got my hands on. I highly recommend checking it out.

Now wasn’t that great? I love that line “bustin makes em feel good” hell I’d feel good too. I wonder what being slimed means? Make sure to watch this at your next swinger party. I am a fan of the original NON-Parody Ghostbusters 1 & 2. On a side note I hope Bill Murray sings up for the third. Anyways back to the dirt and porn…..Did you know that porn in general may not be here today in the US, if it were not for a man named Larry Flynt? It’s true, he has fought for the right to view pornographic material in America for many years. Swinger Club owners also feel the pain when local politicians try and bust the swinger parties for being consenting adults.

The People VS Larry Flynt

For those that don’t know the genius Larry Flynt, Every month Hustler is mailed, uninvited and for free, to the office of each member of the United States Congress. This practice began at some point between 1974 and 1983, and it continues as of 2010. In an interview, Flynt explained, “I felt that they should be informed with what’s going on in the rest of the world … Some of them didn’t appreciate it much. I haven’t had any plans to quit.

Good ole Mike thinks this is hilarious and couldn’t agree more. If you are unaware of this man there is a movie starring Woody Harrelson called “The People VS Larry Flynt“.

Don’t forget to join Swinglifestyle peeps!


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Swinglifestyle Sponsoring White Party

White Party

So who’s cumming to this white party? Who wants to party it up with Hatcher? Come on out for our couples and ladies only White Party at the famous Trapeze – Fort Lauderdale. Swinglifestyle will be sponsoring this swinging event. As the hottest lifestyle club in the area, Swinglifestyle is proud to host the White party that doesn’t slow until the early hours. Start your evening with a visit to the sexy bartenders at one of three large bars. In the soothing gold tones, find an elegant dining room and a lavish buffet.

You can mix and mingle with like-minded swingers on our high-energy dance floor surrounded by elevated booths for voyeurs. Get comfortable in our VIP room or visit the clothing-free back area for a true European swinging experience.

Get on the SLS guest list prior to noon on Saturday, June 11th, and get $10 off the nightly user fee. Dress in your sexist white attire and get an additional $10 off the cover!

Make sure to add yourself to the list and reserve here now:

White Party is dedicated to swingers only, and here to help swingers explore a better side of life by helping them to Start their Sexual Revolution.
For more information please visit

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Think Outside The Box

This next one is called “Think Outside The Box” as in the woman’s box. In this article I will go over GREAT pick up lines you can use at your favorite swinger club. These can also be used in a public bar as well. Tips for single men and women, make up an exotic name when picking people up. I use Mason or Dietrich(DEE-TRICK) , ladies use something like Ariel or Alley.  Now on to the good stuff.

Go Mike Snatcher

First is, you have to be original, a friend of mine asked a woman one time “How do you like your eggs: poached, scrambled, or fertilized?”…I mean come on?

Me I am subtle, I’ll say something like “How about we play lion and lion tamer? You hold your mouth open, and I’ll give you the meat“. Now that is a romantic pick up line, awe.

Or better yet……”Excuse me, is that semen in your hair?” – Don’t use this one because if someone is playing, they may have semen in their hair.

Thats A Nice Cock you Have Mike

This one works on a wife “A you a farmer? No, ‘cuz you sure know how to raise a c*ck. - this works trust me…….

Never fail with a knock knock joke. I will put my arm around the husband and look at both wives and say “knock knock” (who’s there?) Sherwood, (Sherwood who?) Sure would like you to suck our C*CKS. After I have been talking to a couple for a while I’ll say something like “Excuse me, miss, do you give head to strangers? No. Well, then, allow me to introduce myself.”
To the ladies, If a SINGLE male walks up and is bothering you do this, “Hey can you buy me a drink(or get one if BYOB) when he brings you the drink, pour the drink over your hand, and tell the guy I’m not interested but I intend to get my hand drunk and take advantage of it later, you understand”

You Like boxing? (courtesy bonopio)

A good ice breaker for any couple, and you can say this to either the man or woman to break the ice is” Do you like Boxing? No matter what the answer is say good gimmie 20 blows to the head, and point to your crotch.

I like this one for breaking in a new couple, if they have a sense of humor. “You see my spouse over there? [Point to your spouse who sheepishly waves from afar] She/He wants to know if YOU guys think I’M cute

Now this one can be asked of and to a man or woman, Can you lick your nipples?[No] Can I? [Yes] Can you show me?”

I always say laughter is best and Mike Hatcher motto is this” There is a funny side to every situation, the challenge is to find it! In closing, women like to laugh and if they are in a swinger club a dirty joke will get you far, so remember think outside the box, ask for a blow job!

Don’t forget to visit and join SwingLifeStyle for FREE  and have some of this fun!

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Swinglifestyle Sponsors Glow Party

Swinglifestyle is sponsoring a party like a rock star glow party June 4th.

June 4th, 2011 is the event slated for “Party Like A Rock Star” which you are encouraged to dress like a rock star and party hard all night. Located in the Extreme Glo Ultra Lounge 8831 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa FL 33615.

Stay and party all night long BYOB, strict dress code enforced. Couples pay $5, Single men $25, single ladies FREE. SLS members get room specials, $49.99.

Make sure to sing up now.
Glo Party

June 4th - Party Like a Rock Star at the Extreme GLO Ultralounge is dedicated to swingers only, and here to help swingers explore a better side of life by helping them to Start their Sexual Revolution.
For more information please visit

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Down The Hatch With Mike Hatcher

Down the hatch says it all doesn’t it? Or does it ? In this article I will explore favorite swinger drinks out there. If you have not heard of these, by all means share them with your friends, and you will know what good ole Mike likes to drink.

First up is:

Mike Hatcher’s Absinthe

Absinthe Swinger

• 1 ounce absinthe
• 1/2 tablespoon superfine sugar
• 1 ounce water


Mike likes to be visited by the green fairy as long as it is the flying one.


Ace Of Swingers

Ace Of Swingers

This is a favorite for most people, girls that are down with the interracial lifestyle call this one Ace Of Spades, but garnished with a spades removable tattoo on the side.


  • 2 ounces rum — golden rum
  • 1/2 ounce creme de cacao — white creme de cacao
  • 1/2 ounce lime juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon simple syrup

Mike Hatcher’s Lime Grog

  • 16 ounces lime juice
  • 1 pound brown sugar
  • 1 pint rum — dark rum
  • 1/2 gallon water
  • 6 springs mint

I like to drink my favorite lime grog after a long HARD day of loading up on nutrients after dispensing my sweet semen everywhere. This is great for recovery and excellent when followed with some pineapple juice. Inc Case you are not aware of what I am talking about read my article here on: How To Make Semen Taste Sweet

I call this next one ……….

