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Amateur Cuckold – How to get into the Sexual Lifestyle

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Amateur Cuckold – How to get into the Sexual Lifestyle Before a couple decides to engage in this alternative lifestyle, they should understand what the concept means and what it entails. By definition a cuckold is a scenario where a wife (girlfriend) has sex with another man while her husband (boyfriend) watches. Although this lifestyle has never really surfaced out into the open like swingers, it is becoming more popular with every generation.

Living the life of an amateur cuckold shouldn’t be too difficult, seeing as most men don’t really have a problem in regards to having intercourse with another man’s wife. The only difference in this instance is that permission is given by the husband or lover and the only condition is that he gets to watch. A lot of guys are probably thinking who would allow this, but in most cases it is the husband who suggests it.

There are several reasons for this specific situation and it differs quite extensively from couple to couple. Some men get aroused by the mere jealousy of seeing his wife enjoying another man. Others are thrilled by the humiliation of getting replaced. The psychological elements are vast and ultimately they don’t make much sense.

Amateur Cuckold – How to get into the Sexual Lifestyle The wives and girlfriends tend to be the ones who don’t like to partake in cuckolding because it could just as well damage the relationship completely. Due to the consequences involved, couples should be sure beyond a doubt that it is something they both want. For those who like the idea, it can be very pleasurable and some even opt to videotape the session for later use.

Finding the right guy for the event is a crucial step, you need a Bull like Hatcher…..just kidding. It is not recommended to use a good or close friend because it can get too personal. It is better to use a third person who won’t be seen a lot or gets invited to gatherings. Keep in mind that there are real-life dangers that come with the territory and meeting the new guy a few times before actually engaging in a cuckold should be priority.

In addition make sure the candidate is clean in the sense of STD’s. The last thing a couple wants is to contract a terminal or unnecessary illness which could have been avoided. It might start small, but the part sperm plays becomes very powerful after a while and discarding the dangers would be foolish. Once the screening process is complete and both parties can agree to the limits and expectations, the fun can start so-to-speak.