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How big is too big? Its never too big if its a swingers website. Some of you have repeatedly asked how big Swinglifestyle is. This swingers website is so big you are going to be surprised by what good ole Mike Hatcher has brought forth for you. I did some digging online at statistical sites and found some pretty interesting numbers.
Based on Daily visits I found was that:

Swinglifestyle has about 300,000 or so possible new visits a day.

This means that Swinglifestyle is almost as big as……

Iceland, which has a population of 317,593

Swinglifestyle is Bigger than Barbados

With Barbados Having 256,000
This means that in a month Swinglifestyle is bigger than Barbados.

Listen to this, If there are around 300,000 either new or return visits, did you know that in 30 days to a month that Swinglifestyle has 8,790,000 people??

As in Eight Million, seven hundred ninety thousand, that is nearly 10 million people folks!


New York

Swinglifestyle is bigger than New York

If we took 10 million and put them in New York, we would still have room, because New York has only 8,175,133 people living there.

It gets better……

If you are a Texas Swingers fan this goes out to you……..

Did you know that with 300,000 it would take 3 Texas stadiums to fill up the daily visits from Swinglifestyle? Its true, the Texas stadium only seats 100,000.




Did You know: 1 in every 5,917 internet users visit Swinglifestyle.com daily??? That’s pretty good considering North America’s internet usage is 266,224,500.

SWINGLIFESTYLE IS THE BIGGEST, This means the biggest playground for adults.

If you are cool, you already know this, if not, its time to join!


Swingers: www.SwingLifeStyle.com