Florida Swingers Party Locations

swingers cruise

Swingers Cruise (courtesy swingship.com)

For those of you that will be visiting Florida this year, and are swingers, I have put together Florida swinger parties for your enjoyment. As the weather turns, snowbirds from the north fly down to Florida for some fun in the sun or may want to enjoy a swingers cruise or resort.

A friendly tip to think about first, in the cold months up north that you may be traveling to Florida, you may want to load up on vitamin C. You see, when people up north fly down to Florida, they will book a plane in advance and if they are sick, they will still travel. This will get everyone on board the plane sick. So, make sure to take your vitamins and be respectful to Floridians and the other passengers.

swingers cruise

Swingers Cruise (courtesy floridaswinger.net)

Now on to the fun stuff, if you are looking for a party, try this link—> Florida Swinger Parties <— you will thank me. The parties are updated as soon as a club, and or couple post one. If you are planning a trip, It may be wise to look at the parties a couple months in advance, get acquainted with whomever is throwing a party, and you will be set. Florida swingers are very open and friendly about taking on new couples, so feel free to chat up with em on SLS.

swingers cruise

Swingers Cruise

Florida swinger resorts are another popular swinger vacation place among many swingers. Many resorts are situated around the sea side of Florida Key’s which offers activities in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and throughout Florida. When visiting Florida, make sure to visit the world famous Haulover Beach. Yes it’s nude

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