The Hot-Wife


  • 1 1/2 ounces whiskey — rye whisky
  • 3/4 ounce vermouth — French vermouth
  • 3/4 ounce pineapple juice

Last but not least is Mikes personal favorite because it does have pineapple juice in it. Introducing……………

The Swinging Mike

  • 2 ounces rum — golden rum
  • 2 ounces pineapple juice
  • 2 dashes Bitters — Angostura bitters
  • 1 dash Pernod
  • ginger ale


I hope you enjoyed my drinking post and for those of you who live in South Florida, make sure to say hello to Mike at Bru’s Room in Deerfield Beach. If ya buy Mike a drink he’ll tell ya a story!


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Is Lady GAGA A Swinger? Or Born This Way?

I had to write about Lady GAGA, first up she is hot and I would like to do things to her that she only sings about. Is she a swinger? Well, have you heard her new song, Born This Way?

I must say this, the lyrics are intriguing and one thing I like about Lady GAGA is that she is friendly to bisexuals and transgenders and looks like she is down with sex and swinging in general.


I Like the following lyrics, sounds like she is down with swinging?

Would You Poke Her Face?

A different lover is not a sin  

Believe capital H-I-M
I love my lie, I love this record and
Mi amore vole fe yah

I’m beautiful in my way,
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way
Don’t hide yourself in regret,
Just love yourself and you’re set
I’m on the right track baby
I was born this way

Those are some powerful lyrics, especially to the swinging community, did you know songs like this get Mike pumping on the dance floor?

I personally like the idea of the Lady Gag Gag Blow up doll.

Lady Gag Gag? She just may suck the chrome off a disco ball faster than you can say Just Dance! This dirty lil diva may just take a ride on your disco stick. I mean this doll is great all you have to do is add some air and she’ll let you poke her face.

Hope you enjoyed the post, show Mike some love and leave a comment!

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Swingers Website Visualized

How big is too big? Its never too big if its a swingers website. Some of you have repeatedly asked how big Swinglifestyle is. This swingers website is so big you are going to be surprised by what good ole Mike Hatcher has brought forth for you. I did some digging online at statistical sites and found some pretty interesting numbers.
Based on Daily visits I found was that:

Swinglifestyle has about 300,000 or so possible new visits a day.

This means that Swinglifestyle is almost as big as……

Iceland, which has a population of 317,593

Swinglifestyle is Bigger than Barbados

With Barbados Having 256,000
This means that in a month Swinglifestyle is bigger than Barbados.

Listen to this, If there are around 300,000 either new or return visits, did you know that in 30 days to a month that Swinglifestyle has 8,790,000 people??

As in Eight Million, seven hundred ninety thousand, that is nearly 10 million people folks!


New York

Swinglifestyle is bigger than New York

If we took 10 million and put them in New York, we would still have room, because New York has only 8,175,133 people living there.

It gets better……

If you are a Texas Swingers fan this goes out to you……..

Did you know that with 300,000 it would take 3 Texas stadiums to fill up the daily visits from Swinglifestyle? Its true, the Texas stadium only seats 100,000.

Did You know: 1 in every 5,917 internet users visit daily??? That’s pretty good considering North America’s internet usage is 266,224,500.

SWINGLIFESTYLE IS THE BIGGEST, This means the biggest playground for adults.

If you are cool, you already know this, if not, its time to join!



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What Movies To Watch At Your Swinger Party

courtesy Hustler

So you are throwing a swinger party and don’t know what to show? As you probably realize, I have a sense of humor and since you continue reading these posts, so do you. When Mike throws a swinger party he goes all out, and makes people feel right at home. In order to break the ice I would highly recommend a parody to introduce to your swinging friends. Laughter is best right?

First I would like to introduce you to “This Ain’t Avatar”. This movie is great, although it didn’t do as well as much as James Cameron’s Avatar, this is a must see flick. It is a romantic adventure cast in the same light as Avatar with pumpin humpin blue people. I am so glad Hustler made this, I mean when I first watched Avatar, I immediately thought, dang I wana bang that Blue chic. Seriously guy or gal, I know you were thinking the same I was. Who cares if the blue chic is 7-8 feet tall I could stand up to eat her out. Or better yet, you wanted to see if the blue dude had a 30 inch wiener.

Here is a preview below safe for work of : “This Ain’t Avatar”.

courtesy hustler

If that didn’t tickle your funny umm, er bone, then the next one might, It is called Simpsons — The XXX Parody. I mean seriously who doesn’t want to bang Marge Simpson with that hot blue hair? I want to know if the carpet matches the curtains.

Ned Flanders

courtesy hustler

Or better yet, how about Ned Flanders getting it on all religious style, probably favors the missionary position. Check out this preview below of the Simpsons — The XXX Parody:

Don’t forget if you are throwing a swinger party, make sure to post it here: Swinger Party

If you are not a member you better join SLS soon.

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Swinglifestyle Hosts Foxxy Friday At Trapeze Swinger Club

OK guys and gals who wants to hang with Mike at the Trapeze club on May 27th?? this is a day after Mike’s birthday and we are gonna be liven it up at Trap so come hang with us.

The FoXXXy Dame (Angye Smits Fox)

The FoXXXy Dame (Angye Smits Fox)

Swinglifestyle and Trapeze Swinger Club are hosting a live radio broadcast. Come check them out in person as they broadcast their “Foxxxy Forum” show live from Trapeze in Fort Lauderdale. A few lucky attendees will be invited to talk with them on the air.

Mark your calender for Friday, May 27th, at Trapeze in Fort Lauderdale.
Swinglifestyle Member Discount: $15 off cover fee for those who register to attend by noon, Friday, May 27th. Don’t wait…get on the foxxxy list today!

This is a Memorial Weekend bash you do not wan to miss, filled with fun excitement and a couple of hotties broadcasting live. Ms Fox is a nudist and enjoys visiting upscale clothing-optional resorts. Angye Fox is a serial entrepreneur and has a passion for business. She created her first company when she was 19 years old and has started and sold over thirty different businesses throughout her lifetime. She loves being a modern day trail-blazer.

Patty Evans a.k.a. Dr. Harmony

Dr. Harmony is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor that specializes in Collaborative Divorce & Mediation, Holistic Psychotherapy, Relationship Counseling and is a Kink Aware Professional.
She is also a D.O.M./Acupuncture Physician. Dr. Harmony offers her expert insights to the many different spectrum’s of Alternative Lifestyles and enlightens listeners with a sexy educational spin on the show topics discussed.

Sign up here to reserve your spot: Trapeze Swinger Club

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So You Want To Become A Swinger?

