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Why Most Hot Wives Try Anal Sex with Other Men

anal sex

Hot wives in most cases find anal sex intense. The reaction towards anal penetration is as a result of pressure of the sphincter expanding. Normally, the rectum is soft and in a way tight. This allows semen to stay longer in her ass and furthermore it is noticeable up the following morning after sex.

Resent studies shows hot wives are mainly interested in having this kind of sex with other men due to the arousing and blissful feeling as a result of anal sex. Women fantasies create a sexual state of mind that doesn’t necessarily translate to lack of love or affection towards their husbands. This ordinary but repulsive craving for anal with other men can in most cases be quite pleasurable.



Why Most Hot Wives Try Anal Sex with Other Men


*Need to Compare the Orgasmic Sensation:-


A hot wife at times considers the sensitivity of this kind of sex compared to vaginal canal. Mostly, a hot wife may feel the need to compare the orgasmic sensation of anal sex with normal sex. The experience at times may be too embarrassing and therefore difficult to share with their husbands. She may consider the idea of having this kind of sex with a different man depending on the trust level.


*Due to Having Sensitive Points on their Buts:-


Some men are sexually aggressive and controlling. This kind of sex can at times be painful and less pleasurable if a sexual partner is not slow and tender. She may consider your sexual qualities and therefore dread the idea. This will prompt her to consider doing anal with a different man that she can control. Some women have undiscovered sensitive points on their buts and thighs. Having a different man that can awaken these points may be an added advantage to any wife.


*Seeing it Difficult to Consult Her Husband:-


An important reason as to why hot wives consider this kind of sex with a different man is communication. You may lack the verbal guidance associated with pleasurable anal sex. Paying attention during sex may be a factor that she may consider. Being able to pay close attention always to your wife’s body due to regular sex may limit her view of engaging anal sex with you.


*It Requires an Experienced Person:-


This kind of sex should be an ecstatic and more so painless activity. It does require experience and practice. Hot wives factor in the ability of her partners lack experience and in turn choose an older man with a considerable experience.


To conclude, anal is something to get used to and may revive sexual activity between couples. Porn movies do not portray the actual practice this kind sex. Actual anal is slow and sensual in all ways and should provide intense pleasure. Research about this form of sex first before engaging in it for a better sex life.


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