How Do You Make Out with Your Partner

How Do You Make Out with Your PartnerLife is all about experiences. You should live through certain experiences, savor the moment and make it last forever. This is especially true when these experiences stir up feelings of happiness, fulfillment and joy. In truth, nothing is as fulfilling as spending time with the person you love or fancy. As swingers being in a committed relationship, you share a connection and you should ensure that your time together is as memorable as possible.  You can do this through an awesome making out session. Here are some tips for making out with your partner.

- Make Eye Contact

The eyes are windows to the soul. They speak a language words can never utter. The same goes for making out. Your eyes will speak volumes about how much you want to make out with him or her. This is how you should go about it. Look into your partner’s eyes, smile a little to show that you are ready to make out, gently lean forward towards your partner, put your hand subtly on his or her face and then give your partner a slight peck on the lips. This sets the stage for a grand session of making out.

- Do Not Rush Things

Good things take time and a bit of patience. Making out is no exception. Move slowly and gently as you start making out. This helps you to avoid any head butting, clanking teeth or elbowing. More importantly, it helps you to understand what your partner’s desires are. For example, what kissing techniques are comfortable with your partner, what your partner’s favorite position is, and at what pace your partner is comfortable?

How Do You Make Out with Your PartnerAlways start with a kiss on the lips. You can then go for a French kiss or just kiss each other on the lips more passionately. Do whatever feels comfortable and natural. You should also try to take little bites of your partner’s bottom lip, neck and earlobes. These little bites can make your partner go crazy with pleasure and anticipation.

- Do Not Stay Still

Making out is like a dance. You cannot stay still while the dance is becoming more and more intense. You have to keep up with the passion that you and your partner are generating. In other words, you should move your hands. For example, you can hold your partner’s waist and then gently stroke your partner’s shoulder and hair. You can even hold your partner’s hands. The most important thing is to let your partner know that you appreciate his or her body.

- Whisper into Your Partner’s Ears

Remember, making out is all about passion. Whispering into your partner’s ears fires up this passion like nothing else can. It assures your partner that you like what is happening and that you do not want it to stop. More importantly, it helps you and your partner to know what is happening right in addition to knowing what more can happen to spice things up. Whispering into your partner’s ear is also sweet and sexy. You can also try breathing on your partner’s neck to send shivers down his or her spine.

Practice these techniques on you partners and share the outcome on the SLS Forums.



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Swinging in Tampa to Rekindle Your Relationship

Swinging in TampaFirst off, Tampa is one of my favorite places to go and enjoy the swinging lifestyle. Until a few years ago, relationships were quite different but have changed completely over the last few years. These days, many people have different mindsets and don’t mind getting involved in casual relationships. However, back in the days, even a basic interaction between a man and woman was quickly considered to be courtship or dating.

We’ve come a long way from the traditional ideas of dating or courtship and have adapted a more open mind. If you live in Tampa, or surrounding areas, you’ve heard that Tampa has a very healthy swinging lifestyle. Tampa swingers have been quite popular over the last few years for their level of excitement, fun and compatibility.

Most people don’t realize that swinging in Tampa and other societies has existed for a very long time. Back in the days, people were just not too open and didn’t want to discuss their personal lives with anyone. Such matters were only discussed indoors or among other couples discreetly.

Since people living in Tampa have become a lot more open in modern times, you will not have any problems in finding swinger clubs, websites, discussion forums and parties to connect with others in the lifestyle. Engaging in a swinging lifestyle can offer numerous benefits to couples.

threesome mffSome Important Points Tampa Swingers Should Consider

Before you plan on entering a swinger relationship or visit a swingers club, there are a few things you need to consider. First of all, you should be absolutely sure about your decision to join the lifestyle. Then you should discuss this decision with your partner. It is very important to understand that a swinging relationship will not be an individual decision because it will affect your partner too. Therefore, you should discuss your feelings with your partner before you enter into a swinging relationship.

Secondly, you also need to consider the kind of people you want to connect with in the lifestyle. Both you and your partner should discuss your desires and what you are hoping to get out of the lifestyle before getting involved. The success of meeting Tampa swingers depends on the kind of bonding you have with other couples. Therefore, you should choose couples that you feel comfortable and safe to be around. This way, you will be able to enjoy the perfect swinger relationship.

There are a lot of ways to connect with other swingers discreetly in Tampa. If you’re new to the lifestyle, you can visit a swinger club, party or access the website for Tampa Swingers. Simply create a free profile and you and your partner can start to connect with others.

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Elf On the Shelf – A Swingers Take

Elf On the Shelf – A Swingers Take


Who hasn’t heard of the “Elf on the Shelf”? If you are like me you may have wondered if there are any adult versions of this naughty little elf. Better yet have you ever thought of him doing things that you would do?

This is Mike Hatcher’s top holiday moments inspired by the “Elf on the Shelf”.

Ever wonder how the Elf would really interact with Barbie? See how the “Elf on the Shelf” is being entertained by Barbie on her stripper pole in the kitchen. Hope everyone enjoys the holiday laughter.

Elf On the Shelf – A Swingers Take


Have you ever recorded your swinging moments? Yes you probably have, and it seems the naughty elf likes doing this as well. Would this be a foursome? Or a moresome?

Looks like a lovely Barbie wife with a unicorn, hey if elves are rare why not get together with the rare and mystical unicorn?

Last and not least is Mike Hatchers favorite, the “Elf on the Shelf” with none other than Justin Timberlake.

For those that have NEVER seen the Justin Timberlake SNL version I highly recommend watching this below, it is extremely hilarious and I promise you will be showing your friends. Be forewarned this video originally on SNL was aired live at Madison square garden and is unedited, no nudity but the video lyrics may be NSFW!!!


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A Closer Look At Ancient Egyptian Orgies

A Closer Look At Ancient Egyptian OrgiesWho would have thought that the “Girls Gone Wild” scenario nowadays – indulging in gratuitous sex with someone whom you met, drinking all night, group sex, and having fun – is no longer a new scene? As a matter of fact, back in 1470 B.C, Egypt men and women would gather together and celebrate an event called, the “festival of drunkenness.” This festival was to honor the warrior goddess Sekhmet. It was dubbed as one of the most raucous rituals in Egypt during that time. This particular event was full of frenzied dancing, drinking, singing, and of course, sexual activities. I think Mike Hatcher is looking for a flux capacitor to put into my Delorean.

A Party Backed By History – To Save Humanity

A Closer Look At Ancient Egyptian OrgiesIt must be noted that the annual festival was not just about having a good time. They celebrated after battle to end the destruction, and stop the wrath of Sekhmet, a war goddess with a lion head. The yearly rite was done as a re-enactment of the myth. It was held every first month of the year. Based on the myth, the lion-headed war goddess almost destroyed all humans. However, Ra, the sun god, tricked her into drinking an ochre-colored beer in huge quantities. Sekhmet thought it was blood. She passed out and was turned into a gentle goddess named Hathor – it signaled that humanity was saved.

Great Scott! What Do Archaeologists Have To Say?

According to archaeologists, they were able to find certain evidence amid the Luxor Temple ruins. Such evidence has led to the theory that the annual festival featured the use of drugs and lavish sexual acts. They were able to point out that the rite was the ancient equivalent of today’s rock ‘n’ roll.

A Closer Look At Ancient Egyptian OrgiesBetsy Bryan of Johns Hopkins University has been leading a team since 2001 at the Temple of Mut in their excavation effort to find out more about Egyptian orgies. She later presented that the said festival was filled with people who would come together and get drunk. She described them as not just socially having fun and getting drunk, but totally passed-out drunk. They were able to discover some inscriptions which could be linked to the drunkenness festival. In addition, the inscriptions were depicting men and women having group sex and in certain positions which could be equated to tut-tutting nowadays. The morning after, musicians would walk around while beating their drums in order to awaken the revelers.

On the other hand, Bryan pointed out that getting drunk was absolutely considered part of the whole festival. However, she remains uncertain if the act of sex should be part of the people’s religious obligation.

This sounds likes swinging or should I say group sex at its best. Don’t forget to share my blog if you like it.


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5 Most Jaw-Dropping Sexual Fetishes

There are many ways in which people achieve their happiness, although Mike Hatcher marches to the beat of a different drum, nothing ever surprises me. While you might have already heard of sexual fetish like feet, there are others that you have probably never heard of. Below are some of the strangest fetishes ever known to man, some dating back as far as pre-civilization. But even as you are left to wonder in amazement, judge not lest you be judged.

Foot Fetishism

Foot fetish refers to sexual attraction to feet, and it does not matter whether the feet are bare or if they are wrapped up in stockings. Foot fetishism manifests itself in several forms, and this may range from simply licking the fit and kissing them to even using the feet to massage the penis. There are people who pay between $100 and $200 just at private spas just so they can lick and worship feet of women.

Objectum Sexualis

This is a kind of sexual fetishes that is most common among women. It is mainly a sexual fetish that women experience towards lifeless objects. According to the documentary titled: Strange Love: The Woman Married to the Eiffel Tower shows the story of real women who find themselves in love with national landmarks, amusement park rides, an archery set, stairway banisters among other inanimate things.


Strangely enough, balloons have also been known to turn some men on. My Strange Addiction, an American treasure, unveils Julius, a 62-year old hunk who, despite being married, has a sexual attachment to balloons but the stranger thing is that his wife is quite unfazed by it. He has accumulated more than 50,000 balloons, which are put in the same bedroom that he shares with his wife.

Teddy Bears

The attraction for teddy bears is considered a branch of furry culture, and is referred to as Ursusagalmatophilia in more technical terms. Some people who are attracted to teddy bears tend to even modify their sexual toys so they can receive better sexual gratification from the toys.

Girls who are unable to start their cars

This may seem very strange but it is true. When girls fail to get a car to start, some men literally have their gears grinding. A possible explanation, as one person commented, is that it could be due to the sputtering engine as the girl bites her lips, or even the fact that her boobs tend to bounce up and down as she begs.

In conclusion, sexual fetishism is something that even celebrities have. Some of them can be traced back to the ancient times like the Roman Empire.


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Looking for the Best Florida Swingers Parties?

