Dallas -The Modern Hub For The Dallas Swingers

Dallas swingers If you live in Dallas, you most probably know about the swinging lifestyle. Dallas swingers clubs, tend to be big and quite brassy. They range from simple to high end. For those in this lifestyle, this is definitely the place you need to visit. If you have been planning to visit Dallas for swinging and really want to satisfy your desire, you will have to get a platform that allows you to search all the popular spots where you can join swinging parties in this town. You can also browse through the right places to get the entire list of clubs and parties in this town on any particular date.

Dallas Swingers clubs

Dallas swingers clubs are known for arranging their parties from very simple swingers get-together to the high end. Individuals who choose this lifestyle have to go through a screening process before they enter such clubs. Some clubs will only allow swingers while some may allow non-swingers to join. Depending on your own choice and personal taste, you can choose any club that gets your attention.

FULL LIST: Dallas Swinger Clubs

Dallas SwingersThe reason Dallas is known as modern hub for swingers is because you can actually indulge in all types of swinging activities. There are exotic parties almost each day. Here, swingers get a chance to access the right resources and information that enables them to make the most out of’ this lifestyle without too much hassle. People residing in Dallas are more open about this sexual life. This means, you will not experience any difficulties finding the best resources to make this swinging experience fun-filled.

Some of the best Dallas swingers clubs include Iniquity, Jet set, Velvet curtain, Balcony club and so much more. Some of these clubs requires you to be a member before they allow you inside, while others don’t need any membership. These clubs features a DJ, a dance floor, some live music, pool tables, theme nights and in some cases a VIP room.

Texas Swingers

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Is Wife Swapping Really Good for Your Relationship?

The first thought in most peoples minds when the subject of wife swapping is brought up isn’t always a positive one.

wife swappingSome may imagine a seedy den, back room or basement on the wrong side of town, where loveless couples meet to engage in casual sex with strangers. The pursuit of the almost divorced, perhaps? Certainly not the pursuit of couples who are madly in love with each other, right? Well the answer may surprise you, as it seems, it’s anything but straightforward.

The above example certainly isn’t a fictitious viewpoint, in fact it’s perfectly applicable to many people who engage in wife swapping, but it’s far from the whole truth and certainly does not apply to the vast majority of couples who partake in the swinging community. A community which for all intensive purposes is thriving.

The majority of people involved in the swinging community see it as a healthy outlet that not only spices up their otherwise conventional sex lives, but also strengthens their relationship over time, leading them to enjoy a much more fulfilled and happy love life with their partner. Although this may sound counter intuitive to some, according to a number of leading psychologists around the world, and the couples themselves, it actually makes perfect sense. Read more:[Marriage counselors agree on swinging for your relationship]

“Wife swapping is not only a great way to spice up your sex life, but it can also dramatically improve your relationship”, says a recent study from the United Kingdom. The study suggests that couples who engage in wife swapping are four times less likely to break-up than their monogamous counterparts. Read more:[Swingers have a lower divorce rate than monogamous couples]

This is surprising, but certainly not something to be shrugged off as “mumbo jumbo” or pseudo-scientific. Psychologists and relationship experts have for many years bestowed the virtues of having a varied and experimental sex life. This is going right back to the 1960′s, with the birth of the “free love” movement, in the USA.

wife swappingThe key to success in this area of your life and why it differs so greatly from the number one cause of divorce (infidelity) is that it is something a couple must engage in together. It requires trust, understanding, honesty and respect. These are the core principles of any loving, caring and thriving relationship. Unfortunately these virtues can get lost in a relationship over time, no matter how much the couple are in love with each other.

Wife swapping is certainly not for everyone, but if you’re looking to spice up your sex life or if your relationship is on a down-slide, you may very well find that swinging is a great, healthy and enjoyable way to get your relationship back on track. Join a Wife Swapping site now!

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How BDSM Is Good For Your Relationship

bdsmAre you bored of trying all those silly erotic things that once used to bring excitement in your relationship? Have you tried almost every sex position in the kama sutra? After a few years of a relationship or marriage, sexual life tends to become monotonous. This is the perfect time to include things that seem beyond yor imagination. If you have already seen the trailers for “The Dark Shades of Gray”, then you will surely know what we are aiming at.

BDSM is a variety of erotic practices that involves dominance, submission, restraint, role playing, and many other interpersonal dynamics. In this practice, the person who exerts sexual control over the other partner is known as the dominants, while the participant who take the receiving role are known as submissive.

How BDSM Helps?

BondageAlmost every person desires trying different things when it comes to sex. Most commonly it happens with married couples or people who have been in long term relationships. BDSM is one of the most common sexual fetish shares by everyone who is sexually active. Most people shy away and neglect the tremendous benefits that this erotic pleasurable bondage can bring in their relationship.

If you and your partner feel excited about trying something erotic and new, then try bondage and restraints. You first thought should be about determining roles and may be exchanging them later. If you are the most dominating one in your relationship, the role reversal can be a good trait for the one to make the night exciting.

A lot of couples have started trying BDSM. It can give you and your partner a sense of true rejuvenation and take your relationship to the next level. It also symbolizes the trust and affection between couples.

Role play also helps a couple show that they still feel passionate about each other. The other person starts feeling good thinking that you are willing to fulfill all of his fantasies. You can even buy cute costumes according to your partner’s desires. You may even choose to transform yourself into a lusty fireman, naughty nurse, sexy school girl, or whatever your partner likes.

In order to make things more exciting, you can use creative ideas. Regardless of how you would like to to play with your partner, make sure that your partner enjoys to the maximum extent. Make sure you both explore each other’s bodies and BDSM can be the best way to rekindle the fire.

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Increasing Trend Of Partner Swapping And Its Perks

Partner SwappingThe Swinging lifestyle, also known as partner swapping has become quite popular in last decade. In fact, swinging was earlier known as wife swapping. This lifestyle has been in practice since ancient period. The only difference is that today couples are more open about it. Modern couples see no harm in sharing their sexual fantasies with other couples with consent of each other. Married couples who participate in such kind of activities are said to be more bold, open and strong. They share each other’s sexual fantasies and work together to make them a reality. Such things keep away the burden of monogamy and infidelity from the marriage. In fact, couples who share greater bond tend to get more inclined towards this lifestyle.

There are many couples who deeply love each other partner, but often desire to have sexual encounters with outside the marriage for some extra pleasure. In fact, swinging lifestyle is designed to target married couples who want to prevent the feeling of monotonous life in their marriage, but still want to be together and explore their hidden fantasies and sexual desires.

Partner SwappingWhen we talk about partner swapping or swinging lifestyle, a lot of people see it as an activity where people swap between partners to fulfill their sexual pleasures. This is not all! It is important to note that there are a lot of variations that one gets to explore in this lifestyle. Swinging clubs and parties are organized on different themes to keep the level f excitement high.

Most importantly, you should be able to choose the kind of sexual adventures you and your wife are looking forward to. The variations include: foursome, group sex, bi-sexual, threesome, orgies, room sex and same voyeurism.

As a couple, you can choose to be in the same room, or choose different rooms as per your personal preferences. A lot of men often enjoy watching their wives in orgies or going bi-sexual. On the other hand, women feel more excited seeing their partner taking control over the group sex.

The swinging lifestyle is all about exploring each other’s sexual fantasies without feeling cheated or insecure. Couples, who share a strong bond and honesty, do not feel jealous and insecure. They rather enjoy this lifestyle. It is about letting your loved one do all that he/she desires for. Sexual intimacy should be kept separate from the baggage of emotions and love. For most people it is casual and a good platform to have fun. Join the SwingLifeStyle now

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Partner swapping

What is Partner Swapping?


This is simply a temporary exchange of partners or wives between married couples or single partners in committed relationship. It is done mainly for either sexual relations or recreational (social) activities.


Partner SwappingIn the contemporary society and age, the fundamental definition of a relationship has totally changed unlike its meaning a few years ago. In modern relationships, People have had different mindsets, taking everything casually. Until recently, when an interaction involving two people of the conflicting gender was considered dating or courtship.

However, people have ceased thinking in such thoughts of dating. On the other hand, some use the Internet to discover partners, others believe that long term courtship is too long of a phenomenon and now the most recent being partner swapping. This is building up and it’s is now getting very popular in several parts of the world.

Because these days’ people are more open and honest, they can easily be found involved in partner swapping and more so, getting involved in swinging clubs.

Benefits of partner swapping to the relationship

With Partner swapping wives can have abundant benefits in their stable relationships. This lifestyle (unorthodox) has got immense potential of strengthening of the bond in a marriage. This is because, the two couples will experience new life adventures, this means the level of satisfaction and happiness improves.

However, couples who engaged in partner swapping get enough freedom to explore and rediscover their hidden sexuality.

Partner SwappingOther benefits of partner swapping to a relationship include;

i. Good way for bi-curious men and women to discover their sexual desires.

ii. Provides good opportunity to refuse being a monogamous couple

iii. Provides an opportunity to learn a lot more on sexual interests

iv. Enhance the conditions of relationship between two partners

v. Helps in building up a strong level of security and trust

vi. It is a freedom to get together and get to know new people from all strides of life

Partner swapping is a Pleasure to observe your colleague when sexually active with other women or men, this is quite arousing.