I have received multiple emails wanting me to tackle the subject of how and why to start swinging. So here it goes on, swapping partners and entering the swinglifestyle.
The situation of swapping partners is that couples don’t have to be married. They will likely at minimum possess a little background with each other and knowledgeable about each others’ emotionally charged and sexual needs. It’s actually an essential rule in relation to being secure when coming up to other couples who are in a swinglifestyle. The typical suggestion is the fact that swinging is most effective when couples look at swinging as a possible advancement with their current sexual relationship.

Play Fair

Should you be considering a swinglifestyle, excellent understanding, trust and communication is important. There are numerous varieties of swinging. Keep in mind no matter which one you end up picking is a great one provided that your second half and you are clear regarding what you will do and why. Sex can be a valuable portion of the human experience plus the pleasures which can be seen in swinging can typically be reached as long as each partner is understanding of each others’ needs. Each must place their partner’s confidence and comfort first. Coming from a more practical viewpoint from good ole Mike, there will always be an additional get together, yet another personal ad, one more dance, or any other convention or swinger related get together. There is probably not another opportunity to save a pursuit into swinging if your partner results in being stressed from it and forgets to help remedy their primary partner with sensitivity and respect. I remember a situation where there was a new couple and we had a swap. I was with the woman and my girlfriend was with the man. Long story short, he premature ejaculated during foreplay. He could not get it up, and he became jealous when I became hammering his wife in multiple positions.

Be A Stand Up Guy & do the Right Thing

I picked her up standing and started bouncing her off good ole Mike’s unit while my girlfriend kissed me. The guy sat there and didn’t want any interaction from my girlfriend, he wanted to watch. Well since this was his request we obliged. His wife wanted me to give her anal sex, that’s when the man yelled obscenities to his wife and said he never got to have anal sex with her. At this point I stopped, and had my girlfriend and his wife go in the other room, while I sat and talked to her husband. I comforted him and found out he was insecure and did not want to partake in the lifestyle that he was doing it for his marriage. I explained you cant get into swinging if you have a rocky relationship to begin with. After a while he thanked me, for being understanding and being there for him.

You should remember swinging is just generally a social activity. The traditional social customs of getting together with men and women and starting a conversation can be extremely not really that different than any type of social gathering. The approach in which people become good friends isn’t that different either. The root social behaviors that are usually valued within the swinging community are trust, communication, honesty and stability regarding one’s primary relationship.

Show Respect

Perhaps it’s worth considering whether you will find any possible scenarios which you feel you’d be pretty much comfortable in after which discuss these together with your partner. The advantages and disadvantages of regardless of whether both you and your mate are suitable for the swinglifestyle as well as thinking about it are many. No matter what you choose to do, make certain that the two of you are devoted to it before ever testing it out.
In closing don’t force the other one into the lifestyle, it has to be a smooth transition and you need to have a stable relationship and not hope the swinglifestyle can save it.

If you are thinking about entering the lifestyle click here: SwingLifeStyle

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Swingers Busted In St Louis Missouri

Here we go again, consenting adult swingers once again get busted because of a loophole in the law and politicians wanting to execute their views on others. Apparently 2 adults are looking at charges of indecency after supposedly being exposed in a bar? St. Louis come on now, I mean really?

St Louis Swingers busted

St Louis Swingers busted (courtesy kmov news)

Listen to this, police received an anonymous letter that alleged Red 7 Club was hosting a party for swingers. I would like to interject right here and say everyone at this bar was at least 21. Anyway, police busted them on a technicality apparently. Swinging is not illegal but it is usually illegal in all states to perform sex acts on liquor based premises. By doing this the liquor control board gets to intervene as well.

Apparently the police issued a summons and complaint to the club’s manager and a patron.
Bottom line no matter what you think about swinging, you need to make sure you have your ducks in a row when throwing a swinger party. I want everyone to get all your liquor license, or have a byob, or make sure to throw it at a home. Local powers that be, especially around election time, try and become self righteous and tell you what you can and can not do. Do Mike a favor fellow swingers, do not give them an excuses, take away all their excuses.

When throwing a swinger party make the following checklist.

#1 If you are having liquor at a liquor based premise, you need to check your local laws or maybe rent a Hotel/takeover rooms etc. – also check the Hotel do and don’t. i rented a couple of penthouses and was planning on bringing alcohol and hiring a bartender to pour and sell my booze. Well this hotel was not OK with it and did not us selling, and they threatened to call the cops because we were on the penthouse and a neighboring building seen us nude.

Dont fall into the alcohol loophole law

alcohol pic courtesy allaboutaddiction

#2 Always have a way out for your patrons, good ole Mike use to throw some parties here last year, and if the lights came on, that meant the popo, the 5.0 police etc. were there. Luckily we never needed the lights on.

#3 If you have a BYOB or want to charge to compensate for a party, check in to all local laws, and trust me, you may get caught. I am sure the people that threw the party that was busted in St. Louis were not expecting to get caught.

In closing, have fun swinging, be safe and make sure if you throw a party, think and re-think every scenario, because it might be your parry being busted next.

I have included tips and themes for your next get together here: SWINGER PARTY

Here are video ads of previous Hatcher Hot Swinger Party fun.

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SwingLifeStyle Still Concerned Over Japan Nuclear Crisis

OK I wanted to get a little personal and talk about Japan here for a bit. As you know Swinglifestyle has donated $10,000 to Japan relief efforts but I want to tell each and every one of you that their turmoil is not yet over. It seems that we as a country are too quick to jump on to the next news or media hype, much like you are reading my post and latching on to every word I write. Fact is, the people in Japan are still suffering and I am asking every swinger and non swinger to please donate. In times of need we need to forget our differences and lean on each other.

Japan Earthquake Aftermath

It seems like when the earthquake hit Indonesia we watched in awe, then a few weeks later it was on to the gas prices. Makes you wonder if these incidents are man made? Work with me, gas prices go up, then all of a sudden, look this way Osama is dead. Or gas prices go up, look this way ANOTHER earthquake. OK forget the conspiracy theory but I will say this, Swinglifestyle has donated to so many relief causes ranging from hurricane Katrina, to Haiti, and even recently to Japan. I am asking swingers to make a small donation to the cause and also give thanks for Swinglifestyle for caring. Swinglifestyle actually cares about people and from what I gather the owners are humanists, and extremely altruistic.

Since I have started writing for swinglifestyle I have found out so many good things about the site and what they do that just amazes me. There is no other swinger site that I know of that even donates a penny to causes like this. Swinglifestyle is a free site, and I remember they had a button to donate to Red Cross at one time.  I know several of you wanted to hear a funny joke or a line, but I had to refrain and take a step back because the Japan nuclear situation is not over. Have you recently googled the Japan nuclear incident? Scary that it is still going on and people are worried.

I hope you pass this post to your friends or whomever, and remember we are all humans and everybody could use a friend.