Looking for the Best Florida Swingers Parties? When it comes to sexual fantasies, swingers in Florida always seem to be passionate and excited about their relationships. In Florida, there is always a chance for one to enjoy a perfect night of passionate sex with other people who share the same kind of interests. Due to the rejuvenating lifestyle and the active nightlife in Florida, swingers tend to share a long lasting and healthier relationship.

A passionate night with a stranger is becoming a growing trend for swingers in Florida. In fact, it has become some sort of a revolution. People in the lifestyle get together at swingers party and other lifestyle events to share a common bond. They connect in ways traditional couples can’t and believe that couples in traditional relationships are missing out on a lot of fun in life.

The lifestyle is not just for middle-aged couples who’re already married. It is also not only for people who’ve enjoyed their sexual adventures and now get bored in their monogamous sexual relationships. In recent years, the lifestyle has been adopted by numerous young and vibrant couples from different relationships statuses and age groups.

Looking for the Best Florida Swingers Parties? Whether you’re single or married, being with someone in a relationship is the only basic requirement you need to become a swinger couple. The basic idea for the swinging lifestyle is to add some exciting and wild experiences inside and outside the bedroom to combat the boredom of a monogamous married life. The Swinging lifestyle could be just what you and your partner needed to rejuvenate your relationship.

Florida Swingers

If you live in Florida and keep looking for fun and excitement, you can easily find the best places for that online. Look to lifestyle events and you will find a lot of Florida swinger’s parties in and around your area. With some effort, you will come across numerous websites dedicated to the swinging lifestyle. You will also be able to get information on the latest updates and ongoing events related to Swingers in Florida.

SLS is one of the most popular sites where you can find information about the best swinger parties in Florida. Browse the website and gather crucial information about various parties, their schedules and so on. Attendees in every party are limited. Therefore, you should not waste any time thinking anymore. If you attend any party from the list, you will meet new people, explore your fantasies and fulfill your sexual needs and desires.

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Texas Swingers Make the most of the LifeStyle

Texas Swingers Make the most of the LifeStyle When it comes to sexual fantasies, Texas swingers have their own sense of passion. In recent years, it has been discovered that couples who, with mutual understanding swap their partners for sex, tend to share a long and healthy relationship. Having this type of relationship seems to be the new trend which the whole world is adopting slowly. One-night stands and swapping have become the norm for several successful people and gaining acceptability around the world. It has become the craze and swingers feel people outside their circle are losing out on something in life.

Swapping and swinging became more popular among middle-age couples as they became bored of their routine life style with work and their routine sex life with their partner too. It is a fantasy of every individual to be intimate with the man or a woman of his/her choice. The main problem is to find a perfect platform to fulfill his/her desires. To find a Texas swingers group dedicated to fulfilling raw, wild and of course satisfying dreams outside the monogamy of a committed relationship or married life, look no further.

Texas Swingers Make the most of the LifeTyle If you live in or around Texas and intend to have some out of the box fun, all you need is to search SwingLifeStyle. You are sure to come across a number of lifestyle events that will broaden your horizon. The site is updated with all the essential information related to such intimate meetings, dates, venues etc. This is the perfect place for you to find a partner of your choice; a partner you have only dreamed of who can fulfill you deepest desires. Parties are arranged randomly in different areas and members belonging to a number of countries can locate and attend a party of their choosing.

Enough information is provided already. What are you waiting for? Just click Texas Swingers and start exploring a new life, a life full of adventure and passion. Unwind yourself and let your desires go wild and satisfy yourself with a surprise partner. With Texas swingers you are sure to be safe and more than satisfied because all of your fantasies and dreams will become virtual reality with Texas swingers.

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New SwingLifeStyle Mobile App

SwingLifeStyle New Mobile App SwingLifeStyle launched the perfect swinger’s app for lifestyle couples and singles earlier this year. The smartphone application market has exploded over the last few years and everyone now wants their favorite website at their fingertips. SLS has brought that to you! We are committed to our members and have taken steps to make a better SwingLifeStyle Mobile App. There were some updates made to redesign the look and feel of the SLS Mobile App.

The New SLS Mobile App has been completely redesigned with a new graphical interface, is more user friendly and has more features than the previous version. The SLS Mobile App was launched for single women, swinger couples and others who’re interested in connecting and building relationships with people that share the same interests. It is easily accessible from your Apple or Android devices and is available for download from Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon Marketplace.

Although there are many lifestyle applications available in the market, the SLS Mobile App is the best choice for swingers dating.  The best part about using the SLS Mobile App is that it is completely free. Once you have located the application in your app store, you can download and install the App to your device with a single click of a mouse. Then log in with your SwingLifeStyle username and password to access the great new features. If you don’t already have an account with SwingLifeStyle, create a free profile to gain access without any problems.

Here are the features of the SLS Mobile Swingers App:

● Who’s On

● Hot Dates

● Quick Search

● Events

● Mail

● Friends

● Add Picture

The SLS Mobile is for like-minded people to connect and interact with each other. Regardless of your sexual orientation, the SwingLifeStyle Mobile Application is for you. It is straightforward, simple and easy to use. No need to worry about clutter or complex features. If you have the old version, or if you If you don’t already have the swingers app installed, visit one of the App store below and download the New SLS Mobile App.

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What You Can Buy From Hustler Hollywood Florida Store

What You Can Buy From Hustler Hollywood Florida StoreAre you a virgin when it comes to adult toys or are you a seasoned veteran who knows staff by name at your local XXX store? Either way Hustler Hollywood is a “must go” destination for all your erotic pleasure seeking needs. Unlike many small, dark sex shops that are often plagued by overcrowded shelves and walls of paraphernalia, the Hustler store is spotless, well lit and exceptionally organized. The staff is very with friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. Whether you are looking for some gag gifts for a bachelor or bachelorette party or a life-like vibrator and sexy lingerie, this store is guaranteed to have everything you can imagine under one roof.

Hustler Movies

What You Can Buy From Hustler Hollywood Florida StoreAdult movies are a necessary accessory to the swinging lifestyle. Serving as both an educational tool providing ideas and inspiration for trying new things, and as an aphrodisiac catering to the voyeur in us all; adult films are a staple in a healthy sexual relationship. This form of entertainment serves to heighten experiences to new levels for couples living an open swinger lifestyle. Regardless of your reasons for partaking, Hustler Hollywood has the selection to cater to your every desire.

Buying Hustler Lingerie

What You Can Buy From Hustler Hollywood Florida StoreChances are you have come across a woman sporting some sexy lingerie or have been tempted to get an outfit for yourself. The problem is many name brand lingerie shops simply don’t offer the really sultry variety you actually want. Hustler Hollywood is the answer. Visit their online store to browse an amazing assortment of spicy attire designed to reveal as much or as little as your imagination desires. You will even find plus sizes and options for men. Visit now and pick something up for your next X-rated encounter.

Hustler Toys

What You Can Buy From Hustler Hollywood Florida StoreLike many, you too may have been tempted to experiment with the use of an adult toy or similar accessory, but dread walking into one of those dark unappealing sex shops. Well no need to wait any longer! Hustler Hollywood offers a magnificent variety of sexually oriented toys, outfits, restraints, films and more; all displayed in a clean, spacious and well organized store. As you browse their isles you will find yourself struggling to decide where to begin due to the temptation offered by such a vast offering. Don’t wait any longer to let your inner freak come out to play, visit Hustler Hollywood, online or at their store in Hollywood Florida.

So if your in South Florida, visit their Fort Lauderdale location at

1500 E. Sunrise Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale Fl

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BDSM and the St. Andrew’s Cross

BDSM and the St. Andrew's Cross If you have kept up with my blogs, you will know that I, Mike Hatcher is a very romantic and religious guy. Which brings me to this exciting blog on bondage. Bondage (BDSM) is a sexual activity in which one party is voluntarily tied down so all parties may gain pleasure from the act. One of the most popular furniture of the BDSM lifestyle is the St. Andrew’s Cross. No, it is not a cross you wear around your neck. It is a piece of furniture that provides a safe restraining of the wrists, waist and ankles that is used for spanking, sexual teasing and other bondage related activities.

The St. Andrew’s Cross is easy to manufacture and versatile to use, thus making it one of the most commonly used furniture in bondage-related activities. It can be bought from BDSM companies, however, some practitioners tend to make their own. The bondage furniture is usually attached to a wall, but some advance BDSM practitioners attach the furniture to a central hinge. When this kind of furniture is being positioned as freestanding, it must have a frame for support. To improve the stability and safety of a St. Andrew’s Cross, make sure to include a footrest.

The final position of a subject when secured on a St. Andrew’s Cross, is in a spread-eagle position. The submissive partner can be attached to the St. Andrews Cross with his/her front or back facing the cross. Being restrained while facing the cross is the commonly used position for whipping or spanking. If a partner is restrained with their back facing the cross, it is for the purpose of other bondage-related acts and sexual teasing. When the Cross is attached to a central hinge, it makes it easier for the subject to be inverted or spun.

BDSM and the St. Andrew's Cross

© Raimond Spekking

When it comes to BDSM, there are a lot of toys, tools and furniture that can be used to increase sexual stimulation. However, the St. Andrew’s Cross has its own benefits and here are a few to keep in mind.

Easy To Use – one of the great things about this kind of BDSM furniture is that it is non-complicated to use. It does not involve a lot of complicated contraptions so even a newbie can give it a try. The submissive partner only needs to surrender his or her wrist and arm, and they are ready for some BDSM action.

Safe – if properly setup, the St. Andrew’s Cross is relatively safe. Unlike other BDSM furniture or tools that can potentially lead to something dangerous, this BDSM furniture safe even in the hands of beginners.

Less threatening – for individuals who are experimenting with the BDSM lifestyle for the first time, this kind of furniture is less-threatening than others. It’s a much easier way of easing individuals into the whole new world of BDSM. You and your partner can take it slow as you explore the pleasures of the BDSM lifestyle.

Versatile – A St. Andrew’s Cross is versatile. Partners can engage in a wide range of bondage related actives that may lead to mind-blowing sexual pleasure.