It should be noted that partner swapping have got no special rule guide. But it is up to the two partners to (you and your partner) totally to decide the boundaries and limitations. However, there are number of swapping to get indulged with and it ranges from foursomes, threesome, orgies, room sex and same voyeurism.


In order to participate in partner swapping, the two people should not be married but with history of being together as partners.

It is very vital to carefully consider the crowd with whom you are planning to mingle at your venture. Normally, the success of every partner swapping depends on the type of people you interact with. So, it is important to select people who will make you feel safe and comfortable. This will guarantee a better swapping lifestyle.

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Why Couple Swapping Can Benefit Relationships

Couple Swapping
couple swappingCouple swapping has become quite the popular thing lately, where countless people have started to implement it to their relationship when things started to get rocky. Swapping as a couple simply means to switch your partner with another couple to enhance your sex life and relationship. A lot of people are really hesitant about it mainly because it isn’t the most orthodox thing to do nor is it the first thing that comes to mind when you are trying to save your relationship. However, as strange as it may sound, there are many benefits that can come from swapping your partner.

Why Couple Swapping Can Benefit Relationships

- Increased Sex Life

One of the main benefits you and your partner will receive is obviously a more intense sex life. You will be able to feel as though your relationship is new again, as you are both are consenting to this open type of relationship. Also this will allow the both of you to be away from each other for a while without feeling any guilt with the things you do with someone else.

- Try Something New

couple swappingIn addition to that, you will be able to try something new with your sex partner which can ultimately help your relationship in so many ways. Not only will you know new sexual techniques, but your partner will as well. The best part overall is that you both can do the things you want without feeling any jealousy or resentment toward each other. This in conclusion will help your relationship greatly in the long run.

- Find Out Where Your Relationship Stands

Lastly, you will finally be able to really find out whether or not you want to be with your partner. Sometimes all you need in order to truly appreciate your partner is by not being with them for a while, and swapping will allow you to do that without any strings attached. When your relationship experiences a bumpy road, the only effective thing that you can do is give each other freedom and space. The more you struggle to hold on to your past together and not allow each other to try new things, the harder it will be to move forward.

If you want to strengthen your relationship with your partner and be able to have a new perspective toward each other, then you should really consider to try couple swapping. Just make sure to find the right couple to do the swapping so that no hearts will be hurt or broken.

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Female Libido Enhancers Help Women to Stay Sexually Satisfied and Emotionally Connected

Female Libido EnhancersHave you been struggling to have more fulfilling intimate encounters with your partner? Sexual problems make most women view sex as a hard chore. If you have such an attitude towards sex, you need to address it as soon as possible. The problem that you are experiencing is due to low sexual sensitivity, arousal and desire. Sex not only keeps partners stay physically fit, but also stay emotionally stable. You can address this problem with female libido enhancers.

A female libido enhancer is a supplement that is supposed to raise desire for sex in women. The enhancers are made from blends of vitamins, herbs and botanicals. These components are well balanced to work effectively in enhancing sexual libido in women. The supplement is a perfect solution if your man makes a big effort to turn you on but all turns out to be in vain. With female libido enhancers, you will not only want but also enjoy sex.www.libidra.com

About Libidra, a female libido enhancer

The way Viagra works for men is the same way libido enhancers work for women.  The first thing the product does is increase blood flow to the female genitalia. High blood flow makes the clitoris more sensitive, hence increasing the female orgasm. Secondly, the enhancer provides a formula that increases vaginal lubrication for increased pleasure.

The use of female libido enhancers is very common in older women. As age creeps in, women experience some hormonal changes that discourage their libido. Their genital area might experience reduced supply of blood. Vaginal lubrication also reduces due to the aging process. These problems will collectively depress the sexual desire in older women. The use of libido enhancers could be the only solution left for enjoyable sex as well as satisfying their partners.

Currently, the market is filled with so many brands of female libido enhancers. Different supplements contain different elements, with some key items being common in all enhancers. It’s your choice to lead you to thy preference product. All enhancers are expected to increase blood flow to the genitalia, provide vaginal lubrication as well as stimulating thoughts of sex. It’s imperative to shop for a product that suits you most. Your preferred enhancer should be able to improve your overall sex desire.

If sexual desire is missing in a relationship, that relationship can be termed as dead. Do you want to save your relationship? Invest some money into your sexual life. Buy female libido enhancers because they will give you a healthy sexual function. Be wise, take action to rejuvenate your once active sex life and live happily with your partner.

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How hotwifing brings back romance into your relationship

The term “hotwifing” means getting your wife to have sex with another man. In most cases, the husbands take pleasure in watching their wife enjoy this experience. They may also enjoy hearing, watching, or knowing about the adventures of their wives. At times, husbands may be a part of this arrangement by fixing dates for their wives or engaging in threesome.

hotwifing Hotwifing usually never starts when the couple is newly married or have just started living together. This will generally start only after a few years, when the couple knows each other and don’t mind opening their relationship. A few years after marriage, some women start missing the sexual freedom they enjoyed before marriage. Also, husbands are secure about their relationship and are willing to allow their wife have sex with other men.

If the extra-marital partner is boring, inattentive, or does not treat the women right, the women can move on to another partner. The main support of women in this setup is their husband. She gets to enjoy the best of both worlds because her security and anchor remains in her home. The success of this arrangement depends on the frequency and nature of prior sexual experiences of women. Women who have a history of extra-marital affairs don’t see this experience as a major change in their life. The only difference being they don’t have to hide their relations from their husband.

Benefits of Hotwifing

There are several benefits for a couple who are a part of this arrangement. It is the answer to many unfulfilled desires of women and is the top fantasy of most husbands. Here are some potential benefits of hotwifing:

a) Wife has the freedom to enjoy the company of the opposite sex

b) Helps in fulfilling sexual fantasies of the couple

c) Increases trust and communication between husband and wife

d) Husband learns to control feelings of jealousy

e) Women become more confident and are able to express themselves more freely

f) Husbands feel they are married to a sexy and hot woman

g) Women realize their potential for fantasy and intimacy

h) Husbands show increased interest in the looks and clothing of their wife

i) Married women can enjoy dating other men

j) Increases trust between couples

k) Husbands put extra effort to please their wife

l) Intimacy improves, as husbands find out about the secret fantasies of their wife

m) Husbands are likely to become more caring and romantic

n) Variety and new experience is enjoyed by couple

o) Husbands are satisfied because their wife enjoys this experience

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How to find Arizona swingers

Arizona swingersAs an Arizona swinger, for you to enjoy your lifestyle you need to take time and look for clubs and parties in Arizona where you can go and enjoy your time. There are many ways through which you can locate the clubs but for you to easily locate the best clubs you need to take your time and go into details on the nature of each club. For instance, you may like to enjoy certain facilities in a club. For you to be able to avoid cases where you will be a complete stranger in a given club, you need to do your research online and get used to the facilities that you will be able to access in a certain club. Visiting SwingLifeStyle.com has been known as one of the best ways through which you will access useful information about the clubs available in Arizona where different people will go and enjoy themselves after they have decided to become part of Arizona swingers: Here are some benefits of accessing information from:

You will be updated on different parties where Arizona swingers will go to enjoy themselves

Arizona Swingers Hot WifeThere are some clubs in Arizona where other swingers may be gathering to commemorate different events or parties. For you to access all the necessary information about such clubs and parties you need to be a regular visitor of the website. There is a service where you will be offered a chance of signing up for a free newsletter. After you sign up for the newsletter you will be assured of great updates hence making you stay updated as one of Arizona swingers

Swinglifestyle.com will enable you know the rates of service offered in different Arizona swingers clubs

For you to be able to access all the necessary information which will make you enjoys services in different clubs, where you will make your decision whether to attend a given club or not. You need to make use of the clubs regularly for you to be able to prepare in advance. Remember after you access necessary information in advance you will be able to get prepared. There are some events in some clubs where you will be required to attend with certain requirements. After you access the updates from the website you will be in a better position of avoiding any inconveniences which may make you fail to enjoy the services offed in different events in Arizona where swingers will be attending.

Most swingers on SLS are unaware of the Arizona swingers party page which can be viewed here: Arizona Swingers Party

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Meet New York swingers

New York SwingersThe easiest way for you to learn more about swingers in New York is to visit swinglifestyle.com. The website has all that you require for you to enjoy life as a swinger in New York. For instance, after you visit the website you will be assured of accessing useful information about different clubs and parties that are going to be organized specifically for swingers in New York. There are many clubs in New York which can even confuse you whether they are the right for you to attend or not. After you visit the website you will get all the information right which will make you attend any club that you may have studied through the use of the website without any worries. The following are reasons why you should be a regular visitor of swinglifestyle.com as one of New York swingers:

The website enables you learn about different clubs available in New York and the facilities that they have

You may like attend a club where a part from enjoying swinging activities you will be able to access other facilities such as a swimming pool or a pool table for you to play after the adventures in the club. After you visit the website you will be assured of more information which will enable you decide on the best club for you to have more fun according to your favorite recreation facilities.