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How To Lose Weight With Sex & Swinging

courtesy 10 daily things

AHHH, OK did you know that you can lose weight by having sex? It is true, would good ole Mike Hatcher lie? I have reviewed a couple positions and calories burned while having sex with a partner and in a full swap. If you are looking to lose weight, find a couple as a buddy system. First if you are a male, you need to load up on your daily dose of vitamins and make your semen sweet by visiting here: how to make semen sweet.

Ok first up, I have broken up the next part into positions, size and calories burned as a couple and swinging.

Size or should I say girth is important:

Average size 21 calories
Medium 14 calories
Large 7 calories
Little Wiener 160 calories

Here are some interesting calories to burn through positions.

Missionary 21 calories
Woman on top ride em
26 calories
Double Penetration (2 on 1) 45 calories
Doggystyle 43 1/2 calories
On Mikes Kitchen chair 19 calories
Bent over the rear of Mike’s Car 37 calories
Skidding(Full swap) 14 calories
Full Swap cartwheel 21 calories
Whiplash Full Swap Doggystyle 24 calories
Knee burn (DP in the TP) 15 calories
Chafed elbows women facing each other doggy 6 calories
Chafed nose (rim Job) 12 calories
Clitoral Orgasm 15 calories
Vaginal Orgasm 21 calories
Penile Orgasm 21 calories
Scrotile Orgasm 15 calories
Rectal Orgasm 25 calories
Oral Orgasm
(can also occur during an especially good meal)
30 calories
Analingus/cunnilingus 15 calories
Anal Sex 45 calories
Orgy. 75 calories

I hope this post helps anyone who is looking into a diet and work out plan. Don’t forget to read up on your vitamins here: Don’t Forget Vitamin S For Anti Aging

For a list of approved swinger terms visit swinger dictionary.

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Judgement Day Is Coming, Are You? 5-21-2011

I just found out that Judgement Day is coming, is that like Terminator or like the Bible? OK lets say its coming, are you gonna go out coming too?

The End Is Near

I mean come on, first it’s 2012, then it was 2000, and this person or that person will be saved, what if no one is saved? I tell ya what, I think the end is near…………a rear end that is female that Mike Hatcher wants to have that is! Well do you want to die saying oh god save me, or saying oh god harder? -think about it, Mike makes sense!

If you are gonna go out, would you like to go out doing it?? Seriously ? Good ole Mike has put together some very nice swinger party and events happening on that day. I am also asking all swingers to throw a party, invite a friend, do a neighbor, just do someone on that day.

Attorneys Rejoice for The Rapture (courtesy holy taco)

If the rapture does happen, I have news for everyone, there are so many corrupt people(politicians, attorneys etc.) and 99% of the planet, that everyone will be here.That means do not sell off everything, because we will have to go to work the next day. And if the rapture does happen, we will be living hell on earth…………….With Attorney’s and Politicians.

What is the definition of a really bad attorney? A Judge. Yes we are all doomed to live in a real hell on earth. But for those that want to throw a party or enjoy one check out these current swinger parties below:

National Swinger Party List
Details 05/19/11 Swing Break 2011 FL Swing Break
Details 05/19/11 Spring Splash Convention FL South Florida Splash
Details 05/20/11 Spring Splash Convention FL South Florida Splash
Partner Details 05/27/11 Jp’s Memorial Day Weekend National Swingers Bash AR JP_JUSTPARTIES
Partner Details 05/28/11 Temptationsindesire ’11 Group Trip Desire, Cancun MA Temptations Adult Parties
Partner Details 07/06/11 Naughty In N’awlins LA The French Connection
Details 07/14/11 Costa Rica Hotel Take Over AZ Arizona Latin Swingers
Details 07/15/11 Butts, Boobs & Boats Vi TX Butts, Boobs & Boats
Partner Details 10/16/11 Ssc Goes To Hedo In October NY Syracuse Social Club
Details 11/11/12 Lifestyle Group Couples Cruise GA Da Ga Party
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Interracial Swingers Anyone?

courtesy blackgirlsrockit

OK lets face it, anyone who is anyone that has been secluded to their own race fantasizes about another, bottom line! That’s one reason I love SwingLifeStyle they have the largest selection online period. No I am not writing this post to sponsor but to lay fact (and get laid) about interracial swingers.

For me it started out very young, I remember I was 18 and I had a friend who was African American and had a hot ebony girlfriend with a nice booty. Now he would talk about her all the time, and I would brag about my girlfriend, one day, as I often do, I spoke my mind and said hey lets trade girlfriends for a night. He thought about it and he had not been with a white girl and I had not been with an ebony goddess either. So the fun began, I was charming enough to talk my girlfriend into it while we went up camping. So like any other camping trip, we started to drink and get a little tipsy. Without getting into too much detail we had a blast, I mean I was so good I even called my own name out, at least twice. She was getting religious on me saying “Oh God”, while she was on her knees, very nice. An experience I will never forget and every girlfriend I had since then became a swinger and turned more tricks than a fruity F$%kin rabbit, (joking) awe. But seriously I don’t think there is a race that I haven’t cum across yet, or ON for that matter.

courtesy heshefashion

Not everyone gets to indulge in their fantasies, but you can. If you are a couple in the swinging lifestyle or thinking about it, you may want to consider an interracial swap. For me I like the sexy contrast of black and white, the contours are just overwhelming. I read somewhere that men and women often fantasize but are afraid to go through with it. Whether they are apprehensive about meeting someone in public or other.

Wife Likes It

This is why it is so good to meet online for an interracial swap.  Me on the other hand I do not discriminate, If it has 2 legs, human (female) and not an animal, Mike will aim to please. I have enjoyed several interracial full swaps, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to ad spice or try something new. No matter who you are, black or white, yellow or red or blue, there is always someone in your family that is racist, so that taboo sticks in the back of your head.

courtesy twibes

This is something you need to get past or you are missing the best things in life.  If you dare to indulge in this taboo, you will find yourself getting fully aroused with the color contours. Me, I personally like watching the in and out of my vanilla dipstick getting dipped into some delicious chocolate.  And what better surprise than watching something white come out of something black?  For the wives out there, just think about your fantasy, focus on that thought, and indulge. Before you make the plunge I may recommend reading some erotic interracial sex stories. If I am alone and reading these stories it makes me want to pour alcohol on my hand, get it drunk and take advantage of it later, these stories are that good! I would like to say that when it comes to sex it doesn’t matter if they can not speak your language, or can’t speak. I say its always better to do the talking with your hips and not your lips.


Queen of spades courtesy

OK several have written in to good ole Mike and asked this, I have a solution and an answer. White women that make their presence known on interracial sex will sport a queen of spades tattoo. She may actually wear queen of spades jewelry, like an ankle bracelet or necklace.

