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Positive Reasons for Being in a Non Monogamous Relationship

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Are there any positives in a non monogamous relationship? Let’s face it, the rates of separation, divorce, infidelity and other marital problems have been on the rise. In fact, it appears that more-and-more people are slowly shying away from the normal monogamous relationship and instead embracing non-monogamous bonds. This means they can have emotional as well as sexual relationship with many people at the same time. But why opt for this kind of relationship?

No Jealousy

Truth is we all want to feel love and accepted. However, in a monogamous relationship, the parties want to get all of the attention and none is willing to allow their spouse or partner share the love with another person. This normally leads to jealously especially when the affected person has reason to suspect his/her spouse. Such issues are non-existent in a non-monogamous connection.


An undeniable fact is that humans are just animals and soon get bored of their partner. They will lose interest and will desire for a new catch so as to have a different sexual, social and emotional experience. Non monogamy allows the individuals to meet new people at will and this offers a wide variety. You may choose partners for short time or even long-term connections. Furthermore, you don’t have to commit to anyone of them.

No Betrayal

In a non monogamous relationship, there is no restriction as to who the spouse chooses. In fact, you are free to have as many relationships as you wish. The open relationship and presence of many parties means that cases of a spouse feeling betrayed are very minimal. First, you have the freedom to choose any partner. Second, you can have several relationships at the same time. Third, there are no permanent bonds and a person a can walkway at any time.

Minimal Frustration

When in a monogamous bond, you have to work extra hard so as to please your partner. This can at times not be possible and will affect the relationship. For instance when your partner feels you don’t satisfy her/him and will resort to seeking pleasure outside the union. Not only will you feel angry, jealous and betrayed but may start feeling dejected and inadequate. In non- monogamy, the frustrations are minimal since you can always seek pleasure from another willing partner.

Other reasons that inspire people to go the non monogamy way include human beings being non-monogamous naturally, avoiding cheating, divorce, infidelity, or adultery, and steering- clear of unhealthy relationship. A non monogamous relationship may be what has been missing in your life.



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