It is very easy to access a list of parties in New York through the use of the website

New York SwingersAfter you develop a habit of visiting the website regularly you will not be stressed on where to access a list of parties in New York for you to decide on the best. The website offers useful information about different parties in New York which you can attend and enjoy great time. In case you will like to be involved in activities such as threesomes or foursomes, it will be very easy for you as one of New York swingers to access a member whom you can easily introduce to your relationship to make it possible for you to enjoy threesomes. This is possible because swingers in New York are free minded people and they will easily listen to your request after you interact online via the website. Almost all the swingers who make use of the website have their own intention which they can easily fulfill in making use of the website.

Visit: New York Swingers couples list

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Texas Swingers- What to Know About And Ways of Finding Them

texas swingersThe number of swingers in Texas, clubs and parties has been growing immensely in the recent past. This is attributed to the fact that many people in the current society have started embracing this particular lifestyle, since there are several ways in which they get pleasure from taking part in sexual activities provided during swinging. Texas swingers come in different types as well as portraying varied characteristics. Ideally, this makes it possible for every individual interested in finding swingers in Texas, top clubs and parties within the neighborhood to choose one without difficulty.

Texas swingers offer a wide range of sexual activities such as same room sex, threesome, as well as full-scale orgy among others. This is necessary, especially for the individuals receptive of the idea of swinging, since it shows that they will never run short of choices when looking for their ideal swinging desire, be it in different types of parties and top clubs in Texas and its surroundings. It is also important to understand that single swingers in top clubs in Texas as well as parties are usually very eye-catching, understanding and professional. This is essential since it makes it easy for the interested individuals to be certain that they will get utmost satisfaction from the services of these swingers.

Texas swingers There are numerous places and ways of obtaining Texas swingers in the event that you are looking for one or several. The first place of getting swingers in Texas is online. This simply implies that there are a number of websites that have been established online to provide ease of acquiring swingers in Texas. Several websites provide apt information regarding particular swinging event as well as the venue for the same, to enable the interested parties to attend accordingly. The other way of getting swingers is by visiting swinging clubs in this city. There are various top clubs in Texas that offer swinging activities to a number of people often, mostly weekends.

Private swinging events, swingers’ resorts and a number of hotel parties are also some of the places where Texas swingers can be found. By attending parties organized in private residential homes, resorts and hotels, you can certainly, find swingers to combine with so as to have fun from engaging in varied sexual activities provided by the parties available in such events. Recommendation from your acquaintances is also another way of finding the swingers in Texas that you might need to have fun with from sexual activities.

Visit: Texas Swingers Party

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Why You should use SwingLifeStyle to find a Florida Swinger Party

Florida swingers partyDid you know that Florida swingers have one of the largest  following? Finding swingers in Florida has never been easier than using an online method for a local Florida swingers party. This is where you will just be seated in your home and accesses all the information you need.(scroll to bottom to find locations and events)

There is no need to travel physically to a club or party place in order to know the nature of services offered by the swinger parties. If you want to use the physical method, you will be required to travel physically to Florida and check the clubs to see what they offer. Are you planning to access some information about any swinger party in Florida? Here are some of the reasons as to why you should make use of the online method:

1.Online Method Will Save Your Time

Accessing the relevant information about the swinger party you want by online method will save much of your time. This is mainly due to the fact that you will not travel. There is no time to travel to their place, there is no time to queue in their place so as to be attended, and there is no time to queue in the bank so as to pay the required amount. With the online method, you will just complete all the required transactions online including the payments.Florida swingers party

2.It Is The Most Convenient Method Of Accessing Relevant Information About Florida Swingers Party

There are some instances where you travel to their place only to be told that they are no longer in service. Moreover, you can travel only to realize that the prices of their services are higher than you expected. There is also a possibility that you will find a very long queue in their place when you use the physical methods. All these inconveniences are not there for the case of the online method. You will just sit in your room and complete all the necessary inquiries.

3.With The Online Method, You Will Easily Compare The Available Swinger Parties

The online method will give you a chance to compare easily all the available swinger parties in Florida. Most people are interested in choosing the best Florida swingers party and one of the methods that can be used is to compare all the available parties in Florida. It is easier to compare the available parties with the online method than for the case of the physical methods where you have to visit each and every party. Therefore if you must compare the available parties, you should use online methods.

View: Florida Swinger Party Locations

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Places To Meet Swingers In Carlifornia

California swingersMore and more people today are adopting a swinger’s lifestyle because of its many benefits. If it you have just found out about swinging and you want to live a swinging lifestyle, you probably don’t know the places where you can find swingers. Being in the same environment with fellow swingers makes everything easy for you. This is because you all want the same thing; hence, it will not be hard for you to find exactly what you need. However, as a newbie, you probably don’t know where to start. You should start by knowing the places to find swingers in California. Although there are many California swingers, you should not expect to meet them in the streets. There are specific places where California swingers meet to have a good time. Some of the places where you can find swingers in California include;

1. Swinger clubs

One of the best places to meet swinger is in the swinger clubs. Here, you will get to listen to your favorite music and enjoy your favorite drink as you wait to have a wonderful time with a swinger of your choice. While in a swingers club, you will not miss someone that you find attractive to spend some time with. If you are a shy person (too shy to approach other people), it is highly likely that you will be approached by someone. Choosing to go to a swingers club is very wise decision since you will be entertained as you wait to meet a new person who will bring more excitement. There are plenty of swinger clubs in California. You will not miss a clubs California swinger clubs that you will instantly fall in love with.

Visit: California Swinger Clubs

2. Swinger resorts

california swinger resortThere are many resorts in California where you can meet swingers. Therefore, if you are generally bored with life and you need a place to relax, a California swingers resort will be perfect for you. These resorts provide a serene environment where swingers can freely interact and enjoy each other. Since the environment in a California swingers resort is more relaxed compared to that of a swinger club, it’s a good place to go to if you want an environment that is different from that of a club.

3. Swinger parties

Swinger parties are usually organized from time to time in California. A swingers’ party is also an ideal place to meet fellow swingers. The parties take place at different locations. If you are interest with California swingers, you should check the location of the next party and attend.

Current: California Swinger Party Listings

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How to Find a Great Local Swinger Party

swinger partyIt is always good for you to look for a local swinger party where you can attend and share your experiences with other swingers. Remember you may think you know a lot, but after you interact with other people you will end up discovering that there are some things you are not conversant with. In the swing lifestyle there are also many types of adventures such as threesomes and foursomes which you may like to have a party introduced to your couple. After you take bold steps and attend swinger parties it will be very easy for you to access other partners. For you to attend the parties you need to look for ways on how to find local swinger party in your area of residence. A website such as swinglifestyle.com is very necessary for you in such a case. The following are benefits of making use of swinglifestyle.com in your struggles to find local swinger party:

[Swinger party location at bottom of blog post]

Making use of the website will save your time of locating a swinger party in your area

Visit the local swinger party section in the website where you will have a chance of accessing a lot of clubs which are meant for swingers. In case you want to see if a given club in your locality is meant for swingers you can easily know after you visit the website because it will list the clubs and parties that will be held in the club.

The party section updates the list of local swinger parties regularly

swinger partyIf you want to access a list that is updated you will really enjoy as a regular visitor of SwingLifeStyle. The administrators of the website take time to update the lists regularly so that they will enable different swingers access to information in good time for them to plan in advance. This is necessary for them to avoid cases where a swinger can end up being caught unaware on what he will be required to do for him to be able to attend a given party. As a swinger for you to benefit more out of the website you need to subscribe for services offered by the website such as newsletters which will be emailed to you regularly.

Different swinger parties will tend to have some variations on the type of facilities that will be available. For you to avoid cases where you will be disadvantaged you need to try and check on the facilities available in individual venues where the swinger parties will be held for you to prepare well. In your preparation you should remember to carry all that will be required for you to attend the party, in case there are some requirements indicated by the organizers of the parties.

Listing of all swinger parties: Swinger Party – Swing-Life-Style

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What Divides Nudists From Swingers?

What Divides Nudists From Swingers?

There has always been a huge confusion between swingers and nudists. To break it down, a nudist is one who enjoys hanging around without clothes, whether in public or at their private residence. On the other hand, a swinger is one who basically has sex, but without demanding for money.

The Difference

swingers beachNudists are actually supported, by an organization, The American Association for Nude Recreation – AANR. This organization was developed in 1931 to give rights to the nudist recreation and information of such communities and places around the world. For instance, you can find a nudist park or resort, which lets children enjoy swimming while naked. The association strictly forbids having sex in such places that have received the mandate. However, there are some resorts that are ‘adult only’ and surprisingly, or rather obvious enough, they are not supported by the AANR. Everyone knows that anything or slogan that states ‘adults only’ has some X-rated content with them. If you go to the ‘adult only’ nudist resort, as they call it, you could find people having sex.

Now these people are swingers and not nudists. They engage in sexual activities freely with friends or strangers. That automatically gets them out of the nudist bracket.

The Thin Line

The only slight similarity between the two is that they all walk around naked in public. Generally, people believe or rather it is a taboo to show of your nakedness to any one of the public, that is the probable reason why people believe swingers and nudists are similar.

nudistsGenerally, you can find a nudist at a swinger club, but a swinger can never be allowed at a nudist resort or park. Although you might hardly differentiate a swinger from a nudist when you see one, you can know the difference in terms of the display. Sometimes, a swinger might not necessarily be naked, but they will dress in a provocative manner of denoting their desire for sexual acts. Swingers are only getting naked so that they can seduce other people. On the other hand, nudists strip down and walk around naked because they want to be ‘free’. Some claim that taking their clothes off makes them feel liberated. Their target is not to display off their nudity to strangers or friends, rather, they just want to get naked and walk around with less weight. So the main thing to note about nudist is that they never have sex in public, unlike swingers.