Some of Mikes favorite friends have an interracial blog which I have given a link to but not to the main blog, you will have to navigate to get there. I did not give the full link because it is not safe for work.  Enjoy Here: Interracial Blog

If you want to start your interracial swinging, then I recommend you click the banner


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How To Get A Woman To Have Anal Sex

Ahh The Butt courtesy pic

OK Mike Hatcher is a dirty man I admit this, but how many of you out there want to have anal sex with your woman? Come on, I will show you ways that will make your woman beg for anal sex. First things first, too many men that are inexperienced in this matter need to consider that you should not force yourself in. Would you like something forced in your butt?

Here is a tip, you ever hear the expression it is better to give than receive? This could not be more true especially when you give a rim job. What is a rim job you ask? OK a Rim job is not a new position of employment that the government created with the stimulus package although it will stimulate someones senses. A rim job is the act of massaging the anus in and around with the tongue. Let Mike Hatcher let you in on a secret, some women can climax faster and easier with a rim job or anal penetration.


If the special someone has never had anal sex before, get them in the mood by garnering some sensual lotions or oils for a nude massage for your partner. Slowly start at the neck area and work your way down, it is important that you take time and give a hand massage. Next slowly work down to the booty department(Mike’s favorite) and massage ever so softly in a circular motion. Slowly touch the undercarriage of the woman’s vagina, and leave it alone. continue massaging the booty in a circular motion working your fingers deeply down toward the anus, but do not penetrate just yet.


No not this kind of rim job (courtesy coolbuddy)

Next is the rim job, slowly pull apart the booty cheeks and start massaging your tongue in a circular motion around the opening of the anus. for the daring I recommend doing this for about 5 minutes or so and slowly inch a hand under the vagina and rub the clitoris and try and stick your tongue into the opening, slowly inching out and again massaging the opening of the anus with your tongue.  The woman will now have dual stimulation and start to get very wet. At this point slowly put a finger in while massaging in and around and do not forget to continue to massage the clitoris. Right about now is when you can slowly get behind the woman (use lube if need be/recommended ) and slowly insert your penis.

Massage Baby (Mikes Friend)

I would recommend starting with the tip of your penis, and continue rubbing and massaging the clitoris.  Only inch in another inch or so, do not shove it in or jerk it out as this will cause the woman pain. Respect how far she wants it in, work with what you have. Once the desired depth is accomplished, rub the clitoris while you slowly go in and out. You will find that your woman may have more orgasms this way, and she will have a different type of orgasm.

Check out these stories on anal sex: Anal Sex

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Swinger Hotel Takeover

Swinger Couple

OK who wants to come to a Splash Party in the Orlando area? If you have never been to a Splash Party by Dixie, then you are letting the best times pass you by. First up, all attendees receive free memberships to SwingLifeStyle. This Swingers Takeover is going to be talked about like the others.

Hot Wife

Lets put it this way, last years spring Splash Party was sold out, that’s why they are doing it again. Make sure to check it out and reserve a spot asap on May 19th, 20th, and 21st 2011.  This is a Hotel Takeover like not other, with a clothing optional pool, body painting for the daring not to mention 2 sensual massage play shops. This Is an event you don’t want to miss, there is a pool party, body cast sculpture complimentary breakfast and lunch. I could go on and on, here is the bottom line, we get to have a hotel all to ourselves, with prizes games, and 3 days of debauchery, what more could you ask for?


Below are the prices:

Friday Day Pass without a room: $125

Friday Day Pass with a room:     $275

Saturday Say pass without a room $150

Saturday Day Pass with a room: $295

Friday/Saturday without a room $250

Make Sure to reserve your spot here: Swingers Takeover

EVENT FEES with Rooms

(fees are per couple)

Room Category Rate
Standard Room $748.00
Pool View Room SOLD OUT 

Call to be wait listed

Pool View Ground Floor SOLD OUT $898.00
Balcony Suite SOLD OUT $928.00
Jacuzzi Room SOLD OUT $948.00
One Bedroom Suites SOLD OUT $998.00
Friday & Saturday  (Standard Room) $545.00
RV Parking $455.00
Pet Fee (per stay… not per day) $25.00

Full refund if written notice is received by Dixie 90 Days prior to event , Refund less $50.00 per person if received 60 Days prior to event, less $75.00 per person if received 30 Days prior to event.

There will be no refunds for cancellations received or postmarked 15 Days prior to event.

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Advice On Threesomes

OK I thought this topic was well overdue it explores threesomes, what kinds of threesomes people participate in and why certain types of threesomes and the advantages and disadvantages. Without further adieu, people pursue threesomes for multiple reasons, a man wanting to fulfill a fantasy with two women and women who want to participate with two men, which let me tell ya, this is not as uncommon as you think!

Mike Approves Threesomes

For most bisexual women, sex using a man is similar to having dinner… dinner is a thing you might have every evening. However,making love with a woman is similar to having dessert… something that you do not necessarily have nightly, but something you could treat yourself to sometimes!
Swingers usually enjoy any type of orgy, including threesomes. Some women just want to be the meat in the sandwich which I call a little DP in the TP.

The most common threesome is a man and two women. The second of course is a woman with two men. When there is love involved you need to make sure the other spouse/partner is not jealous or you do not get jealous. This may be a fantasy for one partner but may not to another, it is best to take it easy and discuss before you do.

2's company and threes an adult movie

The most widespread problems in becoming the visitor inside a threesome occurs when they’re engaging along with a couple who may never have enjoyed a threesome together in the past; specifically if you undoubtedly are a female guest of any couple wherein the wife or girlfriend just isn’t bisexual or bi-curious, plus the husband or boyfriend attempts to force a bisexual act on his particular lover when she’s truly not for it! It genuinely puts the female visitor inside a unpleasant situation. This will easily trigger a disagreement amongst the partners. This goes for other threesomes in core beliefs when 2 men are involved with a woman.

For couples that are married or that are certain that pursuing a threesome is not going to jeopardize their partnership … you’ll be able to kick-off a discussion with your significant other suggesting such. To begin with, honesty and trust about your wishes and wants, is the ideal policy, but remember the fact that this may be a very sensitive subject and should be treated consequently… with great discretion.

Threesome Stories

You can find advantages and disadvantages when choosing a buddy or even a stranger. On one side, you’d probably feel more leisurely with a friend or acquaintance – but alternatively, you’re bringing the opportunity for possibly destroying that friendship if issues or jealousy arise. Whether or not the threesome happens to be successful, it could still make both sides associated feel unpleasant down the road when it was with a good friend.(FYI If you involve a stranger make sure safety precautions, sex and choosing is adhered to)

So, does Mike Hatcher recommend a threesome with a friend, not really, especially if they are not into it or the lifestyle. Remember this post is on threesomes in general. I recommend finding someone on a site or out and about, someone educated, clean, and attractive. Just because they are not a friend doesn’t mean they are not worthy to be the third person.