If you’re in the South Florida area the weekend of Nov. 23rd, stop by the Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach Resort for SLSeXchange: Leather & Lace LifeStyle Event. They will have a BDSM playroom for veterans and newbies of the lifestyle to enjoy.

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Threesomes Adding Spice and Variety to Your Relationship

Threesomes: Adding Spice and Variety to Your Relationship One of the fastest and most intriguing ways to spice up an existing relationship is to explore the possibility of a threesome. A third partner can change the chemistry between you and your partner if things have gotten a bit stale.  It also In addition to the obvious physical allure of adding a third person to the mix, it is a source of variety and fun. That person can also change the balance of power if BDSM is part of your relationship, not to mention a genuine resource in your lives.

Physically, threesomes come in two basic flavors: MFF and MMF. The gender meaning is obvious: MMF equals two guys and a woman, while MFF means two women and a man. Some people use different acronyms, MFM and FMF, because they feel that using either the letters MM or FF back-to-back implies that the men or women involved are either gay or bisexual and will become sexual with one another during the threesome experience. This is mostly about semantics, but it does illustrate some of the sensitive issues revolving around different comfort zones that can come into play when planning a threesome.

When it comes to chemistry and the experience itself, threesomes also tend to come in two completely different flavors: spontaneous and planned. Spontaneous threesomes can happen in a variety of ways — a couple is having a night out with a mutual friend and the attraction is there, either articulated or unspoken, but it is present, and the situation plays out in such a way that sparks begin to fly and it happens (not surprisingly, libido-loosening substances are occasionally involved). Or a couple that’s into the swing scene goes to a party, they see someone they both like and invite that person to explore the threesome experience.

Planned threesomes are an entirely different experience. In these scenarios, one or both partners express an interest in trying a threesome, either for novelty or to integrate threesomes as part of their sexual lifestyle. Discussions happen, negotiations ensue, and if both partners are on the same page they adopt a strategy to find the right person to be the third and figure out what they want from the experience.

ThreesomesIf you and your partner are going to plan a threesome, there are some important questions to ask and areas to explore to make sure you have fun and get the most out of the experience:

o What do you want from your new partner? If you’re going to approach someone you know, is it about mutual physical attraction for this person, personality, or something else? Do you want to try new positions, or experiment with things you can’t do as a couple? Or are you looking to design a completely new experience, one that involves watching porn, using toys, being in a different environment, etc.? There are plenty of exciting possibilities, but make sure you find common ground.

Knowing and discussing the orientation and preference of all three people is important to maximize the benefits and avoid insecurities that can surface due to false assumptions about one another. Are the men in an MMF gay or bisexual, and what will their comfort zone be during the experience? Same question for the women in an MFF — will they be sexual with one another, and if so, to what extent? Also, what are the different preferences? Is one person more oral, another into foreplay, while the third enjoys using toys or being dominant? Will alcohol or chemicals be involved, and if so, how much? You should have an idea of what everyone wants and be able to strike a balance between planning and spontaneity that makes all party involved relaxed and comfortable with the experience.

Take into account everyone’s ability to handle and enjoy the experience. Are you and your partner strong enough to handle the insecurities that may surface during a threesome? And if you’re experienced at threesomes, is the new person a good fit, and does he or she bring enough to the table to make it worthwhile? Also, what’s the experience level and comfort zone of the third person?


ThreesomesIn addition, it almost goes without saying, but if you’re going out to a party or a club to find a third, make sure you’re comfortable enough with the environment and surroundings. Make sure that the person you find and choose is reliable, has a good character and is fun.

Finally, it’s important to take into account the different sexual chemistry that comes with the two types of threesomes. The stereotypical assumption is that a MMF will be a testosterone-fueled adventure, while an MFF will tend to be gentler and more sensuous. That may or may not be true, but sexual chemistry is a human experience, not something that’s based exclusively on gender. Power plays can happen, and hidden aspects of different personalities can surface suddenly and unexpectedly during a threesome. If you don’t know the third well or are just introducing sex into an established interpersonal equation, consider spending some time together as a threesome socially, with the possibility of sex on the table, before you dive in and take the plunge.

Oh, and one last thing…remember to have fun! Don’t over think the experience, and enjoy the unexpected as much as possible when it does happen.

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Joys Of Being A Swinging Couple – Should You Try?

Joys Of Being A Swinging Couple - Should You Try?In modern times, people have started to adopt a new perceptive on relationships and marriage. The overall definition of relationships has changed tremendously and in addition to monogamy, there has been a rise in polyamory and in some cases polygamy relationships as well.  After a period of about 6 – 7 years, the excitement and enthusiasm in married life starts to decline. In some couples, this leads to mental stress which affects their personal and professional lives. To enhance their sexual relationship and strengthen their bond, some couples get into the swinging lifestyle. Studies have shown that swinger couples tend to enjoy life more, are mentally healthy and physically active.

What Is SwingLifeStyle All About?

Of course, the swinging lifestyle is not just about having recreational sex and playing around with different partners. It has a lot to offer in terms of friendships, added excitement and pleasure. Lifestyle couples form bonds of friendship that last lifetimes.  For excitement and pleasure, couples indulge in “soft swap” and “full swap”.  In a soft swap, couples will only engage in intercourse with each other but will participate in light play with the other couples such as oral sex, kissing, touching, etc. On the other hand, “full swap” couples, opt to participate in all kinds of sexual pleasures with their partner and others. Threesomes, voyeurism, foursomes, orgies, and same room sex are some of the most common variations in this lifestyle. Undeniably, it is one of the extremist ways to explore intense fantasy for fulfillment of sexual desires.

Joys Of Being A Swinging Couple - Should You Try?Who Should Adopt It?

Couples who are sexually liberated; live a curious, sexually active, and exciting life, often opt for this lifestyle. These couples are seeking different sexual partners, with the approval and participation of their own life partners.

Unlike monogamous couples, these couples have no room for jealousies and insecurities in their relationship. In fact, swinging, is all about exploring sexual fantasies together while maintaining fidelity in the relationship? It also helps couples strengthen to form a tighter bond, share and enjoy new experiences together, which brings a couple much closer together.

If you’re considering adopting the SwingLifeStyle to kill the boredom in your marriage, you can start by searching online. There are a number of dating websites where you can interact with people who share similar interests. Alternatively, if you’re interested in vising a swingers club, has a national list of clubs you may want to check out.  You may be surprised at what you find in your area. There may be more clubs in your vicinity, than you would have imagined. Please keep in mind that clubs have their special rules to entry and becoming a member. Make sure you talk it over with your partner before making any decision. Adopting a swinging lifestyle calls for mutual admiration and acceptance.

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Liberator: Feel the Difference

One of the greatest aspects of being in love is the act of making love. Unfortunately, the same routine in the same positions can become redundant and even boring. Fortunately, the Liberator derived a solution by producing a unique and sensual line of furniture and accessories designed to put the spark back into your relationship.

Liberator: Feel the Difference Pole Position
Missionary is simply not good enough! Liberator realizes this and has answered the cry by manufacturing a line of furniture to help couples contort into different near impossible positions with ease and comfort. These unique items are made from the finest quality materials and are extremely comfortable for sitting, lounging and other extracurricular activities. The Esse line of chaises and accessories offers unique designs that allow couples to get into a plethora of different positions opening the path to new heights of pleasure. A couple could rewrite the Kama Sutra with a few interesting pieces from Liberator. Explore their collection of sex furniture and uncover the many ways Liberator can help put fire and romance back into your relationship.

All Those wonderful Toys

Liberator also offers a variety of solutions to help spice up your sexual relationship. Using toys can be a fun and innovative way to address problems in the bedroom. Sometimes a woman is unable to match a man’s libido, causing compatibility issues. In this case, the remote control vibrators give one complete control over their partner’s experience and the six pack of Tenga eggs can make a great addition to the bedroom. A woman can peel an egg and satisfy her man with a toy while preserving her energy for the activities that are sure to follow. Visit Liberator’s collection of sex toys to see their entire Liberator: Feel the Difference line of pleasure toys designed to turn a routine night of sex into a fiery and passionate experience. These adult toys are a fantastic addition to any relationship and will surely turn a quickie into an all-night affair. For those looking for something a bit more hardcore they offer harnesses, restraints and toys geared for BDSM and domination.

If your sex life is boring or unfulfilled, contact Liberator and free yourself from the binds of redundant traditional sex. Liberator sex toys, harnesses and sex furniture allows you to make love in ways that will exceed your wildest dreams. For those new to Liberator, you must check out their Black Label line and master the art of temptation and tease. The series includes Bondage & Fetish items, Chaises & Lounges, Accessories and more. Invest in Liberator products today and re-discover just how exciting sex can be.

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Upcoming Swinger Party by SLSeXchange

Upcoming Swinger Party by SLSeXchange Since its premier event in Las Vegas this past August, SLSeXchange has been building on its reputation as the leader in lifestyle events with a series of productions around the country. Its next venture is the highly anticipated themed bash “Leather & Lace Party & Play Suites” happening at the Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach Resort. Every room will be stocked full of amenities, including a balcony and a pool that overlooks the Intracoastal Waterway.

This unique party and play format will be open to couples and single women who lavish in the benefits and opportunities of the lifestyle. They are also welcoming to those who have never experienced the sexual freedom of a swinger party, but are looking to dip their toes in these steamy waters.

With the help of its many top name sponsors, “Leather & Lace Party & Play Suites” will be an experience like no other. One of the major sponsor for this party will be Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear out of Atlanta Georgia. They are best known for their unique and superior quality furniture pieces designed to facilitate a myriad of sexual position. They will be sponsoring the “Black Label Play Suite”  named after their Black Label series that includes bondage & fetish items, chaises & lounges, Accessories and more.

In addition, they will be introducing some of their products from their new series “15 Shades of Play”.  Browse their extensive lines of toys and accessories, like the Tantra Feather Teaser and the Pure Plug. These items were inspired by the book and will surely help bring many of its vivid scenes to life.

Upcoming Swinger Party by SLSeXchange All SLSeXchange parties are design to provide maximum fun and pleasure, but there are a few rules that must be obeyed at all times. First and foremost, “NO” means “NO”. Nudity is not allowed in any area of the hotel or party except in the Play Suites. And last, as tempting as it may be, there is no skinny dipping in the hotel’s pool.  With that being said, the party features pulsating beats provided by South Beach resident DJ Legacy along with several cash bars to cater to your liquid desires prizes and surprises.

