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California Swingers: Would You Submit Your California Swinging Wife?

Ok, this post goes out to the California Swingers, and the hot wives out there. If you are not aware of the swinging numbers of California, listen up……I counted at least over 150 swinger clubs in California alone.

Whats more? I counted at least 100 Swinger parties happening in the next few weeks that you can view by clicking here: California Swinger Party

California definitely has some hot couples and has the parties and the clubs to boast some serious bragging rights. I like this video below, not bad, shaking, I would like to see more for sure !

As far as how many swinging couples are in the state of California, good guess, I gave up. There were just too many cities to count. In my personal swinging opinion California may be behind Florida, or then again Texas swingers, its definitely up for grabs. It appears more and more couples are embracing the freedom of the swinging lifestyle and living out there sexual fantasies together.

The good thing about being a couple in the lifestyle means you don’t cheat because you are open with your activities, and of course, no means no. The lifestyle is about fun and about respect so this post goes out to the California swingers.

If you want a list of swinger clubs in California make sure to view clubs in the state by clicking here: California Swinger Clubs
PS – If you want to submit your wife in a video Mike Hatcher is all for it !

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