As far as having a threesome with the same person, this depends on the couple if they are secure enough and if the third party is non threatening and whether it can be something the couple initially wanted to do as a one-time experience or if this is something the couple planned to do on a somewhat regular basis.These are general topics that merely can’t be generalized, because every scenario is unique. I mean my first threesome was when I was 16 in back of my SUV, but that is another posting in itself. I’ve had my share of one-time threesomes as being the guest that worked out great. But, I could describe various husbands and wives through the years which I would hang out with regularly, knowing that worked too.

Cowgirl Up !

So, you actually need to see where the first encounter goes, as well as three people obviously must desire a similar thing. In the event the experience was great and then there wasn’t any jealousy concerned, specifically if the guest seriously isn’t a good friend, I’d personally do it again! So, it genuinely is dependent upon the conditions.

Mike, How Do I Find A Third?

A swinger club is an excellent source to discover individuals that wish to experiment and fulfill fantasies.To locate swinger clubs, click on Swinglifestyle and search for a swinger club near you. Another option is the Swinglifestyle personals it is free and you should find what ever fantasy you are looking for. You may also exchange various photos online first, and you’ll chat via email or telephone before you feel at ease enough to meet. Never visit a regular bar or night club and attempt to pick-up a person that you believe can be quite a likely candidate. That’s a really great way to be embarrassed, as well as, get slapped! My Dad has a friend that went to a bar t pick up a woman. They went back to her place, he thought it was them, she tied him up face down, then her husband busted out in a Batman mask and cape and raped the guy. Mike Hatcher advises to avoid regular clubs, and stick to swinger clubs.

I have included Threesome stories for people interested in 2 guys on a girl here: Threesome MMF

And threesomes with 2 Girls and a guy here:

Threesome FFM

Find a Local Club here : Swinger Club

Or Join Swinglifestyle Free below To get started.

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How To Make Semen Sweet

How to make semen sweetWe had such an overwhelming visit to the semen post yesterday that I had to continue on the semen bandwagon. I thought I might write about semen and how to make it taste better. Then I realized I had an interview in which I already covered the topic on another blog. I hope you enjoy my interview with Evelynn Chambers, a beautiful caring woman writing for a friend of mine’s adult film making company.

Below is an interview I took with Evelynn Chambers for an article on sex and the porn industry.

Q:Mr Hatcher?

A:Please call me Mike


Q: OK Mike, you have been a friendly ladies man and also in the lifestyle for a while right?

A: Yes that is correct

Q: And you are fairly young, in your early 30’s?

A: Yes

Q: What accomplishments have you had recently pertaining to the lifestyle?

A: Well I have been writing about and traveling to different swinger clubs and sharing my experiences with people. I enjoy writing funny blogs under different names nationwide to make people laugh and teach about sex relationships and swinging.

Q: Would you consider an interview on the Howard Stern show?

A: (Laughs) Although I love Howard Stern and have love for New York, I don’t know when I could make it.

Q: OK Mike, now to a question about claims women have made on you. Why do women report that your semen tastes unbelievably sweet and why do they call you sweet Mike and Mike the sweetie?

A: I knew you were going to ask that (laughs) It really is no secret. Scientific studies prove, you are what you eat. For example I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and limit my caffeine intake. These are all pollutant factors that have been proven to make semen taste more bitter. Also dairy products and red meat, make semen taste incredibly salty. I avoid red meat because it is not too good on the male body. As far as calling me sweet, well my semen tastes unbelievably sweet and I am a gentleman to the women in public and a romantic animal behind closed doors offering different types of orgasms, which would probably have to be another interview in itself.

Q: Is there anything that you eat or drink to make your semen taste so sweet as reported, maybe something to help adult male performers?

SwingersA: Yes, I get plenty of fruit each day that are high in natural sugar. The number 1 fruit for improving the taste is the pineapple. I would like to say that fruits high in natural sugar will make semen taste sweet. If I know I need to perform for multiple women or a full swap, I start out 12-24 hours before. The day before I start out at breakfast with a fruit bowl consisting of pineapple, papaya, cranberry, melons, mangoes, apples and grapes. If I am tired and need something to drink I will grab 100% pure pineapple juice.

Q: I’m a fan of garlic and onions on steak, would this effect the taste of semen?

swingers blogA: Yes most certainly, you need to avoid heavy spices and Garlic and onions they effect the taste of sperm because of the high sulfur content. Keep in mind, what you put in your body takes 12-24 hours to secrete out. This is why I usually start my regimen the day before or at least try and maintain the healthy lifestyle while being in the lifestyle.

Q: You mentioned spices to avoid are there any good ones out there?

A: Oh Yeah, for example I love cinnamon, I chew cinnamon gum, all the time, peppermint, lemon and cinnamon are definitely recommended for making semen taste better.

Q: Did that have any effect on what I tasted from you earlier?

A: More than likely yes.

swinging blogQ: Oops I guess I let the cat out of the bag huh? (laughs)

A: Well you sure did I hope you enjoyed it?

Q: Oh yes And I must say that if the ladies want to treat their sweet tooth, Mike Hatcher definitely knows how to be sweet (laughs) and tasting.

A: I am glad you approve, I think you are a beautiful woman with an attention to detail and a natural body to die for. I enjoyed the pre-interview (laughs) I like your hands on approach for extracting the sweet information. I’m glad I decided to get behind you on this one(laughs) and accept the interview.

Q: OK we need to wrap up this interview before I blush anymore. Is there anything else you would like to ad on the taste of semen or any male concerns?

A: Yes If you change your diet and your semen does not change in taste and even has a strong smell to it, this could mean you have an infection and I would recommend going to the doctor. I hope you enjoyed the interview with Evelynn, I know I sure did. I loaded up on the pineapple juice so I could unload the sweets. Make sure to read my post on the vitamins in sperm here: Don’t Forget vitamin S For Anti Aging

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Don’t Forget Vitamin S For Anti Aging


courtesy fooyoh

Listen up ladies, In this post I will cover the important vitamin S and also how to help wrinkles and anti-aging. Did you know that semen contains amino acids as well as calcium, choline, cholesterol, citric acid, creatine, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc?

I am talking about the ejaculate from men ladies and not a sailor at sea. Semen also contains protein equal to a large egg white. This means its extremely bio-available in protein, which if you are on a high protein low carb diet, this will be a good implementation.

courtesy jose luis

Further benefits have shown that vaginal absorption of semen can help fight against depression. Whats more you ask? Studies suggest that seminal plasma both fights and prevents breast cancer and reduces breast cancer by 50%.