This is your chance to be a part of one of most interesting and erotic parties that South Florida has to offer. Admission is only $50 for couples and $5 for single ladies before 11 pm, so get there early as the party starts at 8pm. Stay at the hotel pamper yourself, visit their pool side bar and even meet up with other couples for some pre-party fun. Book your room before Nov. 11th and get a special reduced rate.

This swinger party promises to be an exciting night for couples and single women alike, so feel free to stop by to see what it is all about. Early registrants may qualify for additional prizes and giveaways so act fast and sign up via your profile or contact the Event Coordinator at

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Halloween Swingers Party

Halloween Swingers PartyTo Some people, the December Holidays seems to be their favorite. In December, they think that North Pole is an object attached to a man or November is when you get stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. For Mike Hatcher, I like the Halloween holiday. This is my favorite time of the year to dress up and head to a swingers party.

If you have never been to a Halloween swinger party you are missing out on some of the most erotic experiences ever. It’s easy to find a swingers party in your area. Simply access the SwingLifeStyle Swingers Party link for a list of Halloween themed events. The list is in chronological order or you can search for parties in you State. If you are having a Halloween theme party, you can add it to the Swingers Party List.

Take your time and review all of the information listed at that particular party or club. Some Halloween swinger parties have a dress code that is required for entry. It may be that anyone attending is required to wear a costume or have a mask and will not gain entry without it. Some parties are come as you are, and some are more catered to the BDSM fetish lifestyle. Make sure to review the details of the party and choose the right party for you. You wouldn’t want to come dressed up as a zombie if it is a Latex Halloween party right?

Whatever you decide, make sure to have fun. I have a really good friend, I’ll call her “T” she says that she would love to go to a zombie type swinger party. I’m sorry but a woman dressed up really pale with fake blood all over her, doesn’t really do it for me. Well again everyone has their fetish so if you want to dress up as the undead, so be it. I guess on the bright side there may be benefits of being a stiff…..or if you are a swinger wife, getting a stiff one.

Happy Halloween!!!

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The Surprising Benefits of an Open Relationship

What is an open relationship?

The Surprising Benefits of an Open RelationshipAn open relationship mainly entails an agreement between a couple who decide it is OK for them to get involved in other emotional or physical relationships without the act being considered as unfaithfulness or infidelity. In most cases, this definition is usually tweaked to the liking of the people involved in the relationship. Therefore, it is vital to understand the whole agreement or setting in order to decide whether this type of relationship is right for you. There are several advantages of being in an open relationship which is mainly why they are considered healthy.

Advantages of an open relationship

1. Variety

In an open relationship you are not limited to being with just one person. You are free to enjoy a variety of exciting encounters (sex) with other people if you wish. The variety has proven to be quite good since it adds spice to life thus preventing boredom and frustrations. This amount of freedom is the main reason why most people get involved in such relationships. It gives you the opportunity to take advantage of every available opportunity. Therefore, you can act on your desires without regretting it.

The Surprising Benefits of an Open Relationship2. Brings couples together

The fact that you can get involved with other people at will helps you to realize the value of your partner and the value he/she brings into the relationship. Therefore, an open relationship might help bring you and your partner together.

3. Healthy competition

Your partner will be aware that you are getting other offers; therefore, they will continue to up their game in order to ensure that you are still their favorite.

4. Live out a fantasy

It presents an avenue for you to live out your fantasies regardless of how kinky they are. The chance to live out your kinkiest fantasies can be quite exciting. Not many people get such an opportunity; therefore, you should not shy away from it.

The Surprising Benefits of an Open Relationship5. Keeping your options open

A healthy open relationship can work wonders for a young couple or a relationship where partners spend long periods of time away from each other because of study or work. This ensures that you have someone to fall back on and the freedom to move on in case you find someone quite interesting. This win-win arrangement for both parties helps prevent cheating and awkwardness.

You have to understand and accept the workings, demands, and emotions of such a relationship because it is not something every individual or couple can handle. Therefore, you and your partner must be on the same page in order to establish a healthy open relationship.


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Swinging Comes with Rules

With millions of couples involved in swinging, (including your dear friend Mike Hatcher, lifestyle extraordinaire), it is apparent that many couples find the experience satisfying. It is interesting to note that couples who swing often have stronger, happier, and healthier relationships, despite what critics tend to say. Honesty, satisfaction, and a shared interest are in part to thank for this stronger bond swinger couples share in their relationship.

Swinging Comes with Rules Why Couples Swing

There are two main reasons why couples seek out swinging.

1. The relationship has hit a sexual rut. When one partner loses their libido, it causes the other partner to feel unsatisfied and that starts to eat away at the bond they share. Sexual intimacy is essential in any relationship, in order to build a stronger bond. Swinging can help to ignite that sexual passion by introducing something new and exciting into the relationship.

2. Both people in the relationship have a drive to experience sexual variety and be in a long-term relationship at the same time. In this case, swinging satisfies those drives and strengthens the relationship because all needs are being met.

Swinging Comes With Rules

Many people who do not swing unfairly label it as an uncontrollable act that involves many people doing whatever they want. This is not the case. Couples who swing have rules in place to ensure that they are happy and satisfied with the process.  Events that provide a venue for couples who swing also have rules in place to ensure that everyone is safe and happy.

Couples need to develop their own rules to ensure that they do not become unhappy. For instance, since swinging is about the act of sex and not about being intimate and loving Swinging Comes with Rules with someone else, many couples will not allow acts that they deem intimate, such as kissing. Because swinging is about enhancing a couple’s sex life, both people need to be happy in order to keep the lifestyle fun.

Venues that host swingers party ensure that everyone’s needs are met. For instance, if one person is approached by someone they do not want to have sex with, then they can politely refuse without any consequences. No Always Means No. In addition, venues supply things like condoms and gloves to ensure that safety precautions are covered.

Why Couples Keep Swinging

Swinging is an addition to a sexual lifestyle. Some couples enjoy acts such as videotaping themselves or acting out certain fantasies, while some couples simply prefer swinging. It is not something that has to be done every night. It is something that is a part of a healthy and happy sexual relationship between two people in an intimate relationship.

As long as both people in the relationship are happy, then swinging can be a big part of sexual satisfaction. In addition, it can help build trust in the relationship, which results in a stronger and healthier relationship outside of the bedroom.

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Why Joining the Swinger LifeStyle Is the In Thing

Do you want to take your relationship to a whole new level? Well, you should consider joining the fun-lifestyle of swingers. Swinging is a non-monogamous behavior in which people in a typical relationship derive much more fun by having good sex with other partners. It is what was previously known as wife swapping. To say the least, swinging is one of those wow ways to derive much more fun in your day to day life. Let us see what this art entails.

Why Joining the Swinger LifeStyle Is the In ThingOverview

There’s a long history behind the development of this awesome way of life. Some written accounts claim that it all started during the course of WWII (1941 – 1944) among US air force pilots. In those days, no one knew if there’ll be tomorrow and this gradually led us to a social scene where swinging became the in thing. This awe-inspiring way of life slowly found its way into the rest of society.  Today, it is celebrated by thousands if not hundreds of thousands of swinger couples worldwide.

Modern technology has provided a highly effective platform for swinger couples to interact with each other.  One only needs to join a reputable swing club or swinger sites and from then onwards they can take part in organizing erotic parties and events through a simple click of the mouse button. The best thing is that one is free to choose which couple they want to meet, based on looks, interests and other criteria’s.  There’s normally a wide variety of real swingers to choose from.

Benefits of Joining the Lifestyle as Swinger Couples

Why Joining the Swinger LifeStyle Is the In ThingApart from helping couples beat the boredom that is a characteristic of most monogamous relationships, swinging is seen as an awesome way for couples to de-stress. It’s like breathing fresh life into your relationship. Swingers’ dating gives you an opportunity to meet and socialize with other interesting and open minded people of the lifestyle which causes you to have and live a complete social life.

Truth be told, swinging has totally managed to revolutionize the relationships between couples. It has helped improve communication and interactions between couples as well as strengthen the sexual relationship between each other. This is in addition to the simple fact that they face less frustration.

Bottom Line

Are you looking for ways to heat things up and add a little spice in order to achieve greater intimacy with your soul mate? Stop living in the world of imaginations. You can start living out fantasies in a safe and open environment by joining other swinging couples today. It’s just what your relationship needs!

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The Art of Swinging – Couples and Their Sexual Adventures

The Art of Swinging - Couples and Their Sexual AdventuresSwinging has a number of definitions, and one of which pertains to couples sharing and swapping partners in bed. While many consider this sexual frontier a bit taboo, it can in fact be quite a fulfilling experience for those who are willing to keep their minds open to the possibilities.

Why Swing?

Spicing Things Up!

Spicing things up can be achieved in a number of ways, and swinging provides quite an exciting avenue to explore and fulfill sexual needs outside the context of traditional one-on-one sex.

Couples, especially those who have been married for a long time might find themselves in need of variety when it comes to sex. While some couples choose to have threesomes, others are more attracted to the notion of swapping partners with another consenting couple. Many who found their way to this lifestyle have experienced positive changes in their relationship as a swinger couple.

Exploring Individual Sexuality

Being a part of a couple does not mean a person has to abandon his/her sexual identity. Some couples who have spent many years being monogamous do sometimes fall into familiar patterns that can leave one or both partners wondering if there is something different they can experience. There are so many things that an individual can explore while still being in a relationship (perhaps even in a deeply committed one), and swinging provides a chance to explore one’s sexual identity. Swinging allows couples to experiment and meet some of their sexual needs through other people while still including each other in the experience.

The Art of Swinging - Couples and Their Sexual AdventuresExpansion of a Couple’s Sexual Repertoire

In most cases, some couples end up playing a role in their sexual relationship; one as the teacher and the other as the student. That means, one partner usually teaches the other most of the sexual tricks that are played during sexual intercourse. While this arrangement can work well for a very long time, some couples may want to venture outside the norm and learn new things, which are made possible by becoming swingers.
Swinging makes it possible for couples to learn new moves in the bedroom department that they would have never discovered on their own. Experimenting with other swinger couples can definitely be a pleasurable learning experience, which can only lead to an even better sexual performance later on.

