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How To Lose Weight With Sex & Swinging

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AHHH, OK did you know that you can lose weight by having sex? It is true, would good ole Mike Hatcher lie? I have reviewed a couple positions and calories burned while having sex with a partner and in a full swap. If you are looking to lose weight, find a couple as a buddy system. First if you are a male, you need to load up on your daily dose of vitamins and make your semen sweet by visiting here: how to make semen sweet.

Ok first up, I have broken up the next part into positions, size and calories burned as a couple and swinging.

Size or should I say girth is important:

Average size 21 calories
Medium 14 calories
Large 7 calories
Little Wiener 160 calories

Here are some interesting calories to burn through positions.

Missionary 21 calories
Woman on top ride em
26 calories
Double Penetration (2 on 1) 45 calories
Doggystyle 43 1/2 calories
On Mikes Kitchen chair 19 calories
Bent over the rear of Mike’s Car 37 calories
Skidding(Full swap) 14 calories
Full Swap cartwheel 21 calories
Whiplash Full Swap Doggystyle 24 calories
Knee burn (DP in the TP) 15 calories
Chafed elbows women facing each other doggy 6 calories
Chafed nose (rim Job) 12 calories
Clitoral Orgasm 15 calories
Vaginal Orgasm 21 calories
Penile Orgasm 21 calories
Scrotile Orgasm 15 calories
Rectal Orgasm 25 calories
Oral Orgasm
(can also occur during an especially good meal)
30 calories
Analingus/cunnilingus 15 calories
Anal Sex 45 calories
Orgy. 75 calories

I hope this post helps anyone who is looking into a diet and work out plan. Don’t forget to read up on your vitamins here: Don’t Forget Vitamin S For Anti Aging

For a list of approved swinger terms visit swinger dictionary.