These nutrients are so abundant because semen contains the building blocks of life. Vitamin S or semen is great for anti aging because it also contains phosphosphorylcholine. Phosphosphorylcholine is a phospholipid metabolite found concentrated in neuronal membranes which helps with memory, mood, mental clarity and alertness and focus.  The extra ingredients like B12 in semen has been utilized in many skin creams for anti aging as well.

Here’s the good news for backdoor lovers out there, did you know that semen is best absorbed through the lower intestine? Its true, like most medications it can be readily available through the lower intestine which means backdoor entry is a great way to take your vitamins.  Want a great facial but don’t want to pay the salon prices? Ladies If you beg your husband, he may just give in and give you a facial for free, awe, now that is a nice guy! If you do not want to travel down the dirt road or take the hershey highway through the backdoor, you can always use the swallowing method. Once again if you beg, your husband, he may let you, its  a tough call.

Hershey Highway isn't an Interstate HWY in Pennsylvania or a town

Look I am trying to help spread some legs, I mean spread the word by helping people and encouraging better health. If you google the information in this post you will see that I may know what I am talking about. Make sure to send this article to your friends so they can benefit from this miracle nutrient today. Til next time, be healthy and don’t forget to take your vitamins! If you want your semen to taste sweet, read this interview with Mike Hatcher:

How to Make semen taste sweet

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About Florida Swingers

Did you know that there are so many Florida Swingers that maybe 50-60% of the state could be swingers? OK maybe not that many but Florida is host to the most swinger parties, and clubs around. Maybe it is because the weather is nice year round or maybe it’s because Mike Hatcher throws some pretty naughty parties, and samples the goods.

St. Andrews Cross

Being Aisha, Mike Hatcher's faves!

Swingers In Florida have been going strong for many years, and several snow birds use it as an excuse to their family as a vacation. Some say “well we are going to Florida for the attractions and rides”. Yeah right, the only rides they are talking about are the missionary express, or the beloved St Andrews Cross.  One thing I have admired about the St. Andrews Cross is that it sounds so religious and innocent.

Some people may come for the deep sea fishing, or Florida attractions. But when the weather heats up, it’s like mating season. Your typical husband and wife hit the nude beach in Hallandale and feel naughty being there. Alcohol starts flowing, conversations get hot and heavy and before you know it you are at a local swinger club.

Swingers Cruise in the News

Or better yet If you are visiting Tampa, you may end up at one of Mike Hatchers favorite clubs or resorts like Caliente. Tampa also has a huge swinger following, and multiple swinger friendly resorts. If you want to book an all inclusive adult vacation I recommend TopLess Travel.

Here’s some advice for snow birds or anyone visiting Florida. Make sure to  tell your friends and family you are coming for the attractions lol, and try to hide the fact that you want to join in the fun in the sun. My motto is “ If you got it, flaunt it” – Mike Hatcher

In Closing, If you are a vanilla and actually visiting Florida for non adult attractions and don’t know swinger terminology, here are some words of advice.

courtesy eslpod

  1. Swinger Club is not a Swing Dance club
  2. If a club says “Hole in the wall welcome”, this is not a golf course but something definitely comes in and out of the hole.
  3. The Billboard in Florida that says your wife is hot, is not referring to a “Hot wife”, but is an actual air conditioning advertisement.
  4. Balls Deep is not really a bowling term, so please be advised.
  5. Bukkake is not Japanese for Buffet, although some women may consider it a delicacy.
  6. Switch Hitter has nothing to do with Baseball, but if you are Bi, you might be able to hit a home run with this.
  7. A Florida Facial has nothing to do with a Salon, although I’m sure some massage parlors will accept one though.
  8. A Pearl Necklace has nothing to do with the pearls from oysters, even though Florida is by the beach.

I hope this advice helps anyone not in the lifestyle that is looking to take part with Swingers in Florida. Remember, “There is a perverted side to every situation, and the challenge is to find it” – Mike Hatcher

Florida Swingers

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Swinger Clubs And How To Choose One

I have received several emails form newbies and from veterans who wanted me to dabble in this subject of swinger clubs.  Let me first explain that before you join or look for a swinger club you need to be sure you want to experience the lifestyle as a couple.

Swingers Club

Click For Your Local Swingers Club

Swinging Couple

Courtesy Trapeze Swinger Club

For newbies I recommend going over rules together, this is a must. for example both of you are in this together and both need to openly discuss what is or what is not OK to do. You need to ask questions like do you want to do a soft swap? or a full swap? Soft swap is when both couples are in the same room but have sex with your spouse. Full swap is when you both exchange partners. Before you enter into the lifestlye these questions must be asked of each other.  You also may ask what you and your partner can and can not do with someone else. always discuss and make up these rules together.

Now that we have got the basics out of the way we can focus on the swinger clubs. First search your favorite swinger website like SwingLifeStyle on the swinger club section. You will see hundreds of listings. It is good to look at the swinger club closest to you or you may want to travel to one. Make sure to call or visit the swinger club website and ask questions like, “how much is the cover fee?” or “Is It BYOB?”.

Trapeze Swinger Club

Trapeze Swinger Club, Bar Area

Next, find out when and if there are single men allowed on certain nights. This is an important question for newbies. I remember one time me and a buddy took our wives to a local swinger club not bothering to check, well it was single male night and there was a lot of single men. This can be good if your wife wants to experience multiple men, and if it is, well this may be the night for you. Anyways we were drinking and 7 single men walked up and started to give us, and our wives a bad time. Needless to say we had a terrible time and ended up leaving. It is always good to know what you are getting in to before. You may also want to go to a local swinger club when they host an event, like a vacation giveaway and there is more interaction to break in the newbies for the first time. For veterans, use your judgement, and for newbies go to a couples only event the first time out. To view all the swinger clubs in every city in the US click here: Swinger Clubs

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Need A Theme For A Swinger Party?

OK, I have received a lot of email attention from couples wanting to throw a swinger party or ask for the location to a local swinger party. The good news is I have compiled some ideas for a sure hit swinger party.

Swinger Pool Party

First up, you should try and stick with people you know within your group, but of course for larger parties you can place ads with your favorite swinger website like SwingLifeStyle in the party section located here: Swinger Party.

For food have some munchies and don’t go too overboard, you will find that money on condom and lube goes a long way. As far as alcoholic beverages,

courtesy ifood

I would recommend providing water, soda and mixers and host a BYOB. Any bedroom or playroom you set up needs to be clean, maybe some nicely placed candles condoms etc.

Last but not least, you need to have a theme for the party. Some ideas are Leather and Lace, Lingerie is always popular, along with Toga, Naughty School Girl or a Pool Party is always a hit.

courtesy buzz media

I have always envisioned a Swinger Pirate Party. work with me, The men get to be the pirate that search the women’s chest for treasure.