Fulfilling Fantasies

It is quite liberating to know that even couples who are tirelessly devoted to each other still have legitimate ways of exploring their fantasies, one of which is through swinging. One of the best things about becoming swingers is that you get to indulge in some of your wildest sexual fantasies and revel in the pleasures they bring about.

Some women have fantasies of being with another woman while their husband watches.
(Sometimes the men would simply sit back and watch while the ladies have fun in bed. Participation is not always required in ALL scenarios but the concept of swapping partners still remains in place.)

Swinging is a healthy sexual practice that couples should at least consider before they dismiss it outright. Sexual potential can be achieved by keeping an open mind and being willing to experiment with other people.


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Top 5 Places to Have Outdoor Sex

Good ole Mike Hatcher thinks sex in a risky place is hot. Even the idea of getting caught might be a turn on to some, but even if you have tolerance for risks, you can’t possibly want to be caught and spend time behind bars for lewd conduct. Having sex in public can be very tempting and satisfying. In this post, you will learn some of the beTop 5 Places to Have Sex Outdoorst places to have sex outdoors without having to worry about being caught. Takes notes my friends.

1). In the car

A survey conducted by Cosmos revealed that over 80% of men fantasized about having sex in a car. The best way to not get caught is to Identify an abandoned lot, and take your car there either after midnight or just before the sunset. At this time, most folks won’t be outside and because of the limited space, the best position would be ‘girl on top.’

2). At the park

Having sex at the park is great. While it is just as sexy as you doing it in the wild, the risk of having your back stung by an insect or any other animal is not there. Choose a shady spot that is concealed from view and enjoy the ride.

3). Fitting room

Top 5 Places to Have Sex OutdoorFitting rooms don’t have cameras inside them! The best idea is to go to a larger departmental store as they don’t always have an attendant standing by. Timing is also important. Go when the shop is just being opened as there is every likelihood that it won’t be crowded.

4). Old-school Elevator

Now this may be a challenge, but still exciting.  The right elevators would be those with a sliding gate. Usually, they do not contain any cameras, and also, when inside, you are the one to open for anyone to be able to get in. Ride the elevator up and down, and even if anyone rings for it, do not open.

5). In the movies

This is better done at the back of movie theater screen, and on the steps. Even if you never get to watch the movie, you wouldn’t have spent too much on it. This is another reason I like to go to horrible movies, even the discount movies that play old movies that no one goes too.

These creative suggestions of where to have sex in public makes sex all the more exciting. Live your fantasies and as you have your man rock you at one of these sexy and hilarious places. These places are the perfect ones to have risky sex without getting caught!

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10 Positions Men Absolutely Love

Sex is one of the most important activities in the life of any individual. The ultimate form of pleasure is derived from sex. Good sex makes a man happy and keeps him satisfied. The positioning of the male and female partner during sex is important because a good position during the sexual activity leads to wonderful sex that is enjoyed by both partners. Some of the sex positions men love is discussed as follows:

10 Positions Men Absolutely Love1. The doggy style position:

In this type, the female is on her fours, mimicking the dogs while the man can carry on the sex act from behind. Men who love porn and like watching love this position.  It is also widely used in porn. Several other pleasure causing activities like licking, biting and a few others can be carried out during this sex act doggy style.

2. The woman on top position:

This position is also known as the cowgirl position. It allows the man to lie back while the woman does all the work to please her man during the sexual activity. Men love this position because all the sexual pleasure is derived without much exercise and they get to enjoy the sight of the female body. Deep penetration is also facilitated by this position, so men really enjoy this position during intercourse.

10 Positions Men Absolutely Love3. The lotus position:

One of the most important sex positions men love also includes the lotus position. This involves the man sitting cross legged position on a couch, bed or anywhere else that allows him to lean against any wall. This helps with better support. The female gets to dominate the sexual activity by circling her legs around the waist of the man.

4. The man on top position:

The more dominant man always loves to be on top, so that all the sexual activities are carried out by his hands. The entire act of arousing orgasm to the final sexual activity is carried on by men who prefer to be on top and play with the female body as he pleases. It is also a position that help burns a lot of calories.

10 Positions Men Absolutely Love5. The 69 position:

The 69 position is an all time classic of sex positions. This makes the men go down on the women while the women can indulge in wild sex and body activities. Both are experiencing pleasure at the same time and it helps in burning calories of both partners in equal amount.

6. The spoons sex position:

This position involves both partners lying on their side with knees bent. It got its name because it makes the partners look like two spoons kept together side by side. It is considered one of the most important sex positions because of the cuddling involved. The sentimental man or partners in love tend to prefer this position.

10 Positions Men Absolutely Love7. The stand up sex position:

Men who like experimenting generally prefer sex in the standing up position. This position involves pining the female against a wall or some object to get a better hold. The suddenness and newness of this position makes it enjoyable for both the male and the female.

8. The leg up position:

The woman put her leg up in a position where the leg forms a ninety degree angle with the body. The man enters the woman while allowing his chest as support below the knee of the woman. This position is extremely desirable by men who like innovative sex positions.

9. The reverse cowgirl position:

This is desired by shy men or men who do not like to make eye contact during sex. The woman is on top but in a reversed position that allows the man access to grab her breasts from behind during sexual intercourse.

10. The lap dance position:

This is where a man sits on a chair while the woman goes all over him. The orgasm levels increase in this position because the man can roll his hands all over the woman’s body.   The aggressive man loves this lap dance position because he is able to pull, rub and lick this woman easily in this position.

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SLS Exchange – A Night You Will Never Forget

SLS Exchange - A Night You Will Never ForgetSwingLifestyle’s SLS Exchange has been the talk of town recently ever since the successful launch of Vegas Exchange. In fact, it has grown into the most popular swinger party the lifestyle has seen in a very long time. According to people who have attended SLS parties before, this is going to be one of the best swingers’ parties to be organized in South Florida.

SLS Exchange: Hot Luau Night is going to be one of the most entertaining parties you would ever attend. has a reputation of delivering the best lifestyle parties and we keep our promises. We have never disappointed any clients or customers, so you can be assured of the fun and entertainment that’s in store for you at SLS Exchange.

An Overview of SLS Exchange

SLS Exchange - A Night You Will Never ForgetAs mentioned earlier, SLS Exchange is being organized by It is a special production by the reputed and one of the most popular swinger websites on the net. This hotel party has been named SLS Exchange: Hot Luau Night’. If you want to spend time with other swing couples? This is the place to be.

SLS Exchange will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach, Florida on October 5, 2013. The theme is a Hawaiian Luau,  so come dressed to get Lei’d! Ladies put on your grass skirts and gentlemen get out your Hawaiian shirt and come rock out Luau style.  Moreover, don’t leave your bathing suits at home.  You don’t want to miss out on the poolside fun.

Once you’re in the Crowne Plaza, you will be completely mesmerized by this upscale resort.

  • Over-sized Guest Rooms
  • Balconies in Every Room
  • Luxurious Infinity Pool
  • Views Overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway and Atlantic Ocean
  • Pool Side Lava Tiki Bar
  • In Room Spa Treatments Available
  • Prime Access to the Beach

This is your chance to stay in one of the best hotels in Florida. The extravagant and luxurious atmosphere at the hotel will win your heart instantly. SLS Exchange: Hot Luau Night will be a memorable experience and you will remember it for a lifetime.

SLS Exchange - A Night You Will Never ForgetMove on and off the dance floor to the sounds of DJ Legacy.  Have a drink at our fully stocked cash bar or enjoy the prizes and surprises in store for you at the poolside party.  There will be contests, raffles, prizes and so much more.  You will have an opportunity to win some excellent rewards, just make sure you arrive in time and make the most of this gala event.

Nudity or sexy’ play is not permitted at the pool or in the ballroom. But don’t worry, we have this covered.  We have booked 2 On-premises Play Suites’ for you that will be open at 11 PM. Make sure to keep you wristband from the swinger party,  You’ll need it to enter the play suites.


If you arrive at the party before 11 PM, you will be able to get the passes at discounted prices :

  • $25 per couple
  • $5 per single female

After 11 PM :

  • $35 per couple
  • $15 per single female

Don’t waste time; there are limited rooms available and they are filling up fast!   There’s a special treat in store for the first 20 couples, so BOOK NOW or contact the Crowne Plaza, Hollywood Beach at (954) 454-4334. Ask For Lourdes and mention code “SLS-Luau“.

To get more information about this or other SLS Exchange Events, contact Emily or Victor at the SLS “ClubCoordinator” profile.


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Swinger Parties and Their Benefits on Relationships

Swinger Parties and Their Benefits on RelationshipsIf you are in love and in a stable relationship, maybe its time to discover some new and exciting; maybe it is time to try swinging. Many couples are not comfortable being intimate in the presence of other couples, but this could end up being one of the most pleasurable and funniest experiences with your partner. Attending a swinger party will not only help you improve the relationship you have with your partner; it will offer you the chance to learn many interesting things. The swinging lifestyle is dedicated to all those couples who enjoy themselves because swinging is fun and exciting. Why funny? Because I am extremely open, I am the type of guy that says “do you mind if I make myself at home?” and when you answer “Yes” I would drop my drawers and sit on the couch and grab your remote. Anyway moving right along.

Why Attending Swinging Parties is Fun

There are numerous reasons why couples choose to become swingers. This does not mean that their relationship doesn’t work. Swinging offers them a chance to “share” one another without hiding it. Although the word “share” is not considered a bad word in a swingers vocabulary because they know of and approve it. Some may ask then how is “sharing” different from “cheating”. Note – cheating is when you do it behind your partners back without their knowledge and this act is frowned upon by swingers. The lifestyle is about couples experiencing things together.

