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How to Talk Your Partner into an Open Relationship


You are serious about your partner, but you don’t want to be with just her. Change is the spice of life and if you are one of those who simply can’t resist the temptation of finding constant changes in your love life, then an open relationship is your safest bet. What happened if you’re already in love with a girl you met a few months back, you want her, but want to see others too, well chances are you want to discuss being in an open relationship. Open relationship isRead More

A Brief Introduction to Group Sex

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It is common to believe that sex is meant to be between two individuals who deeply love and care for each other and want to show their affection through physical contact. This is somewhat of a misconception because intimate relationships can occur between multiple people who are deeply in love and passionate about each other and they on occasion will engage in group sex. Group sex can provide healing and pleasure to all individuals involved. It can even keep intimacy exciting and unique. This is because the group could beRead More

Atlanta Swingers Party An SLSeXchange and Sharenation event!!!

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  Tease the Season An SLSeXchange and Sharenation event!!! Saturday Dec 13, 7pm-4am Large_thumb Large_thumb HOTEL CAPITOL PARK ATLANTA 450 Capitol Ave SE Atlanta, GA 30312 host SLSeXchange slsexchangecoordinator@ gmail.com Buy tickets Or RSVP TEASE THE SEASON makes way to Atlanta for an amazing holiday party sure to get the ladies indulging. We’re giving extra special attention to all SLS ladies who come in their special and most naughty holiday outfit. Dare to bare as much flesh as you desire for this private party and you might just get aRead More

Joy That Swingers Enjoy From Reading Bondage Stories

Bondage stories

swingLifeStyle.com Bondage is a form of sexual pleasure where a partner is restrained from making movements by ropes. It is a way of making one of the partners achieve great pleasure while in sex. The act of binding one partner with ropes also make the other feel like he or she has total control over the other. It is an act that has been used in history to show transfer of power in submissive relationships. Before you start the bondage relationship you should know the benefits that people who practiceRead More

How To Satisfy Your Woman Sexually In Bed


swingLifeStyle.com Some men ask themselves several questions about how to keep their relationships going. Perhaps the most obvious answer is ‘sexual satisfaction’. Sexual satisfaction is usually an headache to most people in relationships, some would argue that voyeurism is the best way to gain sexual urge before having sex to psyche up. voyeurism is usually from porn movies and journals. Swingers love it too! Here are some of the tips to satisfy your partner 1. Give her enough time to relax and get relieved of the day’s stress. This isRead More

Things to Consider While Attending a Themed Halloween Swinger Party

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Most of the swinger clubs organizes off-premise themed Halloween swingers party where sex is not the only consideration for their attendees. But you must know about the type of party before planning to attend one. You must know that you are attending an off-premise or on-premise themed swinger party so that you can prepare yourself accordingly to attend it with full vigor.   Various types of themed swinger parties are organized by swinger clubs including weekly, bi-monthly and monthly at different locations like banquet halls, hotels, beach resorts and barsRead More

Free Sex Stories on Swinglifestyle

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Free Sex Stories In life most of us are constantly looking for something that can inspire us. This ‘something’ may be a funny video on YouTube or a story we may come across.  Free sex stories are no different. The bedroom is an area we are constantly among to be masters at. There is no shame in thinking about the various ways we can spice things up in the bedroom. Those who are yet to find inspiration from sex stories may consider the following benefits this alternative holds. These freeRead More

Meet More San Francisco Swingers At Twist Swingers Club

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Meet More San Francisco Swingers At Twist Swingers Club Looking for San Francisco swingers to interact with? If you are a permanent resident of San Francisco, you probably know about the high number of swingers in your area. If you don’t know about the swingers, then you obviously don’t know your area well. There are lots of swingers in San Francisco. This is indicated by the high number of swinger parties organized every month. If you were thinking about getting into a swinging lifestyle but you don’t know where toRead More

Interact with San Jose swingers at Tangerines dream Swingers club

San Jose Swingers

swingLifeStyle.com Interact with San Jose swingers at Tangerines dream Swingers club You may be looking for quite some time on ways that will allow you interact with San Jose swingers. For your dream to come true you need to look for a club where the swingers attend. Not just knowing the clubs where the swingers attend but you need to be careful and identify parties that may have ben organized for the swingers .After you visit Tangerines Dream you will be assured of accessing an updated list of parties where San JoseRead More

Minglers Grand Opening SwingLifeStyle Black Tape Swinger Party

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OFFICIAL SLS EVENT Saturday September 27th, 2014 Minglers Club Grand Opening Spectacular at our new Location! Official SLS Event : A Black Tape Party!! This is it, lets make it our biggest party yet! We are bringing the SLS Black tape artist to wrap you up in an all new sexy, seductive way!! This party is featuring multiple vendors for all to enjoy!!!   NipSizzle Sexy Club wear – Offering only the sexiest outfits, at the best price for you!! Nip Sizzle will be raffling off Free prizes all night!Read More