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5 Real Reasons Why Couples Swing

Swingers Guide - 5 Real Reasons Why Couples Swing
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Several people have asked Mike Hatcher, why people swing, so I decided to delve into this a bit further. Swinging isn’t something that occurs to many couples out there and you may have asked yourself why any couple would want to swing in the first place. This is a common question and if you are considering becoming a swinging couple with your partner, you are probably looking for the answer to that very question.

What is Swinging?
Before we get into why a couple might choose to swing, you may want to get a good understanding of what swinging really is. Swinging has been defined as recreational sex. It mostly will consist of one couple meeting with another couple that swings as well and they will then “trade” partners. Swinging is consensual sex, nobody is forced into doing these sexual acts and both partners do the sexual acts, not just one person in the couple.

Most swinging couples meet other couples at a swingers clubs. These clubs are specifically designed for swingers and other open minded people in the lifestyle to connect with each other. The clubs typically don’t allow many single men in but most will allow a number of single women. However, this is not the only way to meet other swinging couples; there is the newspaper, magazines and the Internet.

Swingers Guide - 5 Real Reasons Why Couples Swing5 Real Reasons Why Couples Swing

1. It’s Healthy
Swinging will show you how to have a good time without needing alcohol, although some couples enjoy being tipsy.  Most swinger clubs don’t allow you to buy alcohol at the club, which means you’ll just bring your own booze and you will be having a healthy fun time without too much alcohol getting in your way, unless you load up on your own. Mike Hatcher does not drink alcohol period so I can attest to this.

Not only that, but being naked in front of many different people, you’re likely going to spend a lot of time working on your figure. This means you’ll want to eat right and exercise so you can get into good shape. Recently swingers have been doing the diet and getting in shape so they look sexy for other couples. (See the Healthy Swinging section of LifeStyle Magazine)  Sex takes a lot of work and depending on the person you’re having it with, you’re likely to burn some calories so make sure you can keep up.

2. You Will Both Meet Plenty of New & Interesting People
You meet a lot of people when your active in the lifestyle, whether its people that you’re going to be swinging with or friends of people you and your partner have swung with, you will form new friendships. It’s really a great to meet new people. If you go to a swingers clubs, you’re going to cross path with a lot of people that have similar interests to yours and establish good friendships.

Swingers Guide - 5 Real Reasons Why Couples Swing3. You Get to Dress Up
This doesn’t really sound like a reason to swing, but when you go out and you know that you are going to be having sex with a new person that evening, you’re going to spend extra time getting ready. It’s an excuse to wear your hottest dresses and your best suits. Swinging means that you’ll most likely be buying all different types of lingerie, not just for your partner but for all the potential sleeping partners you’ll have in the future.

4. You and Your Partner Will Experience & Learn New Things
When you are having sex with new people, you will learn a lot of new things from these people. What you learn, you can then teach your partner and do them together all the time. Even if you and your partner have a great sex life together, it never hurts to learn and try new things. If your partner has sex with a woman and he really enjoyed the things she did to him, you’re going to want to learn those things so you can make him feel even better.

5. You’re Doing Something Together
As strange as this sounds, swinging is a great way to bond and try new things with your partner. Instead of going out separately and cheating on one another in secret, you’ll be going out together and openly expressing your sexual desires. When you each have sex with other people, you can then sit down and openly talk about the experiences you had and that could end up as a bonding moments for you. Many people believe that swingers are estranged couples who don’t really care about one another just because they like to have sex with other people, when in reality; swingers are very close in their relationship.