Or Better Yet, the women can be the ones to give up their booty! Make sure to check out the next party near you here: Swinger Party

Don’t forget to plan your party out in advance, and not just a week or a few days out, you want to make sure your attendees have a heads up.

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California Swingers: Would You Submit Your California Swinging Wife?

Ok, this post goes out to the California Swingers, and the hot wives out there. If you are not aware of the swinging numbers of California, listen up……I counted at least over 150 swinger clubs in California alone.

California Swingers Club

Whats more? I counted at least 100 Swinger parties happening in the next few weeks that you can view by clicking here: California Swinger Party

California definitely has some hot couples and has the parties and the clubs to boast some serious bragging rights. I like this video below, not bad, shaking, I would like to see more for sure !

California Swingers -Swinger Wife- California… by swinglifestyle

As far as how many swinging couples are in the state of California, good guess, I gave up. There were just too many cities to count. In my personal swinging opinion California may be behind Florida, or then again Texas swingers, its definitely up for grabs. It appears more and more couples are embracing the freedom of the swinging lifestyle and living out there sexual fantasies together.

California Swinger Party

The good thing about being a couple in the lifestyle means you don’t cheat because you are open with your activities, and of course, no means no. The lifestyle is about fun and about respect so this post goes out to the California swingers.

If you want a list of swinger clubs in California make sure to view clubs in the state by clicking here: California Swinger Clubs
PS – If you want to submit your wife in a video Mike Hatcher is all for it !

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Swingers Media Part 3: Is Rose McGowan A Swinger?


If you are not aware of the recent Law & Order, Rose McGowan plays an undercover swinger. The recent episode shows once again how mainstream audiences are interested in the SwingLifeStyle.

Honestly I think that police procedural dramas wanted to include this with recent busts of swingers, like the swinger club Peoria Illinois. Even though the episode was way out there, detectives Stabler and Benson pose as a sexy couple in order to investigate the murder of a swinger. Is this really the norm? Well, not really. Is this something real detectives really do? Again the answer is no.

But there is so much interest in swingers lifestyle that T.V. likes to portray and ride the buzz all the way through the press releases to the mainstream media. I like the episode personally because it shows Rose McGowan wearing a low cut dress. I prefer to google Rose McGowan nude, but hey that’s me. This concludes the last segment on Swingers  in the media. I will leave you with this question, would you as a couple do Rose McGowan?


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Swingers Media Part 2: Jack In The Box Swingers?

Swingers Sandwich? Are we talking about food? Over the past few years, Swingers have been more mainstream and more accepted in the general public.

Yeah Sandwich!

Jack In The Box is the first fast food chain to deliver a hilarious commercial geared toward a swinging couple. The commercial which depicts 2 couples with the notorious Jack, shows the couple in a hot tub scene while discussing a new sandwich. If you get the funny commercial the sandwich they are discussing is the new sirloin Steak Melt. I think maybe they are hinting at another sandwich which involves a different kind of meat. Interesting enough there is a town called sandwich in Massachusetts, we salute the sandwich swingers that live there. Funny commercial hope you enjoy.


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Swingers Media Part 1: All In The Family Or Archie Bunker Swingers

Courtesy Sports illustrated

If you are too young to remember or just plain don’t know about All In The Family, this show tested every boundary on television. All In The family discussed taboos on T.V. such as swingers, racism, homosexuality even women’s liberation, abortion and breast cancer to name a few. From 1970 til 1983 this was a huge hit and the majority of America tuned in. One hilarious episode sticks out in my mind, it was on swingers. Edith is riding the subway and finds a magazine and discovers a swap article. Not knowing it was a swingers swap, she continues to contact the couple, probably thinking it was swing dancing. It started by Edith discovering the magazine not realizing what on earth the article was intending. Edith presumes the pair want friendship to meet new people, fair enough. the couple which placed the ad, Mike and Gloria, in a hurry, attempt to tell Edith and Archie what they want go unnoticed at first. Its not until the couple arrive at Archie’s place that Edith discovers what they want with a little help from Louise. What happens next is hilarious, hope you enjoy.

Enjoy This 3 minute video form the infamous episode.


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Join SwingLifeStyle For Swinger Party At Trapeze Swinger Club

You heard it correctly, SwingLifeStyle and Topless Travel are hosting a Jamaican themed swinger party.

The Swinger Party is May 7th at Trapeze Swinger Club located at 5213 N. State Road 7, Tamarac, FL 33319-3323. the admission is

only $75 but if you are an SLS member you get $10 off and if that isn’t a treat, you get another $10 off if you dress up in theme.

The theme is Rastafarian/Jamaican, wear Black, Green and Yellow, or come in your favorite Rastafarian outfit.

SwingLifeStyle and Topless Travel will be giving away a 4 day, 3 night trip to Hedonism resort II in Jamaica. Make sure to register by noon on Saturday May 7th to make sure you have a spot. Make sure to sign up here: Trapeze Swinger Party

Venue: Trapeze

Address: 5213 N. State Road 7, Tamarac, FL 33319-3323

Admission: $75 ($10 off Discount for SLS Members  come in theme and get another $10 off ! !

Who is allowed: Couples and Single Women Only

Theme: Rastafarian or come in Jamaican colors (Black, Green and Yellow)

Give-away: 4 days/ 3 nights trip to Hedonism II, Jamaica…Valid for One Year (Subject to Availability). SIGN UP NOW

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3D Swingers Movie Beats James Cameron’s Avatar Blockbuster

courtesy filmsmash

Yes It’s true, In Hong Kong the 3D porn movie “Extreme Ecstasy” raked in 2.78 million Hong Kong dollars, while James Cameron’s Avatar made 2.63 million Hong Kong dollars on its opening day.  The plot of this movie is truly romantic, set in the Ming Dynasty around a man that wants his ex wife back. Well this man does what any man would do, apparently the film goes over some steamy orgies, swinger scenes and monkeys on trampolines?

courtesy techfever

OK the porn I get, the swingers and orgies oh heck yeah lets watch, but monkeys? The Hong Kong film company plans to distribute 3D porn in America and try and capitalize on the growing 3D trend. I just hope I don’t happen to be in a theater with motion control and water spraying on my face like Shrek at Disneyland. Sure its great when you get water sprayed in the face, but if I see a girl squirt onscreen and get sprayed on, or with a guy and water sprayed……well I don’t know if I am down with that. This might be more fun than Gallagher in one of his routines.

In closing this movie sounds like it will be great and hope to see more 3D porn offerings in the future from geniuses in the Hong Kong film industry. The original story can be viewed at cnetnews.

Enjoy this short trailer.


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