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Hustler Hollywood Locations – SwingLifeStyle Members Enjoy 20% OFF

With many Hustler Hollywood retail stores, this article will help find the best locations
for those shoppers in different parts of the city. Through their remarkable products,
they have managed to attract not only shoppers in California but also other parts
of the US thus gaining a higher reputation.

How do you choose a Hustler Hollywood near you? (bottom lists all stores)

Hustler HollywoodFirst, it is important that you do your research through their website, Hustler Hollywood store locations, to get information that you need prior to making a decision of the place where you would like to buy the products that they sell. Through this research over their site, you will get all the information that you need to make the best choice as you look
for their products at the store nearest you.

The prices of the products that they sell also depends on the genres of products that they offer. You need to know about the prices prior to making a choice of the store where
you would like to spend your money depending on what you need. You should
compare the prices prior to choosing a Hustler Hollywood near you where you
would like to buy the products that they offer. It is essential to read the reviews of the people who have ever bought their products prior to making a choice of the Hustler Hollywood to visit. The good news is that ALL the retail stores enjoy 20% off just by saying “I am SLS” upon checkout.

Hustler HollywoodFinally, it is important that you seek help from shopping experts or friends who have experience with the different Hustler Hollywood store before choosing one where you would like to do your research. In the end, this should help you choose the best products
that you need as you shop from this amazing retail store. After all some swinger couples enjoy shopping with others.

What great Genres of products do they offer?

The following are some of the products that they offer:

1. All Time Pussy Pleaser

You will get all typesof pussy pleasure ranging from old to the new arrivals. Through their products, you will have an opportunity to make the best choice.  These includes Ultimate Bondage Kit, 7th Heaven Platinum Rabbit Pearl, The Original Magic Wand Vibrator,
Universal Pussy Pleaser and Universal Toy Cleaner among many other new pussy pleasures.

2. G-Spot Vibrators

Hustler Hollywood also sells different types of G-Spot Vibrators that depends on
your taste and preference. Some of the highly rates G-Spot Vibrators are Silver Bullet, Butterfly Kiss, and Rabbit Tip Attachment among others. They are available in different types, shapes, and sells at different prices.

3. New Hustler Pussy Strokers

Hustler Hollywood also stocks new hustler pussy strokers that ranges from the Asian, American and even African pussies. They are Hustler Pussy Collection – Asian Pussy, Hustler Pussy Collection – Barely Legal Pussy, Hustler Pussy Collection – Choco
Pussy, and Hustler Pussy Collection – Creampie Pussy among many others. You will have an opportunity to choose the best from the collection.

4. Clit Vibrators

They have new clitoris vibrators and these include Coco Licious Love Ring Finger Vibe,
Rabbit Tip Attachment and Karma Vibrating Egg. They also have new other products that you can buy from the online platform.

5. Hustler Porn Movies

You will have an opportunity to buy the top selling new releases in the market and the week’s most popular movies at the best prices. These are Hustler’s Big Busty POV, Dana Vespoli’s Lesbian  Extreme, Interracial Family Affair, Hustler’s Wanna Jack In My Box?,
Hustler’s Barely Legal #140, Mike Adriano’s Buttsluts #2, DP Domination  and Daddy’s Favorite. This means that you also have an opportunity to choose the best products depending on your choice.

What are the  locations throughout the US?

Hustler HollywoodThere are many other outlets across the US for the people who would like to
make the best choice when buying. These cities includes New Yolk city, Chicago,
Houston, Phoenix, Dallas, San Diego and Indianapolis among many other

Below is a listing of the Hustler Hollywood stores near you!

California Locations

Hustler Hollywood | Sunset Blvd
8920 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Hustler Hollywood | San Diego
929 6th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 696-9007

Florida Locations

Hustler Hollywood | Fort Lauderdale
1500 East Sunrise Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Kentucky Locations

Hustler Hollywood | Lexington
2240 Elkhorn Road
Lexington, KY 40505
(859) 231-6969

New Orleans Locations

Hustler Hollywood | New Orleans
111 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Missouri Locations

Hustler Hollywood | Berkeley
9802 Natural Bridge Road
Berkeley, MO 63134

Nevada Locations

Hustler Hollywood | Las Vegas
6007 Dean Martin Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 685-6969
Ohio Locations
Hustler Hollywood | Monroe
1038 Lebanon Street
Monroe, OH 45050
Hustler Hollywood | Cincinnati
16 E. 7th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Larry Flynt’s Hustler Express | Cincinnati
411 Elm. St
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 421-0369
Tennessee Locations
Hustler Hollywood | Nashville
1400 Church Street
Nashville, TN 37203
Washington Locations
Hustler Hollywood | Tacoma
8001 S. Hosmer Street
Tacoma, WA 98408
(253) 536-0269
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Why Women Love Anal Sex

Anal sex used to be for the sexually daring, but it isn’t anymore. It has become very common in bedrooms around the world since most women love it. The women enjoy it because it feels so amazing. It gives them a totally different as well as intriguing sensation than regular sex. To make the anal sex even more pleasurable, you should play with her clitoris while you are in the act. Buying her a sex toy may help you enhance the experience even further. If the sex is so good, it is possible for the woman to have an orgasm.

anal sex Some women like anal sex because it is naughty. Just like some women like putting on handcuffs and school uniforms as a way of making the sex act more fun, some of the find anal sex to be one of the best ways to spice things up. The fact that is it is forbidden makes it more delicious as well as tempting to the women. It is a little scary when you think about, just like having regular sex for the first time as a virgin, but it is quite exciting if you get used to it. To avoid the pain and accidents that might be associated with it, use lubricants.

During anal sex, the penis hits the nerve endings that are found around the anus. This causes them to be extremely stimulated and chances of the woman having a full body orgasm are high. Mostly, the women who offer to have anal sex are those that are most comfortable with themselves, their bodies or with asking for what they need from their partners. Most women have tried at some point and it resulted into either pain or pleasure. Those who had pleasure will usually prefer having it as opposed to regular sex.

anal sexIf a woman tried anal sex and it is was painful, she may be unwilling to try it again. If you are a guy and you also like anal sex, you will have to be prepared to convince her into trying it again. Even though the first time may be a little painful, if she opens to it a second time and other subsequent times, it may end up being pleasurable and satisfying. It is very important to prepare the woman properly if she complains of experiencing pain during the act, for instance by going slowly, using lube and not pounding her so hard.

To get started on anal sex you may want to try reading some stories and the good news is SwingLifeStyle has a ton of them located here: Anal sex stories

Follow SwingLifeStyle on:

Facebook – SwingLifeStyle

Twitter – SwingLifeStyle


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Cuckold Relationships

Cuckold RelationshipThere are a wide range of reasons for a couple to involve in a cuckold relationship.

In some cases, the man is the one initiating this lifestyle, maybe as part of a sexual fantasy of seeing his female with other men. He mentions his fantasies to his woman partner, who reacts to it by accepting the change in lifestyle.

Other men become attracted to the cuckold lifestyle when they age and lose sexual stamina. Take for instance, a husband who in his 50s is unable to please his partner sexually. In order to keep his woman sexually satisfied, he agrees to become a cuckold. The woman now has the best of both worlds, sexual freedom and the ability to keep her existing relationship, while her partner remains faithful to her.

Some other men develop a cuckold fantasy partly based on guilty feeling of not being able to satisfy their wife and partly based on voyeuristic interests. Some men just like to watch.

For men, the benefits of being in a cuckold relationship satisfies some fantasies, voyeuristic fetishes, keeps a relationship going in the case of loss of sexual stamina, or it can simply be an ego boost from having a partner desired by other men.

Cuckold RelationshipIt happens less often, but some woman may suggest engaging in a cuckold lifestyle. They have never accepted being in a monogamous relationship and to them cuckoldry just seems natural. Other women just enjoy breaking a taboo, or crave adventure and variety.

These women tend to be motivated by sexual freedom and variety of living such a lifestyle. Other typical motivations for woman who initiate a cuckold lifestyle are humiliating her boyfriend/husband, breaking a taboo, being the center of attention, indulging in some form of exhibitionism, enjoying some new adventures and sexual romance, as well as satisfying her sexual desires.

In this lifestyle it is important to be aware that no two situations or couples are alike. Couples can engage in a form of cuckold lifestyle for many different reasons and their relationship can evolve in limitless ways

A cuckold relationship was in the past a scandalous relationship. In these old style cuckold relationships often the husband chose to remain silent about the wife’s infidelity and to ignore their cuckold status. In modern cuckoldry, the boyfriend or husband is fully aware of his status and is fully accepting of it. However, modern cuckoldry is not mainstream and it is still a fringe lifestyle or taboo.

Cuckold RelationshipIn cuckold relationships, the boyfriend or the husband is usually not interested in having sex with other women and is satisfied with experiencing his female partner’s sexual experiences. This idea may seem at odds with human tendencies toward possessiveness, jealousy as well as cultural conditioning. In ensuring the success of the transition to a cuckold lifestyle, both partner need to shift their focus on commitment and love to hold their relationship together rather than the cultural and social conditioning about sexual exclusivity that cater to insecurities and jealousies.