Swinger Parties and Their Benefits on RelationshipsOpen-minded couples do not mind seeing each other in such moments of intimacy. However, swinging has nothing to deal with intimacy. Those parties that are held in specialized clubs offer unforgettable moments to couples who are looking for new adventures. Swinger’s parties are a great way for you and your partner to connect with people in the lifestyle with different personalities and styles. There will always be a mystery about what goes on inside a swinger club. You will never know what to expect. You’ll get to see couples flirting, dancing and having fun. The hot action always takes place in separate rooms mostly away from the socializing. In most cases, swinger clubs offer couples the chance to indulge in their fantasies, BDSM, voyeurism, sexual toys; you name it, a swinger club is a place to make your most erotic fantasies a reality. This is the kind of place where you’re allowed to do whatever you want that are within the rules of course. No Always Means No.

Attending a swinger’s event is a great place to network and meet new people. Swingers tend to me open-minded and they adore making new friends. It would also be a great tool for couples who are bored of their routine sex life. Swinging could add some sugar and spice to your relationship. You will get the chance to discover new things about yourself as well as your partner’s hidden desires. If you and your partner are ready to attend such a party then you can be 100% sure that it will end up being more fun than you ever expected. Just make sure that you and your lover are on the same page, otherwise, you risk destroying the relationship you have with your partner.

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SwingLifestyle Launches Mobile Phone Application

SwingLifestyle Launches Mobile Phone Application

Mike Hatcher has breaking news on the SwingLifeStyle (SLS) Swinger Application……

The mobile phone application market has sky-rocketed over the past several years and one of the latest additions is an official Swingers App for (SLS).  The application is very user friendly and easily accessible from an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.  The app was designed for swinger couples, single women and single men interested in connecting with other open-minded people in the lifestyle.  The SLS Mobile App is now available at the Apple Store, Amazon Marketplace or Google Play!

There are other lifestyle applications in the market, but the SLS Mobile App is by far the best option for swingers dating.  In addition to being versatile and easy to use, the mobile application is completely FREE.  You can have SLS at your fingertips within minutes.

Simply access the Apple Store, Amazon Marketplace or Google Play from your smart-phone or tablet. Do a search for SwingLifeStyle or SLS to locate the swingers application. Click download to install the app and then log in with your SLS member-name and password. Don’t have an account with SLS?  Not a problem, create a free profile today!

You can also download the app by accessing one of the following links from your smart-phone or tablet.

The application itself is simple and straightforward, so users do not need to worry about clutter or getting lost among the features. It is designed not only for couples, but also for single men and single women who want to spice things up in their bedroom. No matter if you are straight, bisexual or curious about the lifestyle; the SLS Mobile App will have something for you.

Take a closer look at some of the features the application has to offer:

  • Who’s Online (Near You)
  • Quick Search
  • Hot Dates (Near You)
  • Events (Near You)
  • Friends
  • Mail
  • Upload pics and so much more….

For more information on the SLS Mobile App, please email us at or visit the SLS Mobile App Forum.

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Top Swinger Clubs In Texas

There are many swinger clubs in Texas where you can go and to experience the climax of your fantasy. Swinger clubs are a safe environment where lifestyle couples can gather to get intimate.  Some clubs are on premise, which means that they allow sexual intercourse on site, while others are off premise club where couples take the play back to a hotel nearby.  You may attend as a single woman, otherwise known as a unicorn, which has the option of playing with men as well as couples.  Couples in attendance may choose to do a soft or full swap with other couples and single men are invited to play only by invitation.  With that in mind, Mike Hatcher has compiled a list of his favorite swinger clubs in Texas.

The following is a list of the top Texas Swinger Clubs.

Top Swinger Clubs In Texas - Velvet Curtain



1. Velvet Curtain

This is a club where you can enjoy your time with your partner in case you are free from Wednesday to Saturday.  If you are interested in becoming a member, you can sign up for free online, and they will email you newsletters to keep you up to date on their upcoming events.  There are a lot of facilities available that will make your time worthwhile in the club. This is one or Mike’s top picks for fun.

Top Swinger Clubs In Texas - Colette




2. Colette

Colette is among the best swinger clubs that you can decide to attend.  The club is open from Wednesday to Sundays and they allow single men, single women and couples to attend during different days of the week.  There are some days where ladies are allowed to attend free of charge. As a single lady you can take advantage of those days and have some fun in the club. Some clubs do not allow single men but Colette accepts a single man on most of the days. This is a great opportunity for you as a single man to interact with single ladies and lifestyle couples.

Top Swinger Clubs In Texas - The Friends Club



3. The Friends Club

The Friends Club is open on Friday and Saturdays, but members are required to pay a small membership fee.   For you to attend the club, you will have to go through a small screening process which is done to ensure the safety of other members. It is a club where you can go on the weekends to meet between the ages of 30 to 40 and share different experiences. It is a BYOB establishment so in case you like alcohol you can bring your own to the club with you.

The Friends Club - The OT Retreat



4.  The OT Retreat

This is a club that you can enjoy with your partner or as a single lady at anytime from Friday to Sunday.   This club is somewhat like a retreat with a large enough facility to accommodate its members. At this club, you are able to experience new fantasies, learn and experience different nudist lifestyles as well as enjoy the sun while you experience the multitude of sexual pleasures that are available to you.   As a single lady, you can easily find someone to spend your time with while satisfying your sexual desires on this secluded paradise.

There are many more clubs in the lone star state you can visit to live out your most erotic fantasies.  Click here for the complete list: Texas Swinger Clubs


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Reasons for Visiting a Swingers Club

Swingers Guide - Reasons for Visiting a Swingers Club   I remember my first visit to a swingers club.  It was like a rite of passage; a man growing facial hair or going through puberty. A swinger club is something every man and woman should experience at least once in their lifetime. For many people, the decision to join the lifestyle is a big one. In fact, there are many things about the lifestyle that you may need to consider.

One of the most important considerations is the way in which you go about finding other swinger couples. Couples and single ladies, other wise known as unicorns, tend to benefit  the most from the lifestyle.  It is a couples experience and most single men find it a little more difficult fitting into the swing lifestyle.  These days, you can meet swingers online through swingers dating websites or through advertisements. Swinger’s websites and ads allow people to connect with real swinging couples and provide information on clubs in your area.

Some couples try and make an effort to reach out to other open minded they know, inviting them into  the lifestyle. This however can be risky. If they are not up to the idea, this may cause a strain on your relationship or you could end up loosing a friend.   Some couples may not be interested or may even be jealous with the idea of sharing their lover.  Therefore, you need to look for a place where you can easily meet and interact with other couples of the swinging lifestyle. Thus, a swinger’s club will be your best choice.

Why Should You Visit A Swingers Club

Swingers Guide - Reasons for Visiting a Swingers Club   Swing clubs provide a safe environment for couples who want to embrace the lifestyle.  It allows you the opportunity to connect with other like minded individuals.  Being with other swinger couples will put your mind at ease and more willing explore your desires.   Many popular clubs thoroughly screen their members, so be ready to go through an application process.  In order to ensure safety, clubs have strict rules and guidelines that should be adhere to at all times.  Some rules even ensure that you feel comfortable enough with swinging to experience it at your own pace.

There are many clubs which cater to new members of the lifestyle.  The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming to new members and club owners tend to go above and beyond to make you feel welcome.  The owners will normally give you on a tour of the premises; introduce you to the staff as well as other members of the club.  In fact, some clubs go as far as organizing a Q & A sessions for first-timers to answer any concerns they may have. This way, you are able to understand every aspect of the swinger lifestyle before being a part of it.

Swingers club promotes safe swinging by promoting safe sex practices. In fact, most clubs provide members with free protection, like condoms, for men and women.  In case you and your partner have been interested in experimenting or spicing up your sex life, you can skip the advertisements and online websites and just visit a local swingers club.  The experience will be the best time of your life!

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Subliminal Sex Messages

Looking back at my childhood growing up in the 80’s I couldn’t help but reflect back on the commercials that shaped my warped mind. Now to get a little bit intellectual, our senses are constantly being bombarded by enormous amounts of information and only a small part of it reaches our consciousness. The fact is our subconscious mind absorbs it all.

Subliminal Sex Messages I remember growing up and wondering why all the chicks in college that ate skittles wanted to have sex all the time, I didn’t know nor did I care, I would simply drop by the candy store and buy a rainblow of flavor lol. Maybe this ad depicts why they acted the way they did.

I remember when I would float the rive during summer time break in college, I remember it vividly because all the women drinking beer and getting tipsy were just annoying, but I Subliminal Sex Messagesfound out that women that were drinking Coke, would miraculously want to perform oral sex. I never understood why until I cam across an old advertisement, ever hear the expression a picture is worth a thousand words? In this pic it looks like a woman performing oral sex. As I write this blog I can’t help but write down that I need to buy some Coke after work.

Last but not least, my favorite subliminal commercial was in the 80’s, a product called Juicy Fruit. It has nothing to do with skiing nor does the advertisement match the gum.

You have to watch and listen and share this commercial. Listen……Take a sniff……pull it out…….the taste is gonna move you when you pop it in your mouth…Ok Ever since I saw that I have always brought a pack of Juicy Fruit when I ski or Snowboard, hoping one day that when I pull it out, the taste will move someone.


I hope you enjoyed my blog on subliminal sex messages in advertisements and commercials, and remind everyone to go get some Skittles, Coke, and Juicy Fruit.

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Top Aphrodisiac Herbs For Women

Top Aphrodisiac Herbs For WomenAn aphrodisiac can be defined as a drink, food or drug that is capable of stimulating sexual desire. There are very many types of aphrodisiacs for both men and women. In this article, we discuss the most popular aphrodisiac herbs for women based on factors such as effectiveness and safety. Aphrodisiac herbs are more popular in society today because they are safer.

Aphrodisiac herbs are consumed in their natural form. They are therefore free of preservatives and chemical additives which are responsible for causing very many lifestyle diseases in our society today. Herbal aphrodisiacs have also been proven to be more effective. Below is a list of the top aphrodisiac herbs for women approved my none other than Mike Hatcher himself.

1. Catuaba

Erythroxylum catuaba popularly known as catuaba is one of the top aphrodisiac herbs for women. The aphrodisiac originated from Brazil. Catuaba works by fortifying and relieving fatigue as well as increasing strength and stimulating the nervous system. Catuaba is also known to fight bacteria and viruses resulting in a healthier reproductive system. Some of the chemical constituents present in catuaba include; tannins, alkaloids, fatty resins, aromatic oils, phytosterols, flavonoids, cyclolignans and sequiterpenes.

