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How To Get A Woman To Have Anal Sex

anal sex
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OK Mike Hatcher is a dirty man I admit this, but how many of you out there want to have anal sex with your woman? Come on, I will show you ways that will make your woman beg for anal sex. First things first, too many men that are inexperienced in this matter need to consider that you should not force yourself in. Would you like something forced in your butt?

Here is a tip, you ever hear the expression it is better to give than receive? This could not be more true especially when you give a rim job. What is a rim job you ask? OK a Rim job is not a new position of employment that the government created with the stimulus package although it will stimulate someones senses. A rim job is the act of massaging the anus in and around with the tongue. Let Mike Hatcher let you in on a secret, some women can climax faster and easier with a rim job or anal penetration.


If the special someone has never had anal sex before, get them in the mood by garnering some sensual lotions or oils for a nude massage for your partner. Slowly start at the neck area and work your way down, it is important that you take time and give a hand massage. Next slowly work down to the booty department(Mike’s favorite) and massage ever so softly in a circular motion. Slowly touch the undercarriage of the woman’s vagina, and leave it alone. continue massaging the booty in a circular motion working your fingers deeply down toward the anus, but do not penetrate just yet.


No not this kind of rim job (courtesy coolbuddy)

Next is the rim job, slowly pull apart the booty cheeks and start massaging your tongue in a circular motion around the opening of the anus. for the daring I recommend doing this for about 5 minutes or so and slowly inch a hand under the vagina and rub the clitoris and try and stick your tongue into the opening, slowly inching out and again massaging the opening of the anus with your tongue.  The woman will now have dual stimulation and start to get very wet. At this point slowly put a finger in while massaging in and around and do not forget to continue to massage the clitoris. Right about now is when you can slowly get behind the woman (use lube if need be/recommended ) and slowly insert your penis.

Massage Baby (Mikes Friend)

I would recommend starting with the tip of your penis, and continue rubbing and massaging the clitoris.  Only inch in another inch or so, do not shove it in or jerk it out as this will cause the woman pain. Respect how far she wants it in, work with what you have. Once the desired depth is accomplished, rub the clitoris while you slowly go in and out. You will find that your woman may have more orgasms this way, and she will have a different type of orgasm.

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