Below are other great cuckold articles and a great link to some erotic cuckold stories.

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How to Set Up a Threesome

How to Set Up a ThreesomeAlmost every guy wants to engage in a threesome. It is one of the most common sexual fetishes among young men. Most guys have no clue on how to go about setting up such a situation. In this post, we’ve given some basic tips about how you can persuade your partner to engage in a threesome.

You need to be Open Minded

Both partners will need to be open minded about the situation. For instance, a girl with strong religious beliefs may never open her mind to something like this. Even if she does it out of love, or just to please you, she might end up regretting it later. This could mean an end to your relationship. Just like some girls are never open to friends with benefits’, some women are never open to FFM. A girl who is a friend with benefit’ might be a good candidate for this situation.

Understand What a Threesome Implies

How to Set Up a ThreesomeYou need to understand what such a situation implies. Three people engaged in sexual activity. There may be some girl on girl action, or some men on men, depending on the type of threesome you are involved with. Please make sure all parties are comfortable with this idea. There are even some guys who can’t accept the idea of their girl being with another girl or man. There might be some sort of jealousy. If this is you, then a threesome is not for you. Jealousy can bring a lot of drama and drama should be avoided at all cost.

Slight Interest in Women

The girl should have a slight interest in women. If she’s not interested, there should be some level of curiosity. There are some women who are disgusted by the idea of being with another woman intimately, if the girl is over 23 and never tried anything with another girl, she might not ever try it.

If the above guidelines are easily met, there’s some potential to a threesome situation. In order to persuade your girlfriend to get into this situation, you will have to focus on an important factor. You need to consider how much your girlfriend trusts you to allow having sex with another woman.

How to Set Up a ThreesomeConsidering your girlfriend is bi-curious and does not have any problem in sleeping with some other girl, it is important to deal with her insecurity about you and the other girl. Although your girl might not be the jealous type, she would still be worried. She might think that you would dump her for the other girl. You need to make her understand that the other girl does not mean anything to you.

The perception of most women regarding sex is focused on an emotional act. It is totally different from how men perceive sex. This can become a major hurdle towards your threesome plans. It is important to make your girlfriend understand that your commitment and love would remain true.

It is hard to explain how you can build more trust in your relationship. However, it’s obvious that if the girl feels more comfortable and secure in the relationship, she will be more likely to get into a threesome.

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Light BDSM for Beginners

Almost every person has some sort of sexual fetish. BDSM is one of the most common, and wild’ sexual fetish you can enjoy with your partner. Most people shy away and don’t realize the tremendous erotic pleasure bondage can bring. If you and your partner are willing to try bondage and restraints, your first consideration needs to be about playing specific roles. If you are the dominating one in the relationship, a role reversal on this special night can be exciting.

Light BDSM for BeginnersRestraints

A lot of couples want to try BDSM. Giving yourself truly to your partner can rejuvenate your relationship, and symbolize the trust and affection you show. Restraints are always perfect for bondage. A silky rope or fluffy handcuffs can be perfect. Rather than focusing on tying basic knots, you should find more sexy techniques using your mouth and so on.

Role Play

Light BDSM for BeginnersRole play can help a couple bring out the passionate that’s still there for each other. It also shows the other person that you’re willing to fulfill his/her fantasies. You can buy cute and kinky costumes according to the desires and preferences of your partner. You can transform yourself into a horny fireman, sexy school girl, naughty nurse, innocent maiden or whatever you like. These are some of the most popular BDSM fantasies.

Erotic Foods

You could also blindfold your partner and add some erotic foods to make everything more fun and exciting. You can use strawberries or dark chocolate on certain body parts. Whipped cream over your partner’s body is also a good idea. If you want, you can get even Light BDSM for beginnerswicked by keeping your partner blindfolded and adding some sensual oral sex techniques and some toys. You can use a vibrator to increase the level of eroticism until your partner is unable to handle it. For a sexy sensation, use some oil on your partner’s body and give a gentle massage. It won’t be long before both of you experience the most powerful orgasms of your life.

Add Something Exciting and Creative

These were only some of the most erotic and kinkiest BDSM techniques you can use with your partner. In order to make everything more exciting and fun, you need to use creative and unique ideas. Some high quality bondage gear and sexy fetishes can be perfect for this magical night. You need to make the night special for your partner. Buying a sexy piece of lingerie can be perfect to make the night more fun.

Regardless of how you want to play with your partner, it is important to let the person enjoy the experience to the maximum extent. You just need to make sure both of you explore each other’s bodies and have the best time. You should try and make your partner feel comfortable. Bondage equipment like eye masks, restraints, hunters and a few other items will be perfect for beginners into the BDSM lifestyle. BDSM can be one of the best ways to rekindle the fire and rejuvenate your relationship.

Read real life BDSM stories.


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The Best Swinger Vacation Spots In the World

The Best Swinger Vacation Spots In the WorldSwingers have special needs and some can be satisfied through multiple channels, including lifestyle travel and vacations.  The best experiences comes from places where freedom of experimental pleasure is embraced. There are several swinger spots, mainly resorts and spas that cater to swingers and at some, your guaranteed enjoyment.

The following are some of the best lifestyle vacation spots in the world where swingers can explore fantasies and experience adventures without inhibitions.

The Caliente Caribe – Enjoy a swinger vacation at Caliente Caribe, on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic.  The scenery includes a green landscape with palm and coconut trees that induce thrill and excitement and sets the mood before indulging in uninhibited expeditions and bliss.

Private Village – Located in Spain, and is simply a heaven on earth.  With tThe Best Swinger Vacation Spots In the Worldhe diversity of cultures present and a love aura surrounding the atmosphere in Ibiza, this village includes devoted services to ensure visitors from everywhere are comfortable and care-free.

Amsterdam’s The Toren Hotel – Where nudity and sex is involved in a rare and unforgettable stay in Amsterdam. There is absolutely no inhibition on nudity, frolicking, public display of affection, sex among other expressions. They offer luxurious accommodations and provide excellent services as well as attractions like museums and dance clubs.

La Cap D’Agde – This is most definitely a spot for swingers, nudist and any lifestyle traveler.  The town is even named “naked city” and experiences a high influx of visitors daily. The entire town is inhabited by nudists and open-minded people and with evidence of naked sun bathing by thousands, you’ll soon recognize it as the norm. It is located in France and has several night dance clubs filled with sexy atmospheres.

The above present the top spots in the world, although there are many other perfect swinger vacation places all over the globe. Others include Breezes Grand Resort & Spa (Jamaica), Temptation Resort & Spa (Mexico), Rama Kien Lifestyle (Thailand) just to name a few.

When looking for lifestyle destinations, it is important to browse for reviews, referrals and opinions from previous visitors. There are lots of information you can fine online on swinger forums, swingers groups, as well as lifestyle and travel magazines.

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Top 3 LifeStyle Resorts

Taking a vacation is an American and European tradition. There are many different vacation destination that suit all types of people. Couples-only resorts allow adult couples the opportunity to relax rest and reconnect. These lifestyle resorts welcome all adult guests only, no kids are allowed. All activities and social events are adult-oriented, running the gamut from candle-lit dinners on the beach to clothing-optional nightclub.

Read on to see some of the top 3 lifestyle resorts.

Hedonism II1. Hedonism II Resort

This adult-only lush tropical paradise is the perfect gateway for those who want to enjoy a fun, freedom-filled escape from the constraints of everyday life. The resort has over 280 suites and rooms available with ocean or garden views. The rooms have mirrored ceilings, air conditioning, tiled floors, 5-head Euro-style Jacuzzi showers, choice of 1 king-sized or 2 twin beds, CD players and a tea and coffee preparation station.

They offer several water sport activities such as sailing, water-skiing, snorkeling and scuba diving. The resort also offers numerous land activities such as 6 lighted tennis courts, 2 air-conditioning squash courts, badminton, bicycling, table tennis, volleyball, rock climbing, basketball and a miniature golf course.

The private beach is divided into 2 sections; one for nude sunbathers and the other for ‘prude’ sunbathers. The guests can also enjoy a nude Jacuzzi, freshwater pools, a nightclub.

Read more: Hedonism II

Rooftop Resort 2. Rooftop Resort

This resort is conveniently located between Ft Lauderdale and Miami, in a white sandy beach community of Florida. This is the only nudist hotel is South Florida. The resort offers breath-taking panoramic inter-coastal and Blue Ocean views with some from the private heated sky pool and sun deck.

The hotel offers affordable studio suites to standard rooms with large picture windows overlooking the Atrium. Rooftop is a lifestyle resort that has been created to offer complete privacy with a unique tropical-style courtyard.

Read more: Rooftop Resort

Desire Resort 3. Desire Resort

Located in Mexico, Desire Resort is one the world’s largest premier adult-only resorts. Its stunning setting, coupled with a wonderfully relaxed and uninhibited ambiance, create a well-deserved reputation. Here you get to enjoy pole dancing lessons, play nude beach volleyball, nude Jacuzzi lounge bar, a playroom and fantasy theme nights.