2. Clavo huasca

Tynanthus panurensis popularly known as Clavo huasca is another top aphrodisiac herb for women. The herb originates from South America (Amazon forest) and is used to treat sexual dysfunction as well as stimulate libido in both men and women. The herb is however commonly used for increasing libido and stimulating sex in pre-menopausal women. Clavo huasca is usually administered as a decoction (a tea is made by boiling the herb). It is however important to note that Clavo huasca can also be taken as a wine.

3. Damiana

Turnera diffusa or Damiana is also a top aphrodisiac herb for women. The aphrodisiac’s origin can be traced back to Central America, South America and West Indies. The Damiana leaves are used to prepare a drink which is taken before sex to enhance love making. Damiana is popular and effective among women because of the way the aphrodisiac works i.e. it treats the emotional aspect of sexual dysfunction i.e. anxiety or depression that prevents many women from enjoying sex.

4. Ginkgo

Ginkgo Biloba popularly known as Ginkgo is a popular herb in our society today. As a herb, Ginkgo is used to boost the brain and offer tonic benefits to seniors. As a herbal aphrodisiac for women, Ginkgo is used to increase and boost blood circulation. This in turn increases chances of vaginal arousal.


The above aphrodisiac herbs for women are among the most popular in our society today. It is however important to note that there are many other aphrodisiac herbs for women. For more information on aphrodisiacs for women to help with sexual problems, menstrual and other health problems, visit

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How To Find A Swingers Club

You may not be able to easily spot or find a swingers club walking around on the street (even though they are there).  Luckily for you, it is easy to find a swingers club in your area on the Internet.  Here are a few different ways to find a nearby club.

SwingLifeStyle Logo1.  Go to

One of the best ways to connect with the swinger community and find a swingers club is by visiting This is a growing website with almost 7,000 swingers’ online daily and over 12,000 groups to check out.  In addition, there are over 200 chat rooms for you to access, talk to other swingers and discover where the best kept secrets are in your neighborhood.

Sign up is easy and free. You do have to give an email address, but you don’t have to give your real name, this helps to maintain your privacy.  Inside, you can connect with other local swingers in your areas, find out information about clubs by location and other swinger events, vacation at lifestyle resorts and cruises as well the latest happenings on what’s going on the in the swinging lifestyle.  In short, this website has all the information you need to find what you are looking for.

Google It 2. Google It

Thankfully Google doesn’t consider a swingers club taboo.  If you type in ‘swingers club (your location)’, then you will find the swingers club nearest you along with articles and news about swingers that Google sees fit to share. However, you will not get all the information about the clubs nearest you because not all of them will be listed on Google due to banned words or just not getting the search engines attention, this is may be limited.  Access a full list of swingers club in your area.

Yelp Logo 3. Go To Yelp

Yelp is a great resource for finding and getting reviews about local businesses.  When you get to Yelp,com,  type in swinger clubs in the ‘find’ section and your location in the ‘near’ section to pull up a list of clubs.  Not all clubs will be listed on Yelp, but you may find one that interests you and get to read some pretty good reviews about it too. Reviews will be very honest on the site and let you know whether to steer clear of the club or run like wildfire towards it.

Swingers Board4. Go To

If you are just looking for the locations, and don’t necessarily want all the up-to-date information and interaction that Swing Lifestyle gives you, then you can check out The site is littered with advertising; however, if you can look past that you may be able to find a club in your area.

Note: Not all areas have clubs listed, as users are the ones who submit clubs to the site. Also, this site is dedicated mostly to the states. You will find that there are over 200 clubs listed for the states, but less than 50 clubs listed for all other countries combined.

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California Swinger Clubs

California Swinger ClubsSwinging is an alternative lifestyle, between two or more couples, based on the establishment of friendly relations generally in order to pursue recreational activities which may include but is not limited to sexual interactions.

The swinger life style brings more communication and openness to a relationship. Many couples admit that they become closer to each other after their first swinging experiences. Every aspect of your desires and preferences can be shared with your partner. There is no point keeping these feeling to yourself. These feelings extend not only sexual knowledge about each other, but the emotional knowledge become richer and develops into a better communicate channel your relationship. Many swinger couples think it is incredibly exciting to share with someone these facts, erotic fantasies and intimate desires.  Partners usually explore these desires by visiting a swinger club.  There are swinger’s clubs here in the US and abroad where couples can experiment with such desires.

When it comes to the best California swingers club, it’s hard to tell which one exceeds the rest. However, there are 3 facilities which are truly worth mentioning.

- Saints and Sinners

Saints and Sinners is a private, invitation-only facility where you can forget about inhibitions and socialize with other couples looking for erotic experiences. The club is located on Southeastern California, near the 55, 57 and 91 freeways. It boasts a 2600 square feet area, a multi-room studio which can be used for private parties and events, photo/video shoots and more. It also comes with custom-designed dungeon furniture and top-class music equipment.

- Club Joi

Club Joi is a private high-class swingers club based in Los Angeles, which delights visitors 21 and over with unique settings and events. Swinger parties are regularly held on a Saturday and Sunday. They sometimes hold free parties, contests and gifts. The atmosphere here is a highly pleasant and erotic, with clients willing to share their most private desires.

- The Hush Hush Club

Hush Hush club is renowned for hosting the most successful swinger parties in California. They have a calendar with a wide range of enticing events, including pajamas parties and birthday celebrations. The facility is equipped with the most demanding music equipment on the market and boasts cocktails and alcoholic beverages prepared by the highest qualified bartenders. Many people attend the Hush Hush club since they know that is where the best fun can be found.

If you’re looking for a swingers club, well look no further.   The three above  are all renowned in their branch for hosting exquisite and successful swinger parties, and their atmosphere is one of the most pleasant you’ll ever find yourself in. However, to find a swingers club close to you, visit SwingLifeStye’s California Swinger Clubs for a complete listing.


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Add Some Foursome Spice to Your Relationship

Add Some Foursome Spice to Your relationshipSex…adds spice to the relationship.  It has always been rumored to be a stress buster. But people with marriage boredom, voyeurism, and sexual boredom from a single partner tend to fall for sex with three, four and/or multiple partners. Foursome sex or group sex always seems to be an activity full of joy and adventure. The people who dream this stuff up have a lot of guts; few people call this activity as ‘an orgy’.

Good ole Mike Hatcher has found that there were many surveys undertaken to find out the ratio of men and women liking an orgy. According to the survey, one-eighth of the women interviewees and one fourth of men interviewees enjoyed this event. However, only half of them have ever tried.

There is a typical rumor that such threesome, foursome or group sex is carried out mostly by the young adults. But most of the orgies found at lifestyle events, participants are in their 30s, 40s or 50s. People engaging in these activities are usually married or divorced and majority of the time the experience is with their spouses. This activity then leads into ‘wife swapping’. Wife swapping is when married couples exchange partners.  They believe that carrying on such activities will lead to a better relationship; strengthen their bond and spice up their sex life.

Add Some Foursome Spice to Your relationship
In the swinging community, an orgy can be named as a hard swap or soft swap. In a soft swap, couples enjoy sexual pleasures such as kissing and touching, but there is no actual sex or penetration. On the other hand, in a hard swap, people engage in full sexual intercourse with different guests. Under this swapping activity, many other events can take place such as Daisy Chains, Lesbianism, Ring a ring a roses, forfeits and other games. Games and forfeits include party games in which the people who lose will have to offer a show to the people or the audience. In daisy chains, all the men and women lie on the ground alternately and have actions of sex with the two men or the two women lying next to them.

Before you and your partner decide to partake in a group sex type situation, you may need to define your rules as outlined in this blog here: Rule Making and Breaking, Tips Every Couple Should Know.  Once you read this and set rules for each other then you are ready to start swinging.

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Kama Sutra – To Spice up Your Sex Life

Not to get too religious on everyone, but Kama Sutra is touted as the bible of sex positions. Expand your lovemaking repertoire and increase your sexual pleasure with the erotic and wonderful Kama Sutra positions. Kama Sutra is an incredibly popular Hindu book that offers beauty, intimacy and fun for your sex life. It incorporates 64 types of sexual positions that one can engage in during lovemaking.

Now, let’s explore Kama Sutra and its mind blowing and bed rattling orgasm techniques to assure a soulful lovemaking session. If you are a swinger, you can use these one on one with your partner or incorporate new ways with new positions. I mean when it’s with a loved one, sex is like basketball, one on one and as little dribbling as possible.

Important Sex positions and Kama Sutra:

Kama Sutra - Woman On TopThe following is a collection of Mike Hatcher’s sizzling strategies and five primary Kama Sutra sexual positions for an extremely intimate sexual enjoyment. Man on top, woman on top, both on sides facing, facing sitting up and man behind woman. Of these, woman on top is considered as the most sexually gratifying and pleasurable position… (well for me anyway)

Woman on top: This is one of the popular sex positions. Here the man lies or sits on his back, the woman straddles him and they face each other. This is considered as one of the best positions to give a woman greater control and to reach orgasm through better penetration. This is because with her weight on the knee she can move freely. However it requires technique and stamina.

Kama Sutra - Man On TopMan on top: This is also called the missionary position and is widely used since time immemorial for assuring maxing enjoyment and penetration. Here the woman lies on her back and the man lies on top of her and engages in a sensuous and intimate sexual activity. This position is preferred by most couples and considered romantic as it assures a unique level of closeness, and an ability to kiss, caress and maintain an eye-to-eye contact. It also promises deeper penetration and uncompromising intimacy.

Side by side position: To get this position both partners should lie on their sides facing each other. This position involves closeness since the partners are essentially spooning. It is for this reason is it most desirable by some couples. This is also regarded as a very intimate position as it encourages hugging and kissing. This is an ideal position if the woman is pregnant.

Kama Sutra - Man Behind WomanMan behind woman: This is a rear entry position where the man enters a woman from behind. It involves the woman on all fours and the man behind her on his knees holding on to her hips to ensure deeper penetration. This position is considered highly enjoyable as it allows better access to the G-spot.

Facing sitting up position: This sitting sexual position assures a face-to-face sexual intercourse and hence is regarded as a very intimate posture. This position can be really very enjoyable because of the intense closeness of the either partners. It also ensures kissing, caressing and hugging of your partner’s upper part of the body during deep Kama Sutra - Face Sitting Uppenetration.


Kama Sutra unfurls an exhilarating and mind-blowing 64 sex positions. Adopt any of these to spice up your sex life and to achieve a mind blowing orgasm.

Oh and please remember, if you are not yet a part of, make sure to sign up for your free account.  Just pick the right password…….reminds me of a time….A husband and wife are trying to set up a new password for their computer. The husband puts, “Mypenis,” and the wife fall on the ground laughing because on the screen it says, “Error. Not long enough.”

Hope you enjoy my blog, sorry, my humor has not been present, I have been busy, but now Mike Hatcher IS BACK!!!

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What to Expect at a Swingers Convention

What to Expect at a Swingers ConventionMany people think that all swinger’s convention consists of are orgies, while this may or may not be true; there are other activities for lifestyle couples to help them connect and grow in their relationship and the lifestyle.  Vegas Exchange is a great place for couples in the lifestyle to get introduced to a swinger’s convention.  In addition to adult play in some of the most luxurious playrooms, couples will have access to over 25 couples workshop that help to strengthen their sex life and relationship.  None stop partying at nightly themed events, celebrity guest speakers, exhibitors, prize giveaway erotic entertainers and the best entertainments.

At Vegas Exchange, we start the day off with some exercise to get the blood flowing.  Pole dancing lessons, zumba fitness or yoga, pick your poison. There will also be detox and nutrition for vitality & longevity as well as self-defense classes for people that are interested.  We want you to walk away from this experience with a new outlook on healthy swinging. View convention schedule.

What to Expect at a Swingers ConventionVisit a couple workshops to help enhance your relationship; How to Blow his Mind and Rock her world, Couples Massage, Tantra, Beyond BDSM 101, Exploring other relationship types are just some of the lifestyle friendly workshops you will find at Vegas Exchange.

Then put on your sexiest swimwear and meet us at the Palms & Simon’s Pool in the Ivory Tower at the Palms Place for a little R & R, or if you want to get the party started early head over to the Palms Pool.  Later on you can take a walk over to the exhibitors and do some shopping, for adult toys, adult furniture and other lifestyle products and services.

Don’t miss out on the 007 Bond Party @ Moon Night Club, an ultra exclusive nightclub on the top floor of the Palms’ Fantasy Tower.  Then grab your favorite sex toy and come play in the Hardwood Suite…10,000 sq. ft. playground for a very sexy Pajama Jam!

What to Expect at a Swingers ConventionOur Moroccan Interlude has 2 great locations.  First we start @ Simon with A provocative harem, snake charmers, seductive musical artists and end in the Palms Ballroom with  erotic performers and so much more….The night of passion continues as we move on to two floors of sexy Fantasy playrooms.  A 6,500 sq.ft. luxurious SkyVilla playground that overlooks the famous Las Vegas strip and the 10,000 sq. ft. Hardwood Suite…this is not for the faint at heart!

Don your sexiest Venetian Lingerie and Mask and meet us @ Rain Nightclub for a night of sensual arousal and pure indulgence.  The party continues at the Palms Pool area for the Fire & Ice Grand Finale.  We have prepared a night to remember and will pull out all the stops with our entertainment line-up, so you won’t want to miss it!!

This will be the LifeStyle event of the Decade!  Never been to a swingers convention, this is the best time to check out for yourself!  Need more information on LifeStyle Conventions, read “How to Enjoy a Lifestyle Convention”.

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6 Important Benefits of Watching Porn as a Couple

6 Important Benefits of Watching Porn as a Couple There is nothing wrong with watching porn alone or as a couple. In many societies, porn is viewed as a taboo however if you take a closer look at the reasons behind this, you will realize that there is nothing wrong about porn especially if you are watching it with your partner. In fact, there are very many benefits derived from watching porn as a couple. If you are interested in discovering these benefits to make your sexual experiences with your partner more pleasurable, below are 6 important benefits of watching porn as a couple you must know.

1. It gives couples practical ideas:

This is by far one of the most important benefits of watching porn as a couple. Sometimes sex can be monotonous when you lack ideas. Although there are many magazines, forums e.t.c. on improving your sexual experiences with your partner, there is nothing better than seeing those ideas in practice. Watching porn as a couple gives you practical ideas that can be tried out to improve your sexual experiences. If you want practical sexual ideas that work i.e. sexual positions, foreplay tips e.t.c., you should consider watching porn with your partner.
6 Important Benefits of Watching Porn as a Couple

2. It gives you a shared experience:

This is another important benefit of watching porn with your partner. One of the main reasons why couples manage to stay together and enjoy each other’s company is having shared experiences. You can’t expect your relationship to last if you don’t do anything together with your partner. Watching porn together is one of those things that can give you special shared experiences which you will cherish for a long time. There is nothing wrong with watching porn alone however it will mean more to you and your partner if you watch it together.

3. Porn speeds up foreplay:

This is another important benefit of watching porn as a couple. Sometimes couples take too long to be get into the mood for sex because of a number of reasons i.e. stress, timing e.t.c. In such cases, it takes too long to enjoy steaming sex together. If you want to take the least time to arouse your partner and yourself, watching porn together is a great idea. According to numerous studies, porn arouses both men and women faster than foreplay. Porn therefore offers great benefits for couples who want to speed up foreplay.
6 Important Benefits of Watching Porn as a Couple

4. Presents couples with an opportunity to learn each others fantasies:

This is another great benefit of porn. It is normal to be afraid to share your sexual fantasies with your partner. In such cases, porn can help you learn your partner’s sexual fantasies without necessarily asking them. There are very many types of porn. Watching different types of porn as a couple can help couples identify their partners fantasies which are usually keeps a secret. This is a very important discovery because fantasies give the ultimate sexual satisfaction which is necessary for intimate relationships to last.

5. It plays a huge role in minimizing sexual desires outside your relationship:

This is another very important benefit of watching porn. Having sexual desires outside your relationship is normal. It can however cause problems when you are not able to control yourself. Watching porn as a couple helps you to become open with your partner about all your fantasies and sexual needs. This in turn decreases the chances of having sexual desires outside your relationship. This is a very important benefit because it reduces chances of cheating which are common in relationships where couples aren’t open with each other. If you are interested in having a long-lasting open relationship with your partner, you should consider watching porn with your partner more often to reduce their chances of seeking sexual gratification elsewhere.
6 Important Benefits of Watching Porn as a Couple

6. It shatters baseless myths:

As mentioned above, it is normal to be attracted to other people besides your partner. The issue here is being able to control yourself. Watching porn as a couple gives you an opportunity to shatter the myth that you can’t be attracted to anyone else other than your mate. The experience will teach you the right way to satisfy your sexual desires which is with your partner only. There is no need to ignore reality and nature. It is not a crime to be attracted to other people however how you deal with the attraction is the most important thing.


In summary, the above benefits are enough to show you the importance of watching porn with your partner. Watching porn as a couple has more pros than cons. You should try it if you genuinely want to improve your sexual experiences with your partner and have an open lasting relationship

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Vegas Exchange Bikini Contest

Vegas Exchange 2013 is one of the most popular and exciting conventions that will take place in Vegas this year. I’m sure half of the world’s population must be aware of the thrill and magnificence  the biggest party of the year will bring. Here is the great news for all those who have been waiting for this amazing lifestyle party that will give a great rush to your adrenaline level. The much awaited biggest lifestyle party is around the corner and will hit off the stage in the month of August this year.

Vegas Exchange -Bikini-ContestThe party is scheduled to begin on 5th August at Palms Casino Resort and will continue till 11th August.  Starting from 5th August, this 7 day event will be hosted in Vegas and is expected to gather a crowd from all around the world. Don’t forget to attend the Lifestyle’s only adult event on the 10th of August, where all the beautiful ladies from different parts of the country will walk the ramp in Bikinis to win the title of Ms. International Swinger’s Day 2013. Vegas has always been known as the ultimate party destination and now with Ms. ISD Bikini Contest 2013, there is absolutely much more to add to this already exciting festive land.

Ms. ISD Bikini Contest is going to be organized by Vegas Exchange for the very first time to grace the planet with beautiful ladies. A huge number of beautiful and sexy ladies from around the country will represent various lifestyle clubs in the nation and abroad in front of the panel of judges at the famous Palm Casino Resort during Vegas Exchange Gets Wet & Wild! Pool Party. With a pool capacity of over 2,500, this event is definitely a place to be. The event is guaranteed to sizzle with the onset of the bikini round and surprise celebrity guest who are sure to add glamor and charm to the event.

Before we proceed further with the details of the event, let us tell you about the venue of the event. Palms Casino Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Vegas. It can facilitate everything a sprawling, eventful party would need, including nightclubs, luxury ambiance, Vegas Exchange Bikini Contest party halls, play rooms and so on. The resort has its own spas, pubs, clubs and theaters. The venue is expected to be occupied by more than three thousand swingers. All the swingers anticipated to take part in the event must be looking forward to spending their time in this exquisite location.

There will be a number of surprise elements in the event from surprise celebrity entries to music performances. One can also expect some eventful workshops being organized by experts from the fashion industry who have gained respect and recognition in their respective fields. As a bonus package, party goers will also get to interact with famous personalities and performers, who have been invited to perform on scintillating dance numbers. This is not it. There is much more to this exciting and fun-filled event. As part of bonus offers, party goers can go for a dinner with Nina Hartley, the world famous porn-star legend and sex educator. The theme of the party is definitely going to make you go crazy and wild throughout the event.

This party is to be inaugurated by Larry Flynt, popularly known as Hustler. He’ll be the keynote speaker on the first day of the event. Apart from this, Dr. Jessica O’Reilly will also be participating in the event and will be an important part of the workshops being held.

Ladies are encouraged to sign up now for the bikini contest at Vegas Exchange Bikini Contest.

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