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Libidra – The Best Female Libido Enhancer

Libidra, the Best Female Libido EnhancerThere are many reasons why a woman would decide to go for a female libido enhancer. You may be experiencing a low desire to engage in sexual intercourse with your partner, you may be gaining excess weight, loss focus, or your just plain stressed out.

Female libido enhancers such as Libidra is an all-natural supplement that helps women boost their sex drive and feel like themselves again. Sold exclusively online at Libidra.com, the supplement offer lots of benefits that you will enjoy at an affordable price.

Here are some reasons why Libidra is the best female libido enhancer for women like you…

Contains FDA Approved Ingredients

Libidra’s all natural contents are FDA approved and safe. Taking this supplement will avoid some side effects you may face when taking supplements that are not approved. Most of the ingredients have been in use for hundreds of years. Natural formulas such as Maca, which is a root vegetable used to promote fertility and energy; Cistanche Bark that has a boosting effect on your libido are just some of the ingredients formulated into one product.

Leads to a Faster and Full Arousal

Libidra helps the female body relax thus dilating her blood vessels and allowing her to enjoy her sexual experience. The powerful herbs and nutrients will help lead to a faster arousal. This will lead you to enjoying sex more than before. Libidra also leads intense sensations within the genital regions which will make you feel all the pleasure while having Libidra, the Best Female Libido Enhancersex.

Rise in Sexual Appetite

Many women face the loss of a sexual appetite. Libidra will help to increase your sexual appetite to a level for you to really enjoy sex. A healthy sexual appetite is among the factors that will lead you to enjoying sex or not. The supplement will help to boost your libido and help to elevated vaginal lube which will allow you to reach orgasm faster and feel closer to your lover.

Elevated mood and anticipation of sex

Your mood is also a factor when trying to reach an orgasm. Mood swings may be disturb you, so most of the time you do not feel like having sex. The supplement will help elevate your mood and willing to have more sex. Most women who had problems with their moods who decided to make use of Libidra have recorded a positive improvement when it comes to their mood and their sex life in general.


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Hump Day; Attend a Swinger Party on Wednesday

Hump Day; Attend a Swinger Party on WednesdayLife is hard under this harsh economic climate. Being so Hard reminds me of a joke,

Q: Why doesn’t a chicken wear pants?

A: Because his pecker is on his head!

Anyways there is so much to do and so little time in which to do it. You can go crazy with all the pressures of everyday life. This is especially true when it comes to the middle of the week. You have worked tirelessly since Monday. Your days seem endless and all the effort you put into work seems worthless. You need to take some time off on Wednesday. Doing so is good for your physical and psychological health. Find something to do on hump day that you and your partner both enjoy. This will strengthen your relationship and take your mind off work.

- Liberate Yourself Sexually

Sex is a taboo subject in many societies even though we all like it. This does not make sense. We should be open about our sexual exploits and desires. Sex comes with numerous benefits that we all need. This is especially true on hump day. It gives you a chance to relax and to bond with your partner in the most intimate way possible. It also prepares your body for the tasks ahead for the rest of the week. Do not be shy about your sexual desires. Liberate yourself sexually. There is no harm in doing so. Have sex on hump day.

Hump Day; Attend a Swinger Party on Wednesday- Attend a Swinger Party

Liberating yourself sexually is not enough. You should start your own sexual revolution. You can start this by attending a swinger party or other event. These events will allow you to connect with others and enjoy new experiences. You will experience adventures in ways you would never imagine. It will show you new ways of being intimate with your partner that you never thought possible. A swinger party will also introduce you to some of the friendliest couples you will ever meet. These couples just want to have fun. They would like you to be a part of their sexual revolution, you should participate and try not to hesitate.

- Best Place to Find Swingers

The best place to find real swingers is online at the swingers dating website, SwingLifeStyle. There you can connect with others in the lifestyle at their swingers meet and greets, swingers clubs, take swinger vacation or have an intimate moment through online chat. Life is fun, don’t let it pass you by.

Try not to limit yourself or let the week get to you. It is hump day. Start swinging on from Wednesday, to get you fired up for the weekend. Visit SLS for local events and happenings near you.

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SwingLifestyle Sponsors The X Run

SwingLifestyle Sponsors The X Run The X Run is the first of its kind and SwinglifeStyle is happy to be a premier sponsor of this event. A 5k obstacle course that is designed to promote healthy swinging and give back to charity, is an event that SwingLifeStyle is proud to partner with. The mud run will be filled with lots of fun obstacle races like Motorboating Mania, “Spank the Monkey” bars, The Boob wall, G-string Crawl and so much more that we are sure you’ll really enjoy. Come out and meet our celebrity guests, Ash Armand from Showtime’s hit TV series “Gigolos”, Jessica O’Reilly. PhD, Sexologist, Relationship Expert, Author & Host of Playboy TV Swing among others. In case you have never attended a mud run before, then you should not miss the opportunity to attend the event.

The X Run will be held at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park in Miami, FL. It will be one of the sexiest, wildest, and most outrageous mud run of its kind, so everyone 21 years and over, regardless of your physical fitness level is welcomed. This adult themSwingLifestyle Sponsors The X Run ed mud run features sexy entertainment, pole dancing contests, Mr. & Mrs. X run Competition and so much more. Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy after you decide to attend The X Run sponsored by SwingLifeStyle:

Physical exercise that enhances physical fitness and overall health.

Although this event will involve running, you will end up exercising different parts of your body. Lack of exercises can lead you to different health complications which can end up causing you heart problems. Some of these problems can be solved through a little physical exercise where you get to burn excess fats from your body. The mud run can help motivate you by running and exercising in a group setting. This is unlike a case where you will be trying to run by yourself which is very hard to achieve for some. Remember in a group you will be motivated by other members where you will run as a group with benefits of adult-themed fun. Forget 50 Shades of Grey, The X Run will be 50 Shades of Mud fun.

Make New Friends

SwingLifestyle Sponsors The X Run Attending The X Run sponsored by SwingLifeStyle, will allow you to connect with people in and out of the lifestyle. Having fun with other people is something that will add value to your life. You can attend the run and end up developing friendships you would have never thought possible. The event is attended by many people from different regions. This will save you time in case you are too busy in your daily routine to connect with others to build lasting relationships.

Wear whatever makes you comfortable, but no nudity is allowed. Out of State participants can reserve their rooms at one of our Hotel partners. Potential participants can register at The X Run.com or visit the site for more details.

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Some Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

In modern, busy lives, many relationships get spoiled because a person is unable to please his/her partner in bed. Sexuality is one of the most mysterious and hidden subjects among couples. Thus, you need to make some sincere efforts to spice up your sex life.

For most couples, it may seem confusing and complicated, but here are a effective tips on how you can reignite the fire, and increase the heat in your bedroom. These tips will help you enjoy an exceptional sex life.

Some Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Sex LifeBring Back the Romance

Before you even start making any attempts to spice up your sex life, you need to bring back the romance. Contrary to popular belief, romance is not just about spending a lot of money buying gifts or planning dinners. Your partner would love to see you be imaginative, thoughtful and creative.

After being in a relationship for a long period of time, it important that you still spend time “wooing” your partner. From time to time, your partner would want to be ‘wooed’ before getting seduced into bed. If you want to make your sex life interesting, you need to focus on intimacies like touching and kissing in a sensual manner.

Moreover, there are some people who think that a kiss is always a prelude to sex. However, the primary objective of kissing your partner is to let him/her know that you care, and strengthen the bond. It also heightens the intimacy level. Although kisses not always lead to sex, your partner would enjoy his/her sex life more when you build an intimate relationship.

Subtle Suggestions about Your Desires

Most people crave the need to fulfill their partner’s sexual desires. It is not easy for some to decipher their partner’s longings and desires. Thus, helping your partner to satisfy you but giving your partner some subtle suggestions about likes and what you want to explore. Your partner will love you more for this gesture. Communicate to your partner what you like the most when you’re in bed, and it will do wonders for your sex life. Like every other thing in a relationship, even your sex life needs an open line of communication.

Some Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life Make an Unexpected Wild Move

When you’re in bed, the best way to please your partner is to do something completely wild and unexpected. You may try to recall a fetish or fantasy your partner told you some time ago. You should always take a chance with something your partner won’t forget for a very long time. It is important to quit a regular cycle, and try something new. This will definitely spice up your sex life.

Try to be Versatile

Trying the same positions and having sex at the same speed in bed, can make your sex life dull and monotonous. You should be versatile, and keep changing pressure, speed and position.

It will make a lot of difference to your partner’s sexual experience. Whether you’re having intercourse or indulge your partner in foreplay, versatility will make it quite unexpected. Thus, it will revive your partner’s senses.

Turn Yourself On

There are some people who take a lot of time to get horny or turned on. Your partner would love if you can take some pressure off him/her. It will also allow your partner to get to important acts straight away. Being halfway there’ will allow your partner to try many new things. If you’re already aroused, it can be a good thing for your partner.

Some Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life Get Rough Sometimes

Getting rough sometimes can be the best thing for your sex life. In some situations, you should let your partner know how badly you want it. In simple terms, you should try to bring out the beast in your partner, and let him/her know that you’re completely enjoying yourself.

Take Control

Sometimes, your partner just wants to lean back, and watch you take control. You should let your partner just lie down, and do the rest. In fact, this may be your partner’s ultimate fantasy. Let him/her rest and have all the fun.

These were some tips about how to spice up your sex life. With these simple tips, you can reignite the spark in your relationship, and enjoy having intercourse with your partner even more.

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Bisexual Women

The topic of bisexuality is very interesting and quite difficult for some people to grasp. This is why we feel it is important that we clear up some of the confusion. There is some form of stigma associated with bisexual people around the world. No matter how people react about the word bisexual, it actually means when a person is openly attracted emotionally and sexually to the same gender and remains attracted to the opposite gender.

Well, this information may not be for someone who is shocked by the mere mention of the word “bisexuality’. But if you are reading this, it means that you are keen on your personal development and want to discover exciting new things that come with dating, sexuality and relationships.

Due to society’s inflicted fear of one’s sexuality, even people who might be curious about the lifestyle might shy away from it. Then again, even most openly bisexual women may deny that they are actually bisexual because of some level of miscommunication in our society. Unless a bisexual Bisexual Womengirl is highly self-conscious and secure, she is likely to deny that she is bisexual in any way. However, if you ask that same woman whether she feels attracted to girls in any way or whether if she is attracted to girls in any way, or if has ever kissed a fellow woman, you will be surprised that she will openly say “yes’. This form of miscommunication is what we need to really clear up.

Attraction can be of different degrees. For instance, it might comprise the wish to kiss/caress another woman if an opportunity crops up. Take a chance and see if that is something you like. Some people are normally scared of doing such things because of societal misconceptions and end up having lifetime fantasies about such incidents.

Obviously, they would want their dream to come true, but perhaps their courage lets them down. In our daily lives, when the chance crops up, women will do certain things that seem bisexual for a lot of men. For girls, it is the natural way they feel about each other.

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A Look at Polyamorous Dating

Polyamory basically means the practice or desire of having more than one intimate relationship at a time. Unlike swingers, polyamory couples tend to me emotionally involved with multiple people at the same time. However, Polyamory happens with the consent of all partners involved and thus should not be confused with cheating. Polyamory dating seems to be much more accepted in most countries and around the world. Polyamory does not necessary include poly sexuality.

One of the greatest benefit to a polyamory relationship is the ability to get maximum pleasure from all partners involved in the relationship as well as peace of mind. Here are a few other benefits to consider.

1. Diverse Romance

The involvement of more than two persons in the relationship brings in diversity in the romance. This helps in bringing the factors of excitement to the relationship because every partner brings in a new element of love or romance with himself or herself. Thus, the chances of the relationship to become boring are less and the dates start becoming more exciting and fun.

2. Less Monotony

The chances of monotony in the relationship are less in polyamory dating. Every partner has their own likes, dislikes and ways of reacting to situations. Thus, there are chances of exploring the nature of every person involved in the love relationship, this way, the interest of all the partners’ remains intact. This breaks all forms of monotony from the relationship on one hand and helps the relationship to last longer on the other hand.

A Look at Polyamory Dating 3. No Cheating or Heartbreaks

When someone indulges himself /herself in polyamory dating, since dating multiple partners is a part of this lifestyle, there are no awkward situations about cheating or heartbreaks if either of the partners falls in love with someone else as well.

4. Honest Relationships

It has been widely researched and accepted that the people who are polyamorous are more honest towards relationships. They begin the relationships with full honestly and give love a much higher place that sexual relationships. Thus, if one has a date who is polyamorous, he or she can expect full honesty and a lovely time from the date.

In polyamorous relationships, mutual respect for all partners is always present. Therefore, dating a person who is living a polyamorous lifestyle will bring about a positive effect in the lives of an individual due the amount of space and respect for that partner to be independant. The levels of expectations and demands attained from polyamory dating is almost absent so one can always try to indulge in such dates to have a lovely time without the bindings of complicated, intense, demanding and two way relationships.

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Why Swingers Have a Lower Divorce Rate than Monogamous Couples

Why Swingers Have a Lower Divorce Rate than Monogamous Couples Recent statistics have shown that swingers tend to have a lower divorce rate than monogamous couples. Swingers are people in open relationships, where partners are committed to each other, but engages sexually with other people at the same time. Swingers are more open and honest with the people they are in a relationship with than monogamous couples who often indulge in infidelity. Most swingers think that swinging is a good practice that helps to strengthen their relationship with their partners.

Why do swingers refrain from divorce?

There are many reasons why the divorce rate among swingers is lower than the divorce rate among monogamous couples. One of the main reason is their good mental health. Swingers are said to be creative and can adapt easily to changing circumstances. Their sex life is more flexible and offer more excitement than compared to the lives of monogamous couples.

According to a well-known therapist, who have studied both swingers and monogamous couples, swingers do not cheat because they feel no need to fear. They are well aware of what their partner is doing, so they don’t fear the unknown. The people in the monogamous groups on the other hand are constantly living in fear which makes them cheat on their partners. The jealousy trap in most monogamous relationships usually leads to full-fledged affairs which ultimately lead to complete destruction of relationships.

Statistics on divorces among monogamous couples

Why Swingers Have a Lower Divorce Rate than Monogamous Couples According to recent statistical data, it is the party in a divorce that accuses the other that actually initiates a divorce. The person that is blaming the other usually claims to be having a good reason for the divorce. Statistics show that 70% of wives initiate a divorce. Of the 70%, 40% blame the husbands for the divorce. Husbands initiate 30% of divorces and blame their partners for the break-up 21% of the time.

Another study showed that close to 79% of men in monogamous marriages initiate divorce without being provoked. The figure for women is 60%. Other statistical information shows that 23% of divorces are because men trade up’ while 28% are because the men screw up’. When these two are summed up, the divorce rate among monogamous couple caused by men is at 51%.

Another statistical study shows that 42% of divorces are because females in monogamous relationships trade up’. Screw up’ among women was found to be at 7%. When the two are added, the total divorces that are caused by women stand at 49%.

The statistics reveal that men are more likely to screw up’ while women are more likely to trade up’. The statistics also reveal that both genders are equally responsible for the divorces.

Swingers stay in marriages because they bond, connect and fall deeply in love. They value sex less than the monogamous couples. This explains why the divorce rate among swinging partners is lower.


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The Swinger Lifestyle: Voyeurs and Swingers

The Swinger Lifestyle: Voyeurs and Swingers  For open-minded individuals, having an open relationship could be a nice deal. As a matter of fact, a lot of adventurous couples are interested in trying the swinging lifestyle. This kind of interest develops slowly over a period of time. This would lead the couples to finally decide if they’re ready to take the next step into becoming ultimate voyeurs or swingers.

The Swinger Lifestyle of Today

Without a doubt, this lifestyle has its own set of trends. Specifically, swingers from their own society have a set of cultural goals to comply with and their point of view revolves in the kind of society they belong to. Some of the swinger lifestyle trends are as follows:

Voyeur and Swinger

A voyeur is a person who takes pleasure in watching their partner having sexual intercourse with another individual. On the other hand, a swinger is a person who’s in a relationship, but is free to have sexual intimacy with the partner of another couple. Couples engage in full or soft swap sexual activity with another couple. Another fact when it comes to swinging is that, it removes the limits that a voyeur has.

Wife Sharing

The Swinger Lifestyle: Voyeurs and SwingersPerhaps, the most popular swinging trend is wife sharing. It’s something that should be carefully thought about first. When it comes to swinging, wife sharing is an integral part of it, this is where you would share your partner with another couple. In fact, this is the whole point of swinging.

Going To a Swinger’s Party

When it comes to marketing, its main principle states that, you should target your prospective audience in order to increase sales revenue. Same goes with swinging. The best technique to discover a couple who are well acquainted to a swinger lifestyle, is by going to a party exclusively catered to swingers themselves.

Social Media

If you happen to feel uncomfortable with the idea, but very eager to try it, it would be ideal to use the social media as your starting point. All you need to do is find communities that welcomes voyeurs and swingers. You could join their community and begin exploring the possibilities like https://www.facebook.com/SwingLifeStyle

A swinger has a different path of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a voyeur or you’re up for something more. One thing for sure, the experience could be out of this world.

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Full swap v/s Soft swap which way to go?

Full swap v/s Soft swap which way to go?Over the last few years, the swinging lifestyle has become quite the in thing with an increasing number of couples. However, despite this upsurge of interest in swapping sexual partners, there is still a lot of haze surrounding just what options are available for swingers. Particularly when it comes to choosing between soft swaps and full swaps.

Naturally, there are extremely pertinent issues that need to be comprehensively addressed before swingers opt for either of these relationships. It is crucial for such couples to determine their distinct outlook to what they consider appropriate for the swinging lifestyle they wish to integrate into their lives. Some individuals might be turned on by the thought of engaging in sexual encounters with other people besides their partners. But the mere image of penetration and the intimacy it presents can sometimes be a major put off.

For those who might not be in the know, there is a fine line between these two types of swinging, and it can pay to ascertain just where you and your partner stand. Soft swap basically encompasses a large variety of sexual activities, which can range from kissing, petting, and in some cases even oral sex with other persons aside from your partner. The main difference between these erotic liaisons is that soft swap doesn’t lead to actual sexual intercourse with outsiders. It is a well-established fact that a majority of swingers consider soft swaps as “child’s play”, and it can be challenging to find couples that will be okay with this type of swinging.

Despite this fact, it doesn’t pay to rush into full swap due to the dire repercussions that can arise from such sexual liaisons. It is consequently vital for you and your partner to apportion enough time to openly examine the pros and cons of either kind of swinging, and more importantly what both of you are comfortable with. It can be a prudent idea to start with soft swap and in gradual degrees venture into full swap if both of you deem it appropriate. Apart from these considerations, the swinging lifestyle can be an incredibly rewarding sexual dalliance for most open-minded couple, which offers an altogether delightful spice for the persons involved.

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FFM Threesome – Strengthen Your Relationship

FFM Threesome - Strengthen Your RelationshipA threesome FFM refers to a relationship in which a spouse agrees to add another woman to join the couple in sexual acts. A FFM or Female-Female-Male threesome is based on mutual understanding and how far couples may be willing to go to explore their sexual fantasies. Contrary to the common notion, a FFM threesomes can be beneficial for a relationship. In this post, we’ve discussed some benefits of FFM threesome.

Strengthen Your Bond

Some women suffer from lack of sexual satisfaction in their relationships. They may have other cravings for sexual arousal and in some cases, it is a touch from another woman. Some women believe that a woman is more capable of satisfying another woman’s sexual desires because they themselves are women. When a woman craves another woman, this may increase her chances of cheating in a relationship. A threesome FFM can be quite beneficial because it would satisfy the need of the woman to and strengthen the bond between the woman and her male partner. Being upfront about her needs will resolve frustration and anger that may build up in the relationship.

Brightens the Relationship among Old Couples

There are times when old age can easily trigger the need of having a threesome FFM. Such a situation can be quite useful, especially when an old couple wants a memorable and exciting experience like what they experienced in their youth. A lot of old couples have so much fun after joining in a threesome with a young woman who has more energy, stamina and vigor. The experience allows the couple to harness their sex drives. Indulgence of alcohol can also come in handy because it releases tension and makes couples enjoy the experience even more.

FFM Threesome - Strengthen Your RelationshipA Woman and Man Reach their Maximum Arousal

A woman is believed to reach maximum arousal when she has experienced multiple orgasms. Most women receive multiple orgasms through thrilling and severe sexual acts. This can be easily achieved through a pair of sexual lovers comprising both sexes. Similarly, a man who cares about his woman and wants her to experience a good time can choose a threesome FFM. Once she has been sexually involved with both a man and a woman, it can be quite easy for her to reach maximum arousal. She can have multiple orgasms and receive ultimate sexual satisfaction. Same is true in case of the male partner.

More Chance for Sexual Exploration

When couples are upfront and faithful with each other, they can explore their sexual desires even further together. They can easily experience other threesomes such as Male-Male-Female MMF, and erotic sexual acts that comes with it. The couples can also get involved with partners who have exotic sexual skills that creates more room for sexual exploration. In time, such couples will find a lot of new ways of sharing thrilling and exciting sexual experiences. These experiences can strengthen the foundation of any relationship.

These were some of the key benefits of getting involved in a threesome FFM for couples. A threesome FFM can be quite effective for couples who want to strengthen their bonds and take their relationship to the next level. This also helps nourish their endeavors. Couples can have a lot of fun experimenting and practicing. However, you need to set some guidelines among yourselves before you let someone else get involved.

Start your search for a FFM Threesome Now!



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The Benefits of a Submissive Sexual Relationship

The Benefits of a Submissive Sexual Relationship You may be debating in your mind whether you are a sexual submissive person or not. Is a submissive sexual relationship the type of relationship that will work for you? In a sexual submissive relationship, there are two people involved and one is dominant and the other is the submissive. The dominant is the one who provides the direction in the relationship. Want to know more about this type of lifestyle, the world is a global village where you can freely interact with different people all over the world in making use of the internet.  Despite what you may think, there are a lot of people, male and female, who are sexual submissive. There are many benefits to a submissive relationship and the following are a few benefits of being in a submissive sexual relationship.

There is great trust in the relationship

In this type of relationship there is complete trust for each other. If the submissive fails to trust his/her dominant, it will no longer be referred to as a sexual submissive relationship. People in this type of relationship normally last a long time. After the great trust is developed between a dominant and submissive, all decisions that affect their love directly, are made by the dominant with their best interest at heart.

Making decision in the relationship is very easy

The Benefits of a Submissive Sexual RelationshipFor many relationships to work well, couples agree on different activities that they like to participate in. This is more of a case especially in sexual submissive relationships. This makes submissive relationship preferable to some, where it is only one person who will be involved in making the decisions without too much consultation. This saves time on the final decision making process. In case one makes a mistake in the decision, he or she will be held liable.

Both partners will enjoy in the relationship

There is great fun in submissive relationships. Each partner can benefit greatly from such a relationship if they play their part. This will end up making the parties involved really happy in the relationship. There is also great love for each other and this can be seen when one member decides to submit to the other for the relationship to work.

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A Basic Understanding of Cuckold Relationships

A Basic Understanding of Cuckold Relationships A cuckold type of relationship is rare and very few people live this type of lifestyle. There are many challenges so only a few people manage to make it a success. In a cuckold relationship, a partner which tends to be the male, watches his wife/girlfriend engage in sexual relations with another man. The wife/girlfriend or in some cases the male partner will choose a man known as a cuckold bull to pleasure her.The male remains loyal while allowing his wife/girlfriend to fulfill her desires. The key pillars for those who want to make their cuckold relationship a success are loyalty and trust. Despite the fact that such a relationship poses a lot of challenges, it can sometimes strengthen the bond between the partners.

In order for this type of relationship to work, couples will have to make it their own. They  discuss the parameters for their relationship and come to an agreement on how to move forward. Communication and understanding are other important factors necessary for a cuckold relationship to work well.

Some men engage in a cuckold relationship just to watch their partner with another. Others enjoy hearing how their lover enjoyed being taken by another while they watched. Those who like watching their partners having sex with another man have a right to participate in some way during the sex session. One of the ways in which they can be involved is by touching fondling, holding their partners’ legs etc. This lifestyle is not for A Basic Understanding of Cuckold Relationships everyone, as some men would hate the idea of their female partner making love to other men, while others get off on it. To each their own.

It is really important for the men in cuckold relationships to value their partner. Making the lady know that you love and value her will increase the bond between the two of you and her respect for you will increase. It is not advisable for one to have a cuckold relationship especially if there is no trust or if the relationship isn’t strong enough. Deciding to have a cuckold relationship will also depend on another important factor, your current sex life.

A larger percentage of cuckold relationships involve a man and a woman who have been married for a long time with cemented trust and understanding. They engage in such a relationship to satisfy a desire that they themselves are not able to give to their partner. Some people crave this type of lifestyle, but not all can endure. Be sure to communicate with your partner if this is the direction you wish to take your relationship. If you want to connect with other cuckold couples or to find a cuckold bull to make this a reality.

Log into the SLS website now!



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Sexting: How to Sext

Sexting: How to Sext Let’s face it. A good number of us have at one point or the other sent an erotic photo, video or seductive text messages to our partners. However, the truth is that sexting isn’t as easy as it sounds. As matter of fact, many people have no idea what to write let alone how to photograph themselves highlighting their assets. The most important aspect of sexting is keeping communication with your partner private.

For those who haven’t tried sexting or are not sure if they’re being effective as they should be, here are invaluable tips how to send sexy text messages. It is imperative that you get the basics right, because once you’ve hit the send button, you can’t get it back.

1. Ease into sexting – Start with some light teasing and turn up the heat a little by turning it into steamy and hot sexts. Start slowly; there is no need for you to send the naughtiest sext or photo first. Instead of being explicit, be suggestive since it may feel uncomfortable sharing overly sexy information. Gauge the responses and set boundaries so you don’t go pass a comfort zone. Take things slow by saving intimate details for the bedroom.

2. Be affirmative with your sexts – Begin sexts with something like, “I want to…” instead of “We never…” Be sure to choose your words carefully. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it’s a bit different in regards to sex and desires. Dirty talk can have more impact than a close up photo. If you’re not comfortable with dirty talk, don’t hesitate to use sexy complements. Stroking the ego is certainly hot.

Sexting: How to Sext 3. Play with punctuations and adjectives – Never mind that it may not come out as sexy; an exclamation mark has a huge impact in regards to sex. Sample this; “I am coming” and “I am coming so hard!” You notice the difference?

You may need to take a little more caution in regards to photos. Regardless of the level of trust you have for your partner, you’re better off taking close up photos rather than photos which include your face. Not only are they safer but leave your partner with something to ponder. Whatever you do always save something for the imagination.

Remember this;

Never sext an unwilling participant – Before you sext, be sure that your partner wants to engage in sexting. Sending nude photos without your partner’s permission may amount to harassment.

Delete sexts after sending them – Don’t keep sexts in your device especially if people around you can gain access your phone. You certainly don’t want your nude photos leaked on the internet, do you?

Don’t rush your sexts – Just like anything else, rushing can cause errors. You definitely don’t want to accidentally send your erotic photos or naughty texts to your workmate or neighbor!

Please remember, Do Not Sext and Drive or TXT and Drive